Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Spending time at the cabin at work, taking walks every night out in the country by a beautiful lake. Sitting for hours alone drifting with the ebb and flow of the slight tide. Watching the birds, breathing in the trees, the sunshine. Jotting down poetry in my notebook, listening to the quiet voice inside and connecting with everything around me. Its so beautiful here.
Herons are normally solitary birds. I've seen two at a time occasionally, never more. There's something about these birds that fascinate me. Is it that they look so prehistoric. Is it the clumsiness of their take off. Is it that they can stand in one spot in the water for hours, barely moving. I've seen herons all my life, usually when I've spent a lot of time alone.
Today, I witnessed the most amazing sight of 8 herons flying over the lake.

life.. it moves me..
And I stand in humbled gratitude for the blessings.

Moved by the most gentle of breezes whispering 'shekinah's wind'.

Breathe deep, be still, keep centred, grounded.

Be guided by the light and feel the spirit of the wind blow through your soul.

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