Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dancing Rainbows - A Guided Visualisation.

I would like you to see yourself walking down a country lane. You feel happy and at peace with yourself and the world. Walk joyously in the sunshine, and enjoy the dappled sunlight as it throws beams of golden light through the leaves in the trees. On your left you see a gate, this is the gate between worlds, you open the gate and enter. Beyond the gate is a beautiful meadow, filled with wild flowers, blue cornflowers, red poppies all of which dazzle and delight you. Walk on soft green grass through the meadow and feel the earth beneath your feet. There is a little bridge that runs over a stream, stop on the bridge and watch the dragonflies as they zip around your head in glorious electric blues and greens. Breathe in the moment. As you cross over the bridge you are heading towards a mountain. This is a sacred place and you can already feel the magic of the place start to light up your energy centres. You effortlessly ascend the mountain and in no time you have reached a special cave. This is a very sparkly cave filled with clear quartz crystals that glisten and throw out beams of light. As you enter, you see the presence of an angel. The angel would like today for you to allow yourself to be energised with dancing rainbow energy. Where the sunlight has found its way through a crack in the rocks the whole cave is now lit by electric rainbows that dance with light, bouncing from the crystals embedded in the cave wall.

The angel smiles and beckons you to sit and asks that you still your mind. Feel yourself sink into a great sense of peace and feel your energy field expand connecting with all the dancing rainbow lights around you.

The angel then asks that you simply do this. Just sit with your palms face up. As you do so the angel will touch you lightly on your fingertips and send you a vital source of energy.

As the angel does so, start to feel your energy centres one by one lighting up, and feel your whole being becoming all colours of the rainbow.. Feel swirling energy around you and above you and know that you are now completely lit up and are being completely recharged.

Once you feel you have now been charged up remember to return some of this energy back to the source, back to earth, back to everyone who needs healing light. See the planet and everyone on it shining in light.

Say thank you to the angel who smiles and waves you goodbye.

Its time now to begin the descent back down the mountain, over the little stream and
back out through the gate.

When you are ready start to come back.. start to move your physical body, open your eyes and. breathe the air of this day and feel blessed to be alive. Re energised, re vitalised and ready for anything.

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  1. Ahhhh, that´s better! Thank you, Ju - that is so lovely xxxx