The healing properties of crystals

Rubellite is a variety of elbaite, which is one of six members of the tourmaline group; the others being schorl (black), dravite (garnet red–brown), uvite (white), liddicoatite and buergerite. Elbaite can occur in any color ~ red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, etc. The focus here will be on Rubellite or "red tourmaline" which ranges from light pink to deep red in color.

Rubellite commonly occurs in hexagonal, prismatic crystals, often very elongated with vertical striations, and can grow up to three feet in length. Easily distinguishable by a bulging triangular cross section, it is very hard (7 – 7.5) and heavy, with a conchoidal fracture. It is opaque to transparent with a vitreous luster. It is strongly piezoelectric and pyroelectric and can be charged electrically by heating and cooling. Rubellite does fracture easily across the crystal.

Elbaite is a high-temperature and pressure mineral, forming in igneous and metamorphic rocks, and best developed in pegmatites, less often in high-temperature veins. It is made up of a series of compounds with varying quantities of sodium, calcium, magnesium, lithium, aluminum and iron but with a constant structure and content of Boron, aluminum, silica and the volatiles (B2O3 and Li2O). The finest elbaites are found in Elba (Italy) famous for its pink crystals, Minas Gerais (Brazil), the Urals (Russia) famous for its deep red crystals, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Newry (Maine), Kabul (Afghanistan), and Pala (CA), famous for its pink crystals. Some colored and transparent varieties of elbaite are sold as semiprecious stones. High pressure gauges make use of the mineral's piezoelectric properties.

So, how is this mineral used for healing and spiritual growth?

Traditionally, it is said that tourmaline dispels fear and negativity, calms the nerves, gives inspiration and dispels grief. Sensuality is softened, concentration and eloquence improve and balance is restored in relationships. Sleep is more tranquil. Blood poisoning, consumption, anemia and lymphatic diseases are eased.

All forms of tourmaline stimulate the biomagnetic, electrical and crystaline properties in the body. This electrical effect stimulates communication between the subtle bodies. Rubellite activates the psychospiritual properties of the second chakra. Diseases associated with the second chakra are eased while the meridians, nadis and subtle bodies of the second chakra are strengthened.

As a thought amplifier, rubellite activates all the qualities and attributes stored in the second chakra. For instance, creativity and fertility are stimulated, and a too passive or aggressive nature is balanced. Rubellite specifically strengthens the heart and willpower, and manifests greater wisdom within the individual. It also releases free-flowing energy, enabling one to go with the flow, rather than to be in resistance to it. It can help one to relax and unwind.


a man made stone and is often used in conjunction with healing and meditation. It can be used to help stimulate intuition and psychic gifts and, when placed on the crown chakra whilst meditating is said to encourage visions. Healing wise Opalite is said to benefit the kidneys and to purify the blood.

Sodalite is not one of the flashier stones; it doesn't sparkle or shine. Its energy is quiet, calm, and deep as the midnight sky.

Rubies throughout time have been said to have many positive effects and mystical properties. The ruby is associated with the sun, and was thought to preserve mental and physical health. In the middle ages, rubies were viewed as a stone of prophecy.

For thousands of years, Ruby was considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. The other important element of Ruby besides fire is blood, and Ruby is said to restore vital life forces and increase energy and vigor. Ruby is also known as the stone of courage, and legend tells us that a person possessing a ruby can walk through life without fear of evil or misfortune.

Physically, rubies are thought to energize and balance, stimulate heart chakra and encourage a passion for life, but never in a self destructive way. They overcome exhaustion and calm hyperactivity. They detoxify the body and blood, and treat fevers, diseases, and restricted blood flow. They are good for the heart and circulatory system and stimulate the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen.

Emotionally, it is believed that rubies improve motivation and the setting of goals. They promote positive dreams and clear visualization They bring a positive and courageous state of mind- one that is sharp, hyper aware and concentrated. A ruby is dynamic, and brings about passion and enthusiasm.

The uplifting and vital nature of Ruby is an encouragement to live fully, and embrace the joy of life that is missing in many people's lives. It helps to bring down the walls we build around uS.


Malachite is a green carbonate mineral which is commonly called copper carbonate. Its name is from the Greek word ‘molochitis’ which means ‘mallow green stone’. It was used as a green pigment in handmade paint from the time of the ancient Greeks until around 1800.

Its’ color can range from a bright green to an almost black shade of green. The banding of the crystal makes it particularly appealing when sliced and highly polished.

As a result of its’ beauty and rarity, it was hugely popular as a sign of wealth in Imperialist Russia and was quarried extensively in the Urals. In 1835, miners in the Urals found a boulder of the best quality malachite that took nine years to free. It took twelve years to bring it to the surface and it was found to weigh over 260 tons. It was used to decorate the homes of the Tzars and St Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Malachite heals through the ages.

Ancient Egypt
The Ancient Egyptians first mined malachite as long ago as 4,000 BC. They believed that the area of Sinai where it was mined was ruled by Hathor – Goddess of beauty, happiness & love. Malachite was much sought after because it was the easiest of copper-containing-minerals to reduce to a copper metal, which was then made into bands worn around the forehead and upper arms.

The Egyptians noticed that slaves who mined malachite didn’t succumb to the cholera epidemics that often wiped out huge numbers of people. As a result, it became very popular in jewelry and amulets for its’ protection.

We are all familiar with the hieroglyphics showing Egyptian women with heavily painted eyeliner which was called Kohl. One of the ingredients was udju, made from malachite. It was undoubtedly to do with beautification but it was recently discovered that galena, a base ingredient in kohl, also has disinfectant and fly repellent properties – which would have kept their eyes healthier despite the ever-present flies and hot Egyptian sun.

The wearing of Kohl was also believed to give phychic protection. Some believe that women also wore it to attract the protection of the Goddess, Hathor.

It was also called ‘the midwife’s stone’ – a name which some still use for it today. This is because it was believed to bring relief for menstrual pain and also give a woman an easier labor.

Malachite is associated with:

Chakras – heart and throat

Signs of the Zodiac – Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn

Planet - Venus

Element – Earth

How Malachite can help you

If you wish to use malachite and find that it doesn’t seem to be helping a situation, try combining it with copper to increase its’ power. This can be achieved by wearing jewelry made of copper and malachite or by carrying a piece of both.

Malachite is a strong stone of protection.

It is good for clearing atmospheric pollution due to radiation and electro magnetic waves. People with many items of ‘technology’ in their homes, or who live under electricity pylons often feel unwell. Try counteracting this by wearing malachite or place a piece of it on each pc monitor, TV, microwave etc.

Malachite helps to give you the courage to take risks. It releases inhibitions and helps you to let go of negative past
experiences and previous traumas which you may feel have been holding you back from reaching your true potential. If you’re feeling emotionally numb, it can help you to open your heart.

Problems once a month?

This crystal can help to smooth out mood swings caused by menstrual periods or menopause. It can help with cramps and helps with labor.

Other uses…

•Helps you to take responsibility .
•Can help with dyslexia.
•Boosts the immune system and nervous system.
•Lowers blood pressure.
Helps with

•Travel sickness
•Eye problems
•Helps the liver to get rid of toxins from the body
Malchite and your chakras

Malchite can help to clear and strengthen all of your chakras. These are the ‘energy points’ of the body and it is believed that they need to be operating properly to allow a strong flow of energy throughout your body, for optimum physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Malachite is particularly associated with the heart chakra. Wearing or carrying it can help towards over romanticizing a situation,therefore encouraging pure, true love. This includes self-love which is the basis for positive interactions in all relationships and in the workplace.

Venus hair stone

Rutilated quartz, also referred to as "the hair of Venus" or sagenite, is a wonder to behold. This quartz crystal has hair-like inclusions within it. The stone can be worn as jewelry, placed around the home or carried in a pocket as a touchstone. There are some interesting properties to consider when dealing with this type of crystal.

Chemical Composition
Quartz is composed of SiO2 (silicon dioxide). The rutilated areas are TiO2 (titanium dioxide). Rutile is the name given to a type of titanium ore. It is rutile that appears as hair-like inclusions throughout this variety of quartz.

On the Mohs scale, which ranges from 1 to 10, quartz comes in at a 7, while the rutilated inclusions are at a 6 to 6.5. This makes it a medium-hard stone.

Rutilated quartz can come in various colors. The quartz is often found as a clear crystal. It also occurs as a translucent brown or gray color, which is referred to as smoky quartz. You can also find quartz in shades of yellow. The rutilated strands can be found in a variety of colors, such as gold, black or reddish. The inclusions can be either all one color or varying colors within the same crystal.

Healing Properties
Some people believe that there are healing properties associated with this kind of stone. Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer, who runs a naturopathic healing center in Germany, claims that placing rutilated quartz near your lungs or throat may help reduce coughing and inflammation. She also recommends using the mineral as a nervous system regulator and immune system stimulator. Rutilated quartz may have an overall calming effect. It may help a person to sleep better if it is nearby and could help to dispel negative thoughts. This crystal is also known as a symbol of truth.

According to Peschek-Bohmer, you should take care of your rutilated quartz to keep the healing properties strong within the stone. It is suggested that you cleanse this crystal under running water once or twice a month and charge its energies in direct sunlight or in a bowl of rock crystals.
susan reverman

Quartz crystals have been used since ancient times for a number of purposes, including mental, spiritual and physical healing. Many metaphysical practitioners favor rutilated quartz. This type of quartz contains the mineral rutile, which presents itself as thin, reddish colored fibers in various forms throughout the crystal. A beautiful rutilated quartz wand is reputed to amplify the light and healing properties of the practitioner. The claimed applications of rutilated quartz are many. However, at the metaphysical level, any form of true healing comes down to intention, thought, focus, forgiveness and acceptance.

Crystals need to be cleared and cleaned before they can be used for healing. If you select a particular wand for an individual, you must clear it before and after it is used on different people. Soaking it in salt water sometimes does the trick, but you can look into a variety of other methods. If you purchase a wand strictly for your own use, you may clear it less frequently. Some people believe that larger wands featuring more rutile have stronger healing properties, but it often comes down to personal choice, vibration and the alignment of the crystal to a specific person, coupled with its intended use.

The Intuitive Level

Your thoughts direct the outcome of any form of healing.
Jupiterimages/ Images As with most things in metaphysics, what a person believes deep within her consciousness has a great deal of effect on outcomes. You may come across a thousand opinions about what your wand is useful for. However, you will be more successful if you determine this for yourself. Get in touch with your innermost being and trust your intuition. When administering a wand for healing, setting the intention is imperative. Clarify whether it will be used at a psychic level for determining or diagnosing an ailment, or whether it will be used more at a physical level for actual healing of a symptom. Due to the magnification capability that rutiles provide, whatever intention you initially set will also be multiplied.

Specific Attributes
Many metaphysical healers use rutilated quartz for enhancing direct connection with God or divine principles through prayer or meditation. Placing the wand over a particular chakra may shift the local energy and pull focus to that part of the body. Practitioners believe these crystals can heal respiratory ailments or problems with the immune system when they are held or applied directly to the body. A wand can also be used for outlining a sacred space in which you will conduct healing efforts.
Debra Rigas

Jasper is called an ornamental rock, rather than a gem. A rock is a mixture of different types of stones or crystals, bonded together in an often artistic and beautiful swirl of colors and patterns. Jasper is found worldwide in limitless varieties. The metaphysical and healing properties of jasper are equally versatile.

The first foundation stone of Jerusalem was jasper, according to the Bible, which says jasper is a direct gift from God. Asian Indians and Native Americans, as well as ancient European cultures, believe that jasper brings rain and has many healing properties.

Warriors' breastplates and shields often had jasper embedded in them to give soldiers endurance. When laid upon the body by a healer, jasper enhances sexuality and fertility. Red and brown varieties of jasper are effective combating disorders of the blood or stanching bleeding, and for diseases of the liver, spleen, and pancreas. Water in which jasper has stood overnight relieves constipation and promotes weight loss. Yellow jasper elixir is particularly good for menopause, and strengthens the immune system.

Jasper accumulates negative energies when used for healing, so after such uses it should be cleansed. Wash the jasper in warm running water; then leave it in a heap of hematite stones overnight.

Each of jasper's many colors has its associated metaphysical properties. Red jasper is a stone of the fiery planet Mars, good for warriors. Receptive green jasper is a stone of Venus, enhancing beauty, sexual attractiveness, love and romance. Brown jasper belongs to stern, disciplined Saturn and promotes clear, logical thinking. Black jasper should be worn if you wish to be left alone; it provides a shield of privacy and helps one pass unnoticed. Gray jasper opens and balances the third chakra, which determines our self-esteem.

The Hermiker Diamond

Some people who work in proximity to radioactive materials either wear or carry this stone as a form of protection and to facilitate the dissipation of any harmful rays.

The Herkimer diamond is quite useful for the dispersal of toxins, which have accumulated in the body, and for re-building the cellular structure. It has been used to correct imbalances in RNA/DNA and in the metabolic rate.

The alleviation of tension, and the calming of the outer bodies and the physical body, which is produced by this mineral, helps to align the energy structure of the user.

It is also quite helpful in releasing the tensions and rigidities of body tissues, further assisting in the recovery of memory by these areas, in order to facilitate healing

The Herkimer diamond stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and can assist one in prescience and in telepathic communication

The Herkimer diamond is known as an "attunement stone". It can be used to attune oneself with another person, environment, or activity.


Angelite Crystal Meaning
Angelite is formed from crushed celestite after thousands of years. Angelite is an balancing agent, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the ethereal body allowing for greater communication at that level including connecting to spirit guides, and forms of the higher self like the Buddha within or ascended masters. A sender and receiver, it assists spiritual journeys and astral travel. It is also used in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Magical & Healing Use
Use four Crystals to create a circuit and place around either a sleep area, or healing space to create a crystal array. Angelilte helps those who circulate white light to heighten their frequency and improve connection. Light workers and Healers can improve their ability to connect and maintain their connection.

Angelite is also a beautiful crystal to work with connecting particularly
to the angelic realms as the name suggests. I sleep with one under my pillow and find that it enhances intuition and angelic communication.

Strengthens and purifies connection between astral/angel energies and Crown Chakra. Activates upper chakras.

Apophyllite is an amazingly clear, sparkly crystal, which radiates clarity. It is no doubt one of the clearest crystals of them all. Apophyllite can come in a variety of different colours and is quite commonly clear. It grows in various sizes and can be found contained in clusters, or alone as single points. Apophyllite is a hard crystal, especially when left in its natural shape. Apophyllite works most of its magic in the crown chakra but also stimulates and re-charges the Third Eye.

This crystal's most prominent quality is that it quickly and comfortably establishes a connection between the spiritual and physical energies at work within us. This connection allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the needs of our inner selves in a positive, productive and uplifting manner. It connects us to our 'higher selves' too, strengthening the link between us and angelic realms, and widening perception to appreciate to Universal order and truth. Use Apophyllite to realise the truth within a situation. Allow it lead you deep within yourself and show you your honest, true self. This will make way for highly beneficial self-development and a high awareness on a daily basis.

Great protector and healer of the Immune system, nervous system and of all glands. Stimulates cellular regeneration.

Folklore, Legend, and Healing Properties:
Native American Indians believed chalcedony was a sacred stone and used in the spiritual ceremonies of the tribe.

It is thought to increase vitality, stamina, and endurance and to promote emotional balance and charity while relieving melancholy, fever, gallstones, and eye problems.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone. It has a soft, cooling and calming, energy that brings peace of mind. It is believed to reduce infection, inflammation and fever and to ease arthritis. It is also said to promote qualities of kindness, patience, wisdom and peace. It is a useful crystal for meditation as it helps remind us of our spiritual origins.

Blue Lace Agate is particularly effective for activating and healing the Throat Chakra allowing free expression of thoughts and feelings.

Blue lace agate is one of the rarest and most popular of the agates. This is a calming, uplifting stone. The blue colour strengthens the function of the throat chakra and encourages peace. Like all agates, blue lace is a protective stone and can be particularly effective when calling upon angels for protection.
Blue Lace Agate Magical Use: Peace, happiness, protection, tranquility, communication, grace, angels and gentleness.
Blue Lace Agate Healing Use: Aid with arthritis, headaches, digestive issues, growth and bones.
Blue Lace Agate Physical Properties
Agate is a variety of chalcedony, which is the general term applied to fibrous cryptocrystalline quartz varieties. It is vitreous and a mineral generally of secondary origin, forming in cavities and veins by deposition from meteoric groundwater containing gelatinous silica from the weathering of silicate minerals. It can also form by deposition from late hydrothermal solutions at or near the earth's surface under conditions of low temperature and low pressure. Agate is commonly associated with siliceous volcanic's, occurring as vein or vesicle filling. It occurs as a petrifying agent in fossil wood and bone. Agate is frequently found lining or filling rock cavities and fissures, sometimes forming geodes. When split open, they reveal an amazing variety of colours and patterns.
Group OXIDES, Composition Si02, Hardness 7, Crystal structure: Trigonal

Rainbow Moonstone

This delightful gemstone reveals a vibrant play of rainbow colors within its whitish or clear base color &, as with all moonstones, reflects light from within to provide a bright luminescence. Rainbow Moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective, lunar, & is aligned with the energies of the Goddess. It promotes emotional well being & joy, stimulates intuitive recognition, alleviates emotional tension, promotes good fortune, is protective during travel, & represents new beginnings.

The moonstone in India is quite a sacred stone, it is only permitted to be displayed on a yellow cloth. It is told that moonlight from a full moon gives the gemstone occult and magical powers. It is believed to bring much good fortune and allows one to see the future.
To dream of moonstone means travel and good health, but may also symbolize the unfolding of spiritual and psychic development.

Magical properties

* Rainbow moonstone has a gentle, calming energy
* Strengthen intuition and psychic perception
* Enhance creativity and compassion and enliven inner confidence
* Bring balance and harmony into your life
* The rainbow effect draws in a spectrum of light, and can help with bringing in uplifting energies
* It is said to enhance feminine energies
* Rainbow moonstone has been said to have the power to grant wishes


Milky-white, black, iridescent blue flashes

Chakra classification

Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown Chakra


Garnets are associated with the element of fire and are a deep red. They aid in manifesting dreams in your life, enhance body strength, endurance & vigor, balance energy, inspire love, are attuned to heart energy, enhance sexuality, & are good for healing and protection

Metaphysical Properties and Meaning of Citrine
Citrine is a lovely yellow to amber colored crystal that can be used for crystal healing, meditation, magic and to improve psychic abilities.

Citrine Properties
Citrine is a type of quartz. When it forms naturally, it may have a blend of other crystals with it such as ametrine (amethyst and citrine). Citrine ranges in color from a pale yellow to a deep amber. One thing I have noticed about citrine is that it very often has rainbows within it. That is a small area where there is an inclusion. When the light hits it just right, you will see a tiny rainbow. This is one of my favorite stones for that reason.

Citrine is easily found in many forms and price ranges. It's most common form is natural points, tumbled or small clusters and it is quite inexpensive. Citrine can also be found as geodes and cathedrals. The citrine cathedrals are large geodes that are lined with thousands of little citrine points. The cathedrals are extremely expensive and are treasured by gem collectors.

Citrine is very popular for jewelry.

Citrine Metaphysical Properties and Meaning
Citrine is an amazing crystal because it doesn't hold negative energy. Rather, it transmutes it to positive. Thus, it never needs cleaned or cleared. It can also be used in spells, healing or meditation to change negative energy into positive. Citrine is called The Merchant Stone because it is a powerful stone to attract prosperity and success. Place citrine in your safe, cash register or money bag to increase business. It not only attracts wealth, it helps one maintain it. Citrine stimulates the mental focus and commitment to the task at hand. Citrine is believed to enhance the intuition and the connection with the higher self. It raises one's mood and encourages happiness and laughter. Citrine can be used to clear the aura. It can stabilize the emotions and is a good stone to use for manifesting your desires.

Citrine Crystal Healing Properties
Citrine is believed to help with digestion and digestive problems. Citrine may also help improve blood circulation. It is often used to treat degenerative diseases and to diminish growths. Citrine may also help improve the vision, activate the thymus gland and balance the thyroid gland. Citrine works well as a gemstone elixir

Amazonite is a mint green to aqua green stone said to be of truth, honour, communication, integrity and trust. It is said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic ability. Amazonite is often associated with the throat chakra, and as such, said to be beneficial to communication. It is said to align the physical and astral bodies. It is reputed to have spiritual energy healing powers of energy that's good for one's health in general.

For colic, benefitting the muscles, calcium deficienty, pregnancy, eczema, muscle cramps, helping the nervous system, lessening tooth decay and osteoporosis.

Amazonite balances feminine and masculine energy. It promotes kindness and practicality. It is an excellent stone for artists.

It also helps balance the emotions and gives physical stamina.

Aqua Aura Quartz

The striking blue colour of Aqua Aura Quartz is created by artificially fusing Gold with Clear Quartz. The gold molecules are permanently bonded to the Quartz and cannot be rubbed off. This process combines the properties of Clear Quartz with those of Gold to create a crystal with an intense energy. Clear Quartz focuses, amplifies and transfers energy while Gold has the ability to balance and activate all the body’s energy points, or Chakras. Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals are created by taking natural quartz crystal formations and infusing them with pure Gold creating an immensely powerful protection combination which fuses the White, Blue and Gold Rays into an iridescent display of Light.

In a secret process which is part alchemy and part science, the two unique substances of quartz crystal and pure gold are commingled in a permanent way, resulting in the striking blue color of Aqua Aura..... A color similar to that of the finest Aquamarine gems, but with an enhanced opalescence that flashes etheric shades of shimmering violet.

This entrancingly beautiful crystal combines the energetic properties of Clear Quartz and Pure Gold in addition to sharing many of the metaphysical characteristics of high quality Aquamarine.

Aqua Aura Quartz is said to free your mind from limitations and, if used during crystal meditation, can promote inner peace. It can assist one in plumbing one's emotional depths and heights while retaining inner peace. It can also be an aid to those who wish to become conscious channels for spiritual wisdom, clearing and opening the pathways of inter dimensional communication.

Aqua Aura Quartz has a very high and intense vibration. It has been used to activate the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work, and can be a potent stone when used in body layouts for activation of the Chakras. It can be success fully applied to smooth and heal the Auric field, and to release negativity from one's emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Wearing Aqua Aura Quartz is said to be a stone of spiritual elevation, which can serve to help raise the vibration of humanity.

Aqua Aura Quartz has the ability to activate all the body’s Chakras but is especially good for activating the Throat Chakra where it encourages clear communication from the heart. In addition the high, intense vibrations of Aqua Aura are said to enhance the healing properties of other crystals.

Experimenting with using the lemurian crystals along with intuitive energy healing work, good powerful crystals to use.

On account of four new Lemurian seed crystals finding their way
into my home I did some searching around to see if I could find
any good articles on them. Thanks to for the following.


There is a responsibility with Lemurian Seed Crystals. They know who they belong with. If one selects you, you have a responsibility to honor it and work
with it. Each Lemurian Seed Crystal is home to many beings of light and information. This is a gift given to us at this particular time on the Earth Plane and
all we have to do is to open up to use the higher frequencies that each Lemurian carries. This information was planted here on earth for our use at this
particular time.

The Lemurian's are here to assist us in remembering who we really are. They can be accessed through meditation, in dreams (placed under your pillow).
Or direct communication actually at any time (once you establish and open to the link between you and your Lemurian Seed Crystal.

There are vast universes inside the Lemurians and each crystal has unique information. Each person who is drawn to a Lemurian is actually already
connected to this information and aligned with bringing in the higher frequencies of information and light via healing, energy work, etc.

Connecting to your Lemurian
It is as simple as saying hello to it and welcoming it. Thank your Lemurian for finding you and while you do this connect with your heart chakra. Treating the
Lemurian Seed Crystal as an honored being. Ask it to share its information with you. This may come immediately or eventually it will be downloaded in
dreams or visions or during meditation. It will come to you.

Healing or Energy Work
After you have connected to the Lemurian Seed Crystal, hold it in your hand and ask it to assist you with your healing work/energy work on this certain
person for this particular task.

You are essentially aligning with it to focus its energy on a specific task. This is one of the jobs the Lemurian Seed Crystal's are here for and they happily
do so.

Next, either long distance or in person, you can begin the energy/healing work by surrounding yourself with white light and grounding yourself with an
energy cord into mother earth.

Energetically connect with the individual to be worked on by visualizing them in your awareness (third eye area).

Ask all your angels, guides and masters to assist in this healing/energy work and ask this individuals angels, guides and masters to assist as well.

Visualize white light streaming from the Lemurian Crystal to this person. You can hold the Lemurian at their crown chakra or where ever you are drawn to do
so. See the white light go into the body and see their energy body and physical body as whole, with energy flowing perfectly. You can continue this until
you feel complete. This could be as short a time as 15 minutes or as long as 45 minutes. At some point during the healing/energy work make this statement
to yourself "all blocks are now released. It is so - So Be IT". This directs the energy to flow completely with no blocks.

Thank the angels, guides and masters for assisting you and thank your Lemurian Seed Crystal for its assistance with this healing/energy work.

If you continued to do healing/energy work you will receive your own guidance on what to do for each person and you will alter the healing work for each one.

If you are reading this then you are connected to the Lemurian Seed Crystals already. It would be my greatest joy for everyone to gain the confidence to do
this work. It is much needed now.

You can use any crystals or stones that you feel drawn to and use them ultimately the same way. Note that each stone of mother earth has a different
frequency and should be used accordingly. Lemurian's are extremely high frequency and should not be worn on the body when not in use. It is best to not
let others handle your Lemurian as you will have to re-align it to do the healing/energy work each time some one other than you touches it.