Monday, 31 May 2010

Notes 31/05/10

Two card reading today, simply because I was guided to do so.

Card for Today - Wisdom deck


The Eagle King is a sign that your highest destiny is within reach. You're on the right path now even if you can't see where you are going. The Eagle king soars above the mountains and valleys of life and is able to see the big picture when you seem to be lost in a bit of a fog. he makes a formidable ally as he takes your prayers up towards the sun and releases them to the Divine.

Its a fortunate omen when the Eagle King decides to be your ally.

card for Today - Messages from your angels deck - doreen virtue


"I am leading you toward the answer to your prayers. Please listen to and follow the steps I am communicating through your intuition, thoughts and dreams".

We have heard your prayers and are glad you called upon us to help you. As you know we can only help you if you request our assistance. The way that we angels answer your prayers is by giving you guidance that will lead you to take the steps towards your higher self's will.

Notice repetitious thoughts and feelings or vivid dreams or auditory messages. These are my loving messages urging you to take action or make changes.

I will make sure you are safe while you follow this Divine Guidance. Together we will work to co create your answered prayers.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Card for Today -31/5/10 - Widsom cards - Collette Baron Reid

Card no 10 - The Arrow Master

The arrow master appears to help you to target your intentions and to shoot for the stars. The message is to be deliberate about focusing your dreams and desires with intention and about aligning your intentions with spirit. Then let them fly on the wind directed by the Divine until they reach your goal.

The only way to hit the target is to allow the arrow of your intention to fly unencumbered by your eagerness to see it travel exactly the way you want it to go.
You may think it needs to veer a certain way in order for you to reach your goal but in the invisible realms human power cannot make this happen. The Divine has its own idea on how the arrow flies and upon what wind its carried.

This is a fortunate message so long as you remember the laws of detachment. If you do then you are right on point.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Card for Today - 30/5/10 - Wisdom - colette baron reid

Card 35
The lady of lightning (excerpt)

The lady of lightning brings sudden powerful change into your life. She tells you to expect a sudden shift in your circumstances.

Be prepared,, change is imminent and a total paradigm shift may be upon you. Don't resist the changes as this kind of lightning isn't something you want to fight.

Friday, 28 May 2010

notes 28/05/10

I let go of an emotion I've been holding onto for most of my life tonight.

Expressing gratitude.


Card for Today -29/5/10 - Sacred Path Cards - Jamie Sams

(Pulled this card twice today)
21 Rites of Passage - Change

A rite of passage marks a time of momentous change in life. If you have drawn this card you are being asked make note of the growth and change that is occurring because it will shape your future. The changes may be small or gradual but you are changing. These changes may be drastic and earth shaking, leaving a sense of confusion but each one is benefiting your growth in some manner.

The Rite of Passage card might also speak of a need for change if you have lost the magic or spontaneity of life. Only you can make the decision to change the doldrums to excitement. If this decision is made, be ready to fly with Eagle and experience the freedoms those changes can bring.

In all cases, change is the key. Remember if the moment you are experiencing is not beautiful , recreate it then you will have initiated your own Rite of Passage.

Notes - 28/5/10

If you do nothing else today - go outside, feel the sun on your face, feel the breeze move through your being, close your eyes, breathe deep, breathe slow and FEEL what it is to be alive!

Open your heart to the love of life and watch as the real magic starts to unfold before your very eyes!!! You will see everything as never before, there will come a peace, a tranquility and harmony with all that is and the very life force itself will flow through your being and guide you all the way. And all you have to do is open your heart to love, the love of being alive.

Constantly, constantly moved by life.
Blessed, I thank the Great Spirit for mine.


Keep focusing on wholeness, keep breathing, open your heart, breathe with the heartbeat of the earth and the heartbeat of the universe, balance, breathe, breathe love, breath joy, breathe light.. keep anchoring the light, keep creating.. connecting. Widen the circle of love.

In a state of total bliss tonight.
Sending the love out in a fountain of joy.
Peace be to all.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Card for Today -28/5/10

Sacred Path Cards - Jamie Sams

Card 37 - Great Mystery - Original Source

The Great Mystery card tells us the Original Source is the Creator of all life and we are created in that likeness. We are free-willed co-creators who become the source of who we choose to be in life. The buck stops here. We are totally responsible for all our joys and pain.

You are reminded to give gratitude for all your lessons, it changes pain to gain. Focus on your creative capacity and you can change anything. it may be time to drop any blame, regret or shame and take responsibility for your life. The victim role doesn't suit two-leggeds. We are created in an image of an infinite creator and are therefore limitless co-creators.

in all cases the Great Mystery will continue to confound and astound every time we try to figure it out. Stop your minds chatter and listen to Source. Original Source shows us that Great Mystery lies within us and contains all the answers we need to find along the Great Path. The Sacred Path of Beauty is experiencing the Mystery of life without having to control the outcome from our tunnel vision command post. Go with the flow and watch the glory of limitless co-creation. After all Great Mystery is the Divine Plan and everything is on schedule.

Notes - 27/5/10

Just seen another fox - in the garden.

Going to put all my crystals out for a moonbath tonight.

May the nurturing Mother Goddess in us all, shine under the brilliance of
the full moon tonight.

Beautiful walk tonight. Twilight walk in the woods, wanted to thank nature for another lovely day so took some offerings by means of gratitude to all my little friends in there.

Did the 5 elements exercises, finished off with a few hearty OM's.. (helps to clear the forebrain of thought and connect a bit better). I was joined by three foxes and a kingfisher! Blessed. Thank you Great Mystery for life.

Powerful energy today, really feeling the force. Connecting with my core and heart energy sending beams of light love and gratitude to the earth and the heavens.


Bless your life.. spend moments in gratitude.

I thank and bless everyone in my life, my family, my friends, my job

I thank and bless my mum for her words of loving support & encouragement today.

Keep wholeness a priority - balance yourself with the earth and the heavens
breathe slowly, harmonise. Breathe love, be at peace.

Breathing love, focusing on how best to serve.
Practice kindness and compassion always.
Two geese practically clipped both mine and my workmate's head yesterday on the field, honking very loudly as they passed. We were at the time talking of our own childhood conditioning. I read this today in Ted Andrews book 'animal speak' thought I would share.. for us both it was a relevant message.
The goose says it is time to break free of childhood restraints now and begin to come into your own.

Today I had the message from spirit to learn dolphin's message. This is what I read.
Use the power of breath and sound and allow dolphin to lead you to underground caverns and the primordial beginnings of yourself.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

card for Today 27/5/10

healing with the Fairies - Doreen Virtue

Higher Consciousness

This card is a validation that your hopes dreams and aspirations are coming from spirit. You have been asking for Divine Guidance and your higher self has answered your prayers. Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because you've taken the time to listen. Maybe you've put your foot down to the universe and adamantly decided to improve your life.

Whichever route you have taken is working very well. Now the fairies keep asking you to have conversations with your higher consciousness.

Card meaning
You are receiving guidance from your true self, your higher consciousness which is one with Divine universal wisdom. You are listening to love rather than fear.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Being in a state of joy lifts the spirits not only of ourselves but those around us.
Just have to think of all the things that make you smile, connect and share.

Remember to keep anchoring the light.

affirmation: I am a happy and joyous person who is capable of spreading joy to all.


Very magical day at the nursery today. Suddenly... I'm seeing it.. although things on the surface are the same.. everything is different. Today for the first time, I noticed just how much we are all responding to the shifts.

Every morning at work, we all pick a fairy card or an angel. The fairies and angels come out to work in the field with us and we share their energy with the plants and nature. Today I noticed how we are all starting to read the clouds, hear the wind, see the signs that guide us through our day. I noticed, because today was particularly special. There was total resonance, balance and harmony, with us all, with nature.
Sitting on our knees, weeding the earth, we spoke of our gratitude to be in a position where we have so much freedom to actually be outside, having a first hand, first class experience of connection with everything.

Today, we were all aware of just how incredibly connected we really are.. all having the same or similar visions, all feeling the life force surging through us. Today, collectively we all felt the oneness and the total joy of being alive. None of us take ourselves too seriously. Each of us has our own story to tell, each having our own experience of life and each able to see the humour of our own stories.

We seem to respond with each others energy vibration, the more joy we feel, the more we lift one another and the bigger the chain seems to get. We touch someone with our joy and light and they touch someone else who then touches with theirs and so on..

Today within our harmony, balance and resonance, the whole of nature responded in return. The birds gave us messages, the fox paid a visit, everything in the nursery lit up. The laughter resounded and we experienced a day filled with incredible beauty, even though nothing was really any different to yesterday, we were all held in the moment, in the total joy of being there, being alive and bearing witness to what can happen if you allow life to vibrate with you in your joy.

CARD FOR TODAY - Ascended Masters Deck - doreen virtue

POWER OF JOY (excerpt)

To find your desired outcome follow the path of joy. Your life's purpose is supported by the joy and passion you feel when you are thinking about or working on your purpose. Of all the emotions, joy is the highest vibration. Joy has the power to remove all obstacles. joy reminds us that we neednt suffer at all. We can fulfill our purpose, help ourselves and others and heal through the power of joy.

ANIMAL TOTEM (of the day) - Hawk 26/5/10

Been a lot of hawks circling over my head at the nursery today.

Visionary power and guardianship
Very short excerpt taken from Ted Andrew's Animal Speak.

Hawks are the messengers, the visionaries, the protectors and the visionaries of the air. Hawks and owls have the keenest eyes of all raptors.

All hawks are impressive and stir the imagination. Their hunting ability, their eyesight and their powerful flights and other behaviours are dynamic symbols.

The sky is the realm of the hawk. Through its flight it communicates with humans and with the creator spirit. It awakens our visions and inspires us to a creative life purpose.

Monday, 24 May 2010

CARD FOR TODAY 25/5/10 - Ascended Masters Deck - doreen virtue

Energy Healing

The situation you've enquired about involves energy healing. you have healing ablities that you can direct from your hands and your thoughts and heart. Send loving energy to elevate and heal this situation.

You can clear the energy in your home, office or vehicle as well. Your experiences
with energy healing may be so powerful that you decide to conduct healing as a profession.

Additional meanings for this card. Take an energy healing course such as reiki, qi gong , pranic healing or healing touch. Your life purpose involves conducting
energy healing. Clear the space in yr home or office thru feng shui, burning
sage or other methods. Send love to the person or situation. Avoid situations, relationships or places with harsh energy.

Everything is healing and will be okay!

No one really knows whether merlin really lived as a mortal man or not. What is agreed upon is that Merlin is the quintessential wizard and sage type archetype. He's associated with King Arthurs Avalon, Camelot and Glastonbury.

He's also considered to be an aspect of Hermes Trismegistus, the teacher of esoteric wisdom. Merlin is a powerful ascended master who helps spiritual teacher and healers
focus their energy in beneficial ways.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Card for Today - Crystal Skull deck 24/5/10


Has time felt like its speeding up and running out for you? Do you have days that fly by and others that seem to drag? You are not alone. Mother Earth's heartbeat
has been shifting for many years now, often creating a sense that time is actually collapsing.

There are a number of Timekeepers we can call on to help us through these strange feelings, such as Thoth or Merlin. If you feel you need more time, ask and it will be given as time no longer exists as it used to. As our vibrations speed up and we continue to evolve into a higher realm of existence we will no longer need clocks or watches. Things will just happen exactly as they are meant to at any given time.

The passage of time is an illusion created in the mind by linking memories in the past and thoughts of the future. Everything that happens in this universe happens 'now' there has never been a time when it wasn't 'now'.

The Indigo/blue can bring deep meditation and may help you say no to people who are taking your time. Helpful for energising the throat, third eye and base chakras.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

TOTEM OF THE DAY - 24/5/10 - FOX

A very short Excerpt taken from Ted Andrews (Animal Speak)

FOX - Feminine magic of camouflage, shapeshifting and invisibility, Nocturnal, dawn and dusk.

Fox teaches how to be invisible, camouflaged, shape shifting. The fact there are 21 different varieties around the world has significant metaphysical significance.
21 in the tarot deck signifies the world. It reflects a new world opening up and that the process of creation is beginning. It reflects that the world is growing and shapeshifting itself into new patterns that will be beneficial. Meditate on this card to understand how fox medicine can be helping with creation. It can reveal what is growing and shapeshifting in your own world.

It has a long history of cunning and magic associated with it. Because its a creature of the night it is often imbued with supernatural power. Because its an animal of the between times and places it could be a guide to enter the fairy realm.

Practising and using camouflage is something everyone with a fox totem should learn to do. You can adjust the the frequency and intensity of the energy field so that you harmonize with others. You can focus on changing its appearance so that you blend in.

The historical character of Merlin had to have used fox medicine and energy to accomplish much of what he did. Even during his lifetime Merlin was ahistorical and unrevealed.. he was largely unknown to the greater public except as merlin. When he was summoned by the kings, he came silently, disguised as a poor wood cutter or a peasant. he practiced concealement habitually and for a long period of time.

The fox uses its ability at quiet camouflage to its benefit. With practice you can develop the same kind of ability so you may see or hear things that otherwise could not.

An aspect of fox fur has a significance as well with anyone with a fox totem. Hair is often associated with psychic energy serving as antennae. Hair and fur are symbols of energy and fertility and layers of fur reflect levels of energy and fertility. With the fox its the undercoat which is the primal source from which an individual draws his/her abilities. As the outer hair changes as does the expression of the inner creative force. Its tail is a symbol of the feminine creative forces.
Individuals with fox totems have an ability to insulate themselves from anything that may seem to be cold especially in relationships. They can become warm and cozy in themselves.

A fox's tracks look like a single row of footprints this reflects a straight forward expression of the feminine energy.

They have the ability to run up trees which reflects an ability to move in different dimensions.

They have an ability to hear what is not being said as well as any whispering going on. This ability is also tied in to clairaudience, the ability to hear spirit.

They have excellent eyesight and an ability to see moving objects especially at the edges or borders of areas. Because of this it is not unusual with those of this totem to see spirit, see those beings of the 'between places' like the faires and elves.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

ANIMAL TOTEM (of the day) - frog 24/05/10

Transformation through water and sound

Frogs have an ancient mythology about them. Being amphibian with links to water and land, they are often associated with the magic of both elements. This also links them to the lore of fairies and elves. Many shamanic societies, particularly North and south American link the frog with rain and control of the weather. Its voice is said to call forth the rains.

Because of its links with water it is also linked with lunar energies and the goddesses associated with the moon. The frog was attributed the egyptian goddess Herit who assisted Isis in her ritual for resurrecting Osiris.

Frogs have been known to be heralds of abundance and fertlity. They are semi aquatic and live in damp areas and need water and all that associated with it symbolically or otherwise. If frog has hopped into your life you may need to call some new rains forth or clean up old stagnant waters.

Emotions are often associated with water. Individuals with frog totems are very sensitive to the emotional states of others and seem to know instinctively how to act and what to say. They know how to be sincerely sympathetic.

The call of the frog is the call of the waters. The spring and summertime are when the frogs voice is strongest. These are its power times. Its call serves a variety
of functions. It calls mates to it. It also serves as a release call for non receptive females. It defines it territory and warns its preditors.

The frog is a totem of metamorphosis. Its a symbol of coming into ones own creative power. It changes from an egg, to a tadpole to a frog. Even after it becomes a frog it spends much of its time near water. It always has contact from the creative force from whence it came. This connection to water should also serve as a reminder to those with this totem. Are you becoming mundane? mired in the mud of your every day life? Are you needing to dive into some fresh creative waters? Are those around you? Are you feeling waterlogged or emotional?

Frogs are tuned keenly to sound. Science has known for a long time that water is one of the best conductors of sound. This sensitivity to sound should be developed by frog people. Their taste in music will probably not be mainstream but they can use their voice to stir the emotions and to call for rains or change the climatic conditions of their own lives.

Monday, 17 May 2010

ANIMAL TOTEM (of the day) - Kingfisher 24/5/10

Excerpt taken from Ted Andrews wonderful book - Animal speak

Kingfisher - new warmth, sunshine, prosperity and love

The kingfisher is a long time symbol of peace and prosperity. It has many legends and superstitions about it. Most originate in ancient Greece.

Most kingfishers are bright blue and greens an old legend tells of how they used to be a dull grey. When Noah released it from the ark it flew towards the sun and the blue sky. As it rose up towards the sun it was burnt and changed into a bright new colour. Blue is often a colour associated with Jupiter in astrology. The kingfisher is the promise of abundance, prosperity and love about to unfold. it also has a dark crest often associated with royalty.

The colouring of the kingfisher is unique among birds. The female has more colour than the male. Some people attribute this to the legend of Halcyone and how her greater love touched the gods and restored the life of her husband. It can reflect that if we bring out a self sacrificing love and manifest it, it will bring new life to us and those closest to us.

The kingfisher is different to birds in another way, they build their nests in holes in the banks along water or as near to water as possible. Sometimes they tunnel into the bank as much as ten feet. They lay five to eight eggs usually at the inner end of the tunnel. Usually by the time the babies have come out of the tunnel they are ready to make a life for themselves. Parents with this totem have a knack for teaching their children how to enjoy life.

If the kingfisher has come to you, prepare to dive into something new. Have you been avoiding the new? Have you been afraid to take the plunge? Are you needing new warmth? Don't worry if a kingfisher is around, you won't drown. You will have more sunshine unfolding in your life.

Card for Today, 18/5/10 -Healing with the Fairies, Doreen Virtue


You have within you all the power of the universe. As a spiritually minded being it is impossible for you to misuse or abuse your inner power. Your guides will bring you opportunities to use and expand your power in ways which will bring great blessings to you and the world.

Heaven needs lightworkers of the world, including you to realize and utilize their power. By drawing this card you are asked to release any fears you may have about being powerful. You're asked to keep yourself esteem high by honouring yourself, taking care of your physical and emotional self, working on your dreams and aspirations and spending time in prayer and meditation. The higher your level of self esteem, the more comfortable you will be with your power.

Card meaning
you are now allowing yourself to experience and express your true power.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Childs Play - For Dad and for Faye, with love.

Card for Today - Mabon, The Divine Child (Celtic messages pack )

MABON, THE DIVINE CHILD - A Child, Liberation, A new perspective

Mabon is the Celtic god of music, harmony and unity. Stolen at three days old and held captive in a dungeon, he was freed by the heroes Kai and Gwrhyr. He represents captivity and liberation, acting as a mediator between humanity and the gods . His is the four-spoked solar wheel of the cycles of life, the changing year and the season's treasures. Mabon flings his arms wide, embracing the world and all it holds. His excitement and happiness are infectious.

The message:-
No matter what your current circumstances, Mabon always brings joy and liberation, from old habits, stress or an unpleasant situation. He represents new ideas and perspectives or maybe a new birth.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Notes 16/05/10

Love unconditionally
Love all that is, no matter what
See the beauty in every soul you meet.
Work towards wholeness, balance.. harmony
Gratitude - give thanks.

When you are out of balance and there is disharmony, try listening to music that brings you back into a state of joy during times of stress.

Try not to take life or yourself so seriously, lighten up, see the humour in everything, laugh, love and be of a light and joyous heart. If you do find you're getting too serious and self important, an easy way to bring yourself back down to earth is to do something really daft. Personally I like practising my Mick Jagger impersonation, or doing the Goth dance of my youth up and down the kitchen.

Spread the love, smile.

Interesting article on music/cymatics.

Giving thanks to the Great Spirit for the joy of this moment.
(excerpt from Ted Andrews, Animal Speak)

The physical characteristics are important to those who have heron as a totem.
The legs are symbols of balance and represent an ability to progress and evolve. Also the longer the legs, the deeper the water the heron will feed in, the deeper life can be explored. The thin legs of the heron represent that you don't need to have pillars to be stable, you can stand on your own. The great blue heron is a lone hunter.

When it feeds it stands in the water reflecting a connection to the earth while implying the exploration of other dimensions on earth (water element). Its important for anyone with a heron totem to explore various activities and dimensions of earth life. This reflects that although it may seem as dabbling, those with this totem are successful as being the 'jack of all trades'.

This ability enables them to follow their own path. Most people will never be able to live the way heron people do. Its not a structured way and does not seem to have a stability or security to it. It is though, just a matter of perspective. To those with heron medicine gives the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way doesn't work, another will. Heron people seem to inherently know.

Herons do not need a lot of people in their life, nor do they feel pressure to 'keep up with the Jones's or be traditional in their role. The only time they gather in colonies is during breeding season.

The blue heron is king of the marsh, when it flies, its head is folded back in an s shaped loop, reflecting being able to maneuver through life and control its life circumstances. It reflects a need for those with this totem to follow their own innate wisdom and self determination. You know what is best for you and what to follow rather than by the promptings of others.

I've always found with any kind of totem that the books are good to read and provide a lot of insight. However, you may want to look at what it represents for you. For instance, the heron has always been special to me as it always seems to make itself known when there's been a phase of turmoil and confusion and things are just about to turn for the better. See what totems come to you and what it means personally to you as well as reading up about them.

Notes 15/05/10


See beauty in each act you do,
is the message written here for you
Spread your joy in every way
As you go about your day

Totem of the day - Hawk

Card for Today 15/5/10 - Gaia Star Codex Cards


The Gaius empowerment is global being. Owning your full size you become the many in one that flies towards adventure. In the story of global being only the prologue has yet been told. You as Gaius spin the rest of this yarn. As you assume your planetary form you notice one thing immediately, global being does feel good. Vibrant energy feeds you from the inside out. Never lacking for you enfold it all, you will positively thrive.

When you become planetary, you don't lose your uniqueness. It just gets bigger and more wonderful. In expressing yourself as Gaius you work with a very wide palette. Will you be a panther today, sporting ruby wings and a cape of stars, or will you be an angel spun of grass? Cultivate your manifesting power. An infinite realm of beauty springs from your heart.

Friday, 14 May 2010

A day in the Snow

A short video...

Notes 14/05/10

Nature's blessings..

Working outside in nature has been one of the the biggest blessings of my life. After you lose the initial reluctance of being soaked when it pours with rain, or having the feeling your fingers will drop off in the frost (smiles) there comes a point of realisation that our true nature actually resonates with all that is, no matter what and becoming a part of what every other creature is experiencing even on the days of the most awful weather, nature will sing a harmonious tune and have you join in if you relax and allow her to. Little robin redbreast has been a good true friend to me throughout many bleak winters. He follows me into my cabin when I'm putting my wellies on, waits for his crumbs when I'm eating my sandwich at lunchtime and 'helps' when I'm weeding. He sits on the wire and sings in the snow, reminding me to see the joy of working outside even on the coldest of days and makes his nest in the trees during the springtime, often near where I am working so he can easily drop down to the freshly dug earth to feed his young ones. There is a resonance there, even though we are different creatures, he and I are just part of the one-ness of everything and we are all connected. Neither of us need words to know that by working alongside one another we help one another and in turn our naturally joyous nature is able to deal with matters of survival a lot more effectively.

I write this really as a reminder to anyone that may be having one of those 'off' days. Spend a little time outdoors, away from the television and allow yourself to truly feel what it is to be a part of the bigger picture. Stand on top of a mountain, look down at the people running around like ants below you.. how big do your problems really feel up there when you put it into perspective? Nature will talk to you if you allow her to and you are open enough to receive her messages. And don't forget, as the spirit of nature moves through your soul and you start to feel balanced and harmonised with the one-ness of everything, give thanks, open up your heart and send love to the Great Mother and the universe. Giving a little of your love back helps bring everything that is back into balance in a world that sometimes feels full of turmoil and unrest.

I feel truly blessed by the Great Spirit for guiding me to work with nature. It can be the most humbling and rewarding of jobs but is never ever boring. Giving thanks and gratitude for the blessing.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANIMAL TOTEMS

One of the most beautiful things working outdoors is the fantastic connection with nature and all wildlife. Often myself and my co-worker will experience times when we are left open mouthed in awe as a bird of prey circles over our heads calling or some strange lizard is found hopping amongst the plants. Once we had to rescue a snake that had become entangled in the netting around one of the pots, was duly taken to a sanctuary, was stiched up, given antibiotics and then released back onto the field opposite the nursery. There are often messages that come with the sightings that we share and help us through our day. I will post a few of the ones that we share, that you may share in our joy too. Yesterday, we went for a walk after work to a place called Frensham common. Sat in front of a lake as the sun sparkled said nothing, just enjoyed the silence and being in the moment when a huge swan took off, flew really low, circled over our heads, beating its wings so loud that the whoosh whoosh could almost be felt, then landed back in the lake. It touched us both deeply. This is what I found in my animal totem book. I hope you too will find something here that may touch your own soul.


(shortened descripton taken from Ted Andrews fantastic book 'Animal Speak')


Awakening the True Beauty and Power of the Self The swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems. This is reflected even in its name. For those with this totem, the emotions will become more sensitive, and you will find yourself becoming more sensitive to the emotions of others as well. The swan is usually pure white indicating this is a solar symbol. Its neck is long and graceful. It is one of the swan's most distinguishing features. The neck is a bridge area between the head (higher realms) and body (lower worlds).

In the swan totem, as you begin to realise your own true beauty, you unfold the ability to bridge to new realms and new powers. This ability to awaken to the inner beauty and bridge it to the outer world is part of what swan medicine can teach. It can show how to see the inner beauty within yourself or others, regardless of outer appearances. When we are capable of this, we become a magnet to others. This is reflected in the story 'the ugly duckling'.

The swan is a cold loving bird. They do not like the heat and can stand the cold very well as long as there is food. Those with this totem will find it easier to stand colder climates than warmer. Because of this, the swan also has the direction of the North, and its symbolism should be examined as well. The largest of all swans is the trumpeter. Its named for its loud trumpeting call. The whistling swan is our most common. The sound it makes is more of a whoop. The mute swan best known in America is named for the belief that it loses its voice as it reaches maturity. It is not truly voiceless, but it does epitomise the idea of strength through silence.

Swans are powerful birds that can break a mans arms with the beat of their wings and have strong beaks as well. They are devoted parents and mate for life, some live as long as 80 years. They reflect the power and longevity that is possible if we awaken to the beauty and power within ourselves. The swan is the totem of the child, the poet, the mystic and the dreamer, filled with mythology and folklore, usually as traditional symbols of beauty and grace.

They were sacred to Aphrodite the goddess of love. They were depicted pulling the chariot of Apollo. Zeus took the form of a swan to make love to Ledo, a mortal - reflecting the ability of a swan to link different worlds and dimensions. The swan fills folklore and fairy tales. Many speak of young maidens who turn into swans by putting on the magic garment of a swan's skin. If the skin were found, the beautiful maiden had to remain human and marry whoever found the skin or do their bidding. The swan has thus become a link to the faerie realm of life.

Many of these tales involving swans ended tragically, hinting at the primal life-changing power of beauty when released freely. It hints of the control necessary to work with such energy. From Greece comes the mystery of the swan song. This belief taught that the swan sang its most beautiful song just before it died. The swan song has come to be synonymous with poetic fancy. The swan can teach the mysteries of song and poetry for these touch the child and beauty within.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Card for today - 14/05/10


The 'atomic' structure in this card was given by the Crystal Skull collective in order to help centre, protect and strengthen your energy field. Imagine yourself as the central skull with the outer skulls bringing bands of energy over and around you, consider them the watchers or gatekeepers.

This card is particularly helpful if you are working in a caring profession or perhaps have a network of family and colleagues where you often find yourself being the mediator or counsellor for example. It can help you to communicate in a diplomatic and effective manner, especially in situations of heightened emotional tension.

If others around you are also feeling vulnerable, you can suggest to them that they also visualise themselves with a similar 'force field' around them.

The irridescent and metallic looking colours in this card can help you to feel shielded as they are often used for protection in the energy field. (orange, blue, yellowish gold colours). They may also help to deflect any unwanted energy coming to you. can help to blance the throat and energise the sacral.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Card for today - 13/5/10


It is believed by many that it was sound that created the Earth. The skull in this card brings these words..

'draw from the strength of the planet, from deep inside. Allow yourself to become one with the power within the planet. Feel it flowing through you, cleansing, healing and strengthening your inner self. Use sound vibration to intensify that power and to amplify its healing abilities. Harness it to experience inner peace'

You might be drawn to use singing bowls, bells or voice for healing. Perhaps look into working with the chants of each energy centre as each one has its own sound vibration. Allow them to help you find your inner sanctuary and lead you to deep healing within yourself and others.

The healing..

The colours in this card (gold, pink, violet, red, brown) can help install a sense of passion, excitement, joy, motivation and creativity especially for music and sound. Can be helpful to energise the physical body, base and sacral chakras.


Go into the silence..find balance. align your masculine/feminine energies and harmonise.

Open your heart and spread loving healing thoughts to all.

As a gift to yourself, accept who you are, love who you are.

If everything feels as though its 'up in the air' remember, stay centred, keep grounded and breathe.

The ancestors say, 'return to the silence and connect with the Divine'


Beautiful morning, frost sparkled in the glowing red sunrise. Mist hung like mystical Avalon over the lakes on the way to work.

Doing the 8 principle's and the 5 element exercises in the early morning sunshine with a few tai chi moves and a few hearty OM's amongst the trees, birds singing all around followed by tea and toast before starting work, has to be heaven!! So glad i get to work at 6.30am and don't start until 8 am.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Card for Today - Crystal Skull deck 12/5/10


This may signal a time of going back to your roots, connecting to your ancestors. Some believe it is in the dreamtime, deep within the earth in the unconscious mind where we connect with our ancestors.

A message here maybe not just to connect with your own family or start a family tree but to reconnect with true ancient ancestors at soul level from lifetimes ago and look deep within to find the wisdom, the truth and the teachings that went many centuries before you. This card could also herald a time of change of perception as to who your true family are.

Perhaps now would be a good time to take a shamanic journey into the lower world.

The warm deep earthy colours of this card help can help bring energy and stability to the lower chakras.

notes 11/05/10

The joy of connecting, and to this magnificent adventure we call our lives.

Sending out beams of love and joy to everyone.

Giving thanks to the Great Spirit for all that is.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Card for Today - Crystal Skull deck 11/5/10


Think about drinking more water - take more clear fluids and keep your system flushed and clean.

From a spiritual perspective perhaps try and recycle your thoughts - purify and re learn. Clear away what you think you know and make way for what you truly know, perhaps from other lifetimes in Egypt or Greece etc. or from wise ones such as Merlin or Neptune.

When you are in balance and harmony and as clear a channel as you can be, everything can be seen to be equal - no good or bad - no positive or negative. So everything you release, as the energy of the Universe flows through you, just 'is' and can easily be recycled.

The healing

This card can help instill a sense of peace, clarity, cleansing and inspiration. It can be intuitively used anywhere but could be especially helpful to the base, sacral, throat and crown chakras as well as helping to cleanse the auric field.
Colours of the card are turquoise blue and terracotta.

Sunday, 9 May 2010



Go outside and re-connect with nature.. remember the miracle of actually being here right now on this beautiful planet. Watch the clouds, breathe the air, allow the wind to carry your thoughts, play in the sunshine, observe how the trees stay perfectly grounded despite being blown around. Experience the joy of knowing you are a part of all this.. its all a part of you. Breathe life and joy today and know that whatever problems you may be experiencing are already being solved and healed.

The crystal skulls say feel happy in the now, know that you are safe and smile!

Affirmation.. Everything is alright NOW in this ONE MOMENT. - from Gloria... thanks Gloria.

I give gratitude and love for all that is.


The crystal skull cards send this reminder...

"In the world of the mind we may change and evolve but the real you is eternal and unchanging."