Thursday, 27 May 2010

Notes - 27/5/10

Just seen another fox - in the garden.

Going to put all my crystals out for a moonbath tonight.

May the nurturing Mother Goddess in us all, shine under the brilliance of
the full moon tonight.

Beautiful walk tonight. Twilight walk in the woods, wanted to thank nature for another lovely day so took some offerings by means of gratitude to all my little friends in there.

Did the 5 elements exercises, finished off with a few hearty OM's.. (helps to clear the forebrain of thought and connect a bit better). I was joined by three foxes and a kingfisher! Blessed. Thank you Great Mystery for life.

Powerful energy today, really feeling the force. Connecting with my core and heart energy sending beams of light love and gratitude to the earth and the heavens.


Bless your life.. spend moments in gratitude.

I thank and bless everyone in my life, my family, my friends, my job

I thank and bless my mum for her words of loving support & encouragement today.

Keep wholeness a priority - balance yourself with the earth and the heavens
breathe slowly, harmonise. Breathe love, be at peace.

Breathing love, focusing on how best to serve.
Practice kindness and compassion always.
Two geese practically clipped both mine and my workmate's head yesterday on the field, honking very loudly as they passed. We were at the time talking of our own childhood conditioning. I read this today in Ted Andrews book 'animal speak' thought I would share.. for us both it was a relevant message.
The goose says it is time to break free of childhood restraints now and begin to come into your own.

Today I had the message from spirit to learn dolphin's message. This is what I read.
Use the power of breath and sound and allow dolphin to lead you to underground caverns and the primordial beginnings of yourself.

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