Channellings/journeys page

hearing gregorian sounding chants in the stillness

light codes 229, 777 angel numbers

experimenting using the sounds for diagnosis in energy healing

did a bit more dowsing earth energies today, doing same as yesterday. When the rods cross, been listening to the sound, asking the angels to bring each disharmonious sound back into harmony, can hear slight changes and then the rods open.

More light code numbers coming through.

First attempt at dowsing earth energies.
Listening to the slight variation in sound frequencies when the divining rods cross, asking the angels to bring every disharmonious sound back into harmony.
Receiving light code numbers.

Lots of chanting tonight
Reminded of the power of sound healing,pythagoras
solfeggio frequencies.
Teachings of the blue star

Beautiful celestial energy, very bright star/planet

White Temple
White flowers

Miracle pool, siloam

Lots of white light,
& a spinning rainbow disc

The Egg

The aum
Mount Kailash

Channelling & sensing that we are all moving through a period of things being in gestation, as though various elements are coming together.

Today been getting messages in various forms coming through as

Blessings of the rainbow


Mount kailash

Keep tuned into the joy frequency and turn up the volume
divining, a pair of wooden water divining forks, metal diviners possibly for something to do with energy and a pendulum swinging over a map.

Being guided to use the Lemurian crystals. To bless one, hold it and pour love into it and plant it in a sacred place.

Keep raising energy vibration



Move softly & gently with passion, purpose & joy, Archangel Haniel

The tree of life
The Great Mother
The Essenes
The Cathars
Isis & the blue star teachings


Called by Archangel Raphael to assist with some energy healing work (the pool of Shiloam).

Raziel - The book
planetary event
Chief White Eagle, Rainbows, Earth Connection, Anchoring energies
The ringing in my ears is increasing in pitch
3 'little bear' messages

Archangel Raziel,
Archangel Sandalphon
Enoch -

breathe slowly, deeply, soften your heart, keep returning to the still point

Keep trusting your heart

Lucid dreaming, mountain caves & eagles

Breathing love, Chanting, energy healing, Rainbow light, sending love to all sentient beings. Energy still very light, very joyous. Connecting with earth, anchoring the beautiful loving energy.

In total Gratitude

Adam Kadmon
Archangel Raziel, Enoch

Breathing love, Chanting, energy healing, Rainbow light, sending love to all sentient beings.


Continuing with energy healing, gratefully blessed for all the angelic guidance and assistance. still working with the rainbow and the violet light, still pulsating with ruby, blue and green in third eye. Doing more drumming and chanting work. Very light and joyful/colourful energy. Sending a lot of love around the planet. Still getting bits of information from the Essenes.

Tree spirits say, at every opportunity, express gratitude.

Connecting with the earth, doing a lot of energy healing work with the angels using my drum in the woods, lots of rainbow colours
Given a song, bit like odd wailing sounds rather than singing or chanting to call in the angels, guides & ancestors
Pulsating colours, ruby, blue, green in third eye, lots of blue flashes
Definitely all sparked by more intense practise of the 5 elements
More info starting to filter through from the teachings of the Essenes.

working with Archangel Raphael for a specific healing, using a beautiful liquidy green shimmering light

Given a message from a bluebird. "Move through life with gentle strength and patient persistence".

Also working with the violet flame.

Lots of beautiful rainbow orbs today, truly lovely energy. Blessed and extremely grateful.

Sending love around the planet and to all sentient beings.

Much gratitude.

soul star
Earth Star

Soften your heart a little more & remain in a state of alert awareness - Keep listening to the voice of your heart - Enoch
Raise your arm and focus healing energy flowing through your hand.
Look with the eyes of your soul
Quechua, urubamba
Guided to chant outside to Mother Earth
Lots of physical sensations today, sensing angelic presence very strongly, lots of energy movement especially just above my head and very loud ringing in the ears
guided to the pool with Archangel Raphael to channel light around the earth.

honour the place in which you stand, in truth there is only goodness and light - archangel raziel
Feeling that sensation of being completely filled with light again

5 breaths
Leopard medicine
Archangel Raphael/Raphael/Zadkiel assisting with healing work.
lots of blue flashes.

You are aware of the different medicines you are working with at this time, know we are beside you giving strength and courage.

breathing love/sending light around the earth
Diamond body/rainbow light emanations
sensation of being completely absorbed in light
Be in the stillness. You are gaining inner strength, breathe, keep listening to the voice of your own heart - we are guiding you - keep going child - all is well - the plant spirits are talking, listen.

The cosmological constant

To thine own self be true

Child you are in a perfect place right now, trust it and know we are guiding all the way. Keep focusing on the breath and keep going. Listen to the voice of your own heart. Be silent for a while, keep listening, Quiet yourself and you will be guided. Do not be distracted by outside influences at this time, be at peace in the stillness now - enoch


Breathe with the energies

Cymatics - listen


Asked the angels if they had any messages tonight and they send an image of a perfect diamond shape made from words or a word. Love.

Stay on your chosen path child, all is well. keep anchoring the energies, keep grounding, we are guiding - Enoch

Black hole/bright star - Lyra
concentrate and focus on 12th Chakra, spinning rainbow wheel
Cozumel, area of high vortex energy
Quantum physics, multiverses, Serapis Bey
Keep anchoring the compassionate loving energy coming through

Working on the grid.

Angel with rainbow wings and wand
says bring through energies with softness and gentleness
Hunab Ku
Spinning wheel of rainbow light/links with 12th chakra
String theory
White dolphins say communicate with crystals
Crystal city
Hearing the sounds of the planets
Spreading love around the earth.
unicorn with silver horn dancing under a rainbow.

Archangel Aurora hands over a box. Inside is a clear heart made from a big diamond/crystal. Engraved on the front are the words 'sent with love farchangel raziel'

Pictures again tonight, the angels said 'every picture tells a story' and pointed to pictures of the journey.

Tonight instead of the usual voices, there were pictures and guided by angels into a visualisation.

I'll write it up as a short guided visualisation later on this evening on the guided visualisation blog.

The angels show a big chest filled with light and symbols, I see the vortex and am guided to climb in. Its like floating in light in here and is bottomless. All I can hear is the om, the hearbeat , tinkling angel bells and what sounds like a chorus of angelic voices singing. The symbols seem to be spinning and attaching themselves to various body parts. One of which is on/in the third eye. Told to breathe light into it and I sense the shape in the middle spinning really fast.

The angels say - the next level -
See the light in all souls
Drop any self importance
Joy as a way of life
Find your compassionate heart in all situations including for yourself
Respect all life
Take time to listen before speaking
Be calm at your centre and grounded
Expand the love
Act with patience and loving kindness
Serve life as best you can, always from a place of loving kindness

Lots of 5's again
Fox totem,
rustling leaves
hermes - electromagnetic energy
Solar disc
Shekinah wind

Received the name zacharia sitchin and the 12th planet last night
All connected with Nibiru and the recent solar activity. Just read something from another channeller that received same information.

connecting and flowing beautifully with love

sending out love and peace to the world


solar disc/lemuria
Blue star teachings
isis/wands, use the lemurian crystals
Enoch - keep breathing slowly/keep breathing peace
Metatrons Cube
double helix

"gentleness removes obstacles to soul perception" - From Queen of The Sun - E.J Michael

good website for space weather/solar flares etc

latest news
For the past week, all eyes have been on the Earth-side of the sun, where sunspots 1158 and 1161-1162 have unleashed some of the strongest flares in years. Meanwhile, the farside of the sun has been busy, too. A huge active region is transiting the farside and crackling with flares; it will turn toward Earth in about a week. What's the best way to keep track of the sun's farside? Download 3D Sun for the iPhone and iPad. (Note: An Android version will soon be available.)

WEEKEND AURORAS: On Saturday night, Feb. 19th, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth tipped south. This opened a crack in Earth's magnetosphere; solar wind poured in and fueled a display of Northern Lights around the Arctic Circle:

Breathing love and peace around the globe tonight.

Lots of messages from loved ones too many to mention here all saying more or less the same thing, "May we all know happiness".

Find the place of childlike joy.

Dad says harmonise on the same frequency, keep the vibration high, the faster the vibration the lighter we feel.

Shalom Elohim
Crow - trust your path
Pythagoras - the mystery school/blue star teachings
Lord Kuthumi
Enoch - keep your heart open, soften, breathe
Sending out love and peace to all sentient beings

amun ra
lord kuthumi/lord maitreya - your natural vibration is raised through joy and laughter.
pythagoras - the teachings of the blue star
Enoch - keep your breathing softer
Been working with 2 lovely crystal celestite and angelite
a very zingy positive energy with these crystals.
Chief White Eagle - trust your path
Sending out love and peace to the world and all sentient beings.



Enoch - 5 subtle breaths
om shanti
sending out love & peace to the world & all sentient beings.



Essenes gospel of peace



Enoch - soften the breath, keep focusing on the spinning ball above your head while you breathe.

Emissiaries of light, prepare your light body. Intuit. Pulled three of Doreen Virtue's Ascended Master cards, Jesus - open your heart to love, Lord Kuthumi, Stay focused and merlin, Energy Healing.

Archangel Uriel - use the fire and passion to fuel your creativity.

Lemuria, White dolphin energy, Angelic playfulness

Gabriel - you are stronger than you think. Soften and bring forth strength in gentleness and humility.

'you are anxious to burst forth into your spring colours. At one with nature child, watch how spring emerges slowly, relax and breathe into the sunshine. Breathe love, breathe peace. trust. All is well. - The angels.


Lots of flashes of light tonight
strong fragrance again,

messages of continued optimism and trust

The caduceus.

Breathing love, breathing peace, sending it around the globe.

Fire energy
visualisation of meeting former selves in garden, will write up.
Deer totem
Seeing blue flashes
Didn't do any channelling as such tonight. lots of healing work.
Sending out love and peace around the globe in a golden/white light
special thoughts going out to Egypt and to Australia.

Still finding it exceptionally hard to ground. Every time I close my eyes I get the sensation of spiralling upward. Imagining a big stone anchor in the ground with a hole in the middle and tying the energy around it in a knot.

A definite sensation of things speeding up.

Been getting a lot of stuff about Brigid around Imbolc. Found this link and thought some of my soulsisters would also be interested to read it.

Gratitude to life for another beautiful day.

Terracotta pot
Universal voice - readiness, preparation
Angel Indriel - master your lightbody
Ground the energy
Shakti/shiva/spirit wind
Melchizedek - gratitude
Sending out love and peace to Egypt with the hand
Presence in here with me tonight, a white whisp, feels gentle
Enoch, slow your breathing right down and soften the breath, keep breathing light into the third eye
Palm of hand with an eye symbol again
Sensation of everything suddenly speeding up.
Finding it quite hard to ground

Breathing love, breathing peace around the globe especially to Egypt.

5 breaths
Ruby light
Enoch - breathe as deep as you can into your heart centre
A terracotta pot with a scroll inside.. there is a symbol on it I don't recognise, will have to look it up
Sending loving peaceful healing around the globs

Smelling sweet fragrances again, smells like a combination of cinnamon and rose tonight
Enoch - keep returning to your heart centre, breathe, all is well
Gabriel - Strength lies in gentleness
Fill the third eye with light
gold/white energy & clear diamond rainbow flush through
5 breaths
fire breath
Learn the mudras
Angel Aerial, clouds, the spirit wind
reverberating OM
Visualising a beautiful stream of golden love energy pouring through the
palm of the hand, sending it out around the globe. Peace.

The om very loud again, sensation of sound rumbling right through the physical body.

Keep balanced
Visualise standing under a fountain of pure white light, flush your system through with light. Now visualise clear light streaming
through like a rainbow shower of clearest light.

Rejuvinate, revitalise, relax breathe deep and exercise - connect to the earth, connect to the sky, be still breathe light into yr 3rd eye

keep smelling a fragrance tonight..

Breathing deep, gentle peace & love

Sending love and light around the world
especially to egypt.



Enoch - the keys

A terracotta pot & a scroll of some kind

Dolphin - breathing

Very loud Om again this evening.

Learn to see with your hands. Imagine an eye in the palm of your hand
An ankh

Aurora - love & devotion, words of truth spoken - now step back & be still
Enoch - Keep your heart open, breathe joy
Gabriel - When you are strong & true to your heart there are miracles
The book of Kells
emmisaries of light
Om is still very loud
Seeing sparkles of light


Archangel Uriel & Aurora - Peace, stillness, devotion, trust
Archangel Chamuel - Feel the sparkle in your heart and radiate the warmth
Enoch - Steady your breath,4/4/8 breathing, breathe lower
Pythagoras - combine the esoteric with science

Trust - The Universe

An interesting site for anyone interested in space weather

Taking a bit of time out from the channelling to focus on Energy Healing. Any strong messages I will come back here and post. Repeated messages of Trust, belief and honouring visions.

May love conquer all and peace be on earth. xx

Gabriel - Gentle strength. Keep trusting child.
Breathing love and peace to all sentient beings.


The Ennead

Neptune - You are unafraid of the depths.

Elias, Trees

Just as a trees roots go deep into mother earth, as do her branches ascend to the heavens. The deeper the roots, the stronger the foundations and the
tree stands strong, flexible and resiliant.

Enoch - Allow your breath to soften your heart a little now, slowly, deeply, evenly.

A very strange experience last night as though the angels removed the dross from the mind. felt it move out of the crown of the head. There is now only stillness. Looking out into the void tonight all I could see was a glowing light.

Gabriel - You are finding your inner power. Strength comes through facing yourself & every situation in life with unwavering courage and conviction.
The fear has dissolved. All strength lies within. Keep trusting, rest in the stillness.

In the face of the moon I saw three aspects of my own face, the virgin, the mother and the crone melt into one.

The angels are saying keep breathing light into your third eye.

They are saying something about an emblem, can;t quite make out what they are trying to say here but definitely something about an emblem.

Breathing love and light to all sentient beings.

The OM is boomingly loud this evening.

Thank you to the angel that took my head in their hands tonight,
I've no idea who but it was felt on a physical level, it was much
appreciated So thank you.

Universal Voice - Elucidate
The Essenes book of peace - foundations.
Archangel chamuel - embrace all that you are in full acceptance now & love yourself unconditionally.
Abraham - the gate is always open child
Dolphin - humour and a positive attitude are part of your personal medicine, its ok to play.
Vishnu - Has a smiling face & a flower in his hand - nodding his head
Enoch & pythagoras together - Keep raising your vibration through joy. Focus on every breath
Gabriel & panther - together we bring strength & peace
Angels seem happy today, jumping up and down shouting 'marvellous simply marvellous'.. no idea why.
Raziel - Keep repeating the mantra

Archangel Gabriel - keep strong to your chosen path child.
At this time you are being prepared to enter a deeper level of awareness. There will be easement we assure you. Keep your light body strong, we are with you at this time and will ensure a safe passage. You have done nothing wrong and everything is moving according to Divine will. All we ask is that you keep coming to us for guidance and keep trusting. If you waver, remember the miracles that life has already shown you. Ease up on yourself, this is a time to relax and allow us to assist you. Your brothers and sisters too are moving through this transition, be kind to each other, find your peace that they may find theirs. All is well.

vishnu arms open smiling
under mother earth, being given a crystal an angel surrounded in gold/white light appeared and just said trust.
Shalom Elohim chant
Enoch - breathe deeper
Blue star teachings
Gabriel - hold firm your inner strength child & trust in your vision
The qumran caves, the book again, good foundations
Have been feeling the hum of the earth all week
Maintain balance, centre & ground

A rod with a golden sphere
Hamsa Hand
Enoch - now you are finally trusting, keep your heart open, keep your breathing slow, deep and even. Keep breathing love & peace
Raziel - keep repeating the mantra
3 white swans
the angels singing very loudly and showing rainbows

breathing love and peace into all hearts

Sirius - the breath of the dolphin

Caves at Qumran - the Book - the building blocks of life, solid foundations

Green Man - 'spirit wind inside doth blow, breathe deep, relax, go with the flow'

Om shanti chant

Ganesha - in the garden, he passes a bunch of lavender, says 'put under your pillow child it will help you sleep'. I can smell its fragrance.

Enoch - keep the love flowing, keep your breath more even

Feeling the heartbeat of the earth tonight, bit like having a drum beat
resonating through your entire being. odd sensation

Archangel Raguel helping to restore balance. Says to work with the lemurian crystal to help raise energy if its flagging a bit


Getting that weird sensation of losing all sense of time again.

I can feel the love of the angels flowing through my entire being
tonight and give thanks.

An angel just placed a key of trust in my heart, said 'you've been trusting with your mind, trust with your heart'

Suddenly I am warm, calm & completely at peace.

I give thanks

Sending out love and peace to the world.

Lots of purple balls of light visible
Vishnu, trust, holding a flower
A golden sceptre of light
Archangel Chamuel, be an anchor for unconditional love
Lord Kutumi - keep focused
Gabriel - use your inner strength & light
St Germain - bringing through the violet flame
Archangel Raziel
St francis - be a channel for peace
Enoch - keep your heart open, untighten your chest, breathe.
Keep anchoring the love energy
Archangel Michael - passed over a sword with no blade but a crystal where the blade should be. Like a healing wand

Om chant
Soham chant
Hamsa hand
A lot about breathing tonight
Enoch/metatron - prophecy of peace
Enoch - Breathe deep, breathe love, breathe peace
Chamuel - breathe love into all hearts
Zadkiel - See yourselves as healed and whole.
Raziel - The book

Very windy tonight

Energy field feels very strange. Very zingy.

Feels like standing in crystal clear water being showered by golden starlight.

Enoch - breathe slow, breathe deep, breathe love
the peace prophecy Enoch & the Essenes
Vishnu - arms out, flower in his hand
A discus
Three angels working together
"keep breathing love & stay positively focused & filled with faith.
Bring your light, joy & laughter into the world child, feel the harmonic
Chamuel -
Also being guided by the tree spirits.

Feel as though I'm spiralling upward. Finding it quite difficult to stay grounded tonight.

Breathing love, seeing all beings happy and at peace.

Raziel, light codes
Chamuel - beautiful energy, tender sweetness
Diamond light
5 breaths
Feel strange tonight as though every single cell is

This is what I remember from December's channelling
Vishnu, trust
lots of 5's 555
Lots of archangel michael material
Miracle Pool of Siloam - 1081
Shalom Elohim Chant
Lots of Om Mani Padme Hum chanting
Angels Raziel, The book
Rose of Sharon
Red Kites
Archangel Michael pointing at trees - says the answer is in the trees
Posted on December 12, 2010 by witchyju
Channelling energies from Archangel Michael who came through with the number 55 and spoke of Increasing vibrational frequencies, the Blueprint of our dna, links with sirius, the lemurians, etc
old man talking about working with crystals
5 subtle breaths/5 elements
Dolphin energy
Choctaw, swan medicine, cloak of white feathers
The Om being very loud


Hevenu shalom aleichem,
hevenu shalom aleichem,
hevenu shalom aleichem,
hevenu shalom, shalom
shalom aleichem.


We brought peace unto you,
we brought peace unto you,
we brought peace unto you,
we brought peace, peace
peace upon you.

Tree of Life, - the answer is in the trees

From the egg came the flower which blossomed into the tree of life.

From the Essenes book of peace book 2

And just as the roots of the tree
Sink into the earth and are nourished,
And the branches of the tree
Raise their arms to heaven,
So is man like the trunk of the tree,
With his roots deep
In the breast of his Earthly Mother,
And his soul ascending
To the bright stars of his Heavenly Father.
And the roots of the tree
Are the Angels of the Earthly Mother,
And the branches of the tree
Are the Angels of the Heavenly Father.
And this is the sacred Tree of Life
Which stands in the Sea of Eternity.

From the Essenes Gospel of Peace – Book 2

The first Communion is with the Angel of Sun

The Angel of Sun,

She who cometh each morning

As a bride from her chamber,

To shed her golden light on the world.

O thou immortal, shining, swift-steeded

Angel of the Sun!

There is no warmth without thee,

No fire without thee,

No life without thee.

As green leaves of the trees

Do worship thee,

And through thee is the tiny wheat kernel

Become a river of golden grass,

Moving with the wind.

Through thee is opened the flower

In the center of my body.

Tnerefore will I never hide myself

From thee.

Angel of Sun,

Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,

Enter the holy temple within me

And give me the Fire of Life!


The Second Communion is with the Angel of Water

The Angel of Water,

She who makes the rain

To fall on the and plain,

Who fills the dry well to overflowing.

Yea, we do worship thee,

Water of Life-

From the heavenly sea

The waters run and flow forward

From the never-failing springs.

In my blood flow

A thousand pure springs,

And vapors, and clouds,

And all the waters

T'hat spread over all the seven Kingdoms.

All the waters

The Creator hath made Are holy.

The voice of the Lord

Is upon the waters:

The God of Glory thundereth;

The Lord is upon many waters.

Angel of Water,

Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,

Enter the blood that flows through me,

Wash my body in the rain

That falls from heaven,

And give me the Water of Life.


The third Communion is with the Angel of Air

The Angel of Air,

Who spreads the perfume

Of sweet-smelling fields,

of spring grass after rain,

of the opening buds of the

Rose of Sharon.

We worship the Holy Breath

Which is placed higher

T'han all the other things created.

For, lo, the eternal and sovereign Luminous space,

Where rule the unnumbered stars,

Is the air we breathe in

And the air we breathe out.

And in the moment betwixt the breathing in

And the breathing out

Is hidden all the mysteries of the Infinite Garden.

Angel of Air,

Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,

Enter deep within me,

As the swallow plummets from the sky,

That I may know the secrets of the wind

And the music of the stars.


The fourth Communion is with the Angel of Earth

The Angel of Earth,

She who brings forth corn and grapes

From the fulness of the earth,

She who brings children

From the loins of husband and wife.

He who would till the earth,

With the left arm and the right,

Unto him will she bring forth

An abundance of fruit and grain,

Golden-hued plants

Growing up from the earth

During the spring,

As far as the earth extends,

As far as the rivers stretch,

As far as the sun rises,

To impart their gifts of food unto men.

This wide earth do I praise,

Expanded far with paths,

The productive, the full-bearing,

Thy Mother, holy plant!

Yea, I praise the lands

Where thou dost grow

Sweet-scented swiftly spreading,

The good growth of the Lord.

He who sows corn, grass and fruit,

Soweth the Law.

And his harvest shall be bountiful,

And his crop shall be ripe upon the hills

As a reward for the followers of the Law,

The Lord sent the Angel of Earth,

Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother

To make the plants to grow,

And to make fertile the womb of woman,

That the earth may never be without

The laughter of children.

Let us worship the Lord in her!


Vishnu - trust
gabriel - the power lies within

Bit on archangel Gabriel from wwwangles
Archangel Gabriel
Symbolism: Gabriel is depicted holding a lily, which stands for a purity and truth. He is sometimes seen with an ink-well and quill, symbolizing his function as the heavenly communicator of the Word of God. He can also be seen holding a golden chalice strongly reminiscent of the Grail.

Angelic Realm: Archangel of the Heaven of Form

Gifts for Earth: He can help us to express our truth openly and honestly; respect and honour our individuality; listen to our intuition and inner voice

His name means’God is my Strength’. He announces the mystery of incarnation to all souls before they are born and he instructs us all as to what our talents and tasks in this world will be. He is the patron saint of small children and he looks after and nourishes the child in each of us, a child who may be arrested in growth or wounded and in need of love. He guides us to release our inner child with words of tenderness and love. His guiding hand is always there to protect what is natural and pure within us.

All religious honour Gabriel as the most powerful messenger of the Source.he never tires of delivering the Word of God to those who will listen and honour the Source within themselves. He is known as the Chief Ambassador to Humanity, the Angel of Revelation, the Bringer of Good News, Judgement and Mercy. He is the Angel of Joy, and the Spirit of Truth.

Gabriel helps us to find the wisdom in our physical bodies and to know our personal truths. He respects the absolute individuality of each person. He can assist us to live our truths faithfully, honouring our talents and gifts. He can help us find the courage to live from the deep knowledge within ourselves which respects our God- given abilities. Gabriel can also help us succeed in developing our individual gifts and fully expressing ourselves.

Gabriel’s quintessential gift to us is to nurture our strength and our conviction that we are each making a valuable contribution

Vishnu - Trust
Archangel Haniel
Enoch - golden key, heart

1/12/10 -
Isis - book of breaths,
Isis - amulet
The ennead
Archangel Michael - strength

Aum symbol
Tree of life
Enoch - trust
blue lotus
isis, staff, ankh
the number 5

Comet, sirius

Comet 103P Hartley 2 continues to rise higher in the southern skies. It is very high in the sky heading towards Canis major and Sirius, although the comet is fading, it is still visible in binoculars. - Astroblog.


Enoch - Nature has taught you to be at the still point, good, keep returning to that point if you find yourself off centre. Breathe life.

Continue to trust and love life with the innocence of a child. You are learning that to fully trust eliminates all negativity, worry and concern and diminishes all doubt. We gently remind you to be strong and keep trusting.

You are being guided by Archangel Uriel. You do not have to keep trying so hard. Stay awake to your purpose and Trust in the process.

Vishnu - Trust
Guided to read "the Vision of Enoch - The Most Ancient Revelation"
"Be Still and Know I am God." link:-

The Essenes - gospels of Peace - Songs of the Angels

Shalom Elohim

guided via the Shoshoni's to read this.. the gathering of One, fulfilling the prophecy of peace.. the dance of Oneness link: chant

metratron,- cohesion and continuity
Chiron -communicate and express yourself

Enoch -Archangel Uriel

keep your heart open
Archangel Chamuel - Rose quartz

Enoch -Be still, be silent, we are with you.
Angel Sandalphon
Sunat kumara

The book of gates
Handed what looked a map with points on it, looked like a dot to dot, told it was a star map
Archangel Chamuel, the sensation of being enfolded in a pink fluffy blanket of unconditional love
The vortex of spinning light visable with naked eye, appearing, sparkling, disappearing and appearing almost like a signal
Blue spots visible to naked eye


A flame
helmet of light
The ace of diamonds
Sunat kumara
blue lotus


Read more about the prophecy of the fifth world of peace, ascension and unity in the sacred path cards book by Jamie Sams.

The mannaz rune

"be completely humble and gentle, be patient.."
...Make every effort to keep the unity of spirit through the
bond of peace" - Ephesians

The book of Breathing. By Isis for Osiris.

After reading about the book of breathing, stumbled on this.

The three deep breaths, - thomas crumb

The “Three Deep Breaths” that are the heart of this technique are
1. The Centering Breath: breathe in balance and energy and be present now
2. The Possibility Breath: breathe in power and purpose and envision the
highest me I can be
3. The Discovery Breath: breathe in the mystery and let go of judgments

Bull horns, like the taurus symbol

Deep and total gratitude to the Tao, the angels and the Great Masters for all their guidance tonight.

red kite
ephesians quote about peace
Sandalphon says feet on the earth dance and sing
2 tiny angels fell out the rune bag

sacred path cards
23.smoke signals

in the stillness, connecting and
sending out absent healing around
the globe.

mannaz rune still
The torah
moses staff, Joshua,
read about sunspot 1117 exploding, weird sky

Enoch & the essenes
Hamsa hand
Mannaz rune

The ansuz rune yet again
White Owl

focusing on peace, harmony, unity, oneness
voice gave the rune ansuz again
thets knot
blue star teachings
old man with lamp
A tiger
being told by the voice how much treasure
i have in my heart. thank you voice.
The temple at sakkara again, something to do with the om being sounded there.
eagle feathers
Hunab ku
Amun Ra
Red star purifier
A key

Been having the sensation of undergoing some kind of initiation process. Been purifying intent with total aim on love and service, peace harmony and unity, oneness. Opening more and feeling even more loving and compassionate but had a complete wobbler today. Ego took over tonight, had a couple of hours of complete self pity, drama and wobbliness.

From the stillness and prayers for global peace and unity, three things came out of the void
the voice said Ansuz.
images of a scarab beetle
Fell asleep meditating. Dreamed of fish and an invitation from a friend to go fishing with him.

Shalom Elohim chant again, lots of voices chanting
Om Shanti Elohim was the other one.

Balance, ground, centre. Breathe.
In silent contemplation with the Great spirit, surrendering and trusting, with pure intent to serve with love. At peace.

Archangel Haniel - Elucidate
The cathars, montsegur
the knights templar
the temple of sakkara, sound temple
The blue star teachings,egyptian mystery school
magical hand movements
The hopi prophecy, the red star purifier, blue star katchinas

talia. the name of the new wand - hebrew for 'heavens dew' gratitude to the angels for sending the name and energy of the angel talia.


Woke this morning to the voices of Archangel Michael and Gabriel.

23.00, 23.10 - (another 10.10.10) not sure why I am receiving this as something of importance, had a huge rush today, feeling i should be taking more action to be of greater service. Will return to stillness in prayer.

Seeing the vortex on and off, was very visable at the weekend.
Lemurian book of breaths
Blue star
Currently working with the archangel Jophiel who wishes to be called on for help in seeing the beauty of life and assisting us with joy and laughter.

At peace,praying for global peace and awareness.
Focusing on

Chanting shalom elohim.

"Shalom Elohim"
Shalom - ancient hebrew "peace." The noun shalom has the more literal meaning of being in a state of wholeness. More recently used as a greeting or farewell.
Elohim - Almighty God
Story of Abraham
Alpha and Omega

The essenes, the rainbow.
Integration, Lemuria,harmony.
very violet/electric blue light and blue flashes.

Angels/white dolphins
Lemuria, love, peace, joy, play, harmony, unity. Oneneness


Start bringing through the knowledge of Enoch and the Essenes.
Guided to read
Found this

Diamond light body
Angel indriel


Vervain - insomnia

Star Tetrahedron

Quantum cryptology & the language of light

The passing through of 12 gates
the strength of the lion, gentleness of the lamb
lions gate


Archangel Gabriel guides with gentle strength.

The spinning vortex has been very visable this evening

Corinthians 13
Raphael still coming through with the emerald light
Jophiel - be beautiful
Hilarion - assisting with truth, healing, wholeness
Michael - If strength eludes you, remember your strength lies in the light.

6/8 - The energies over the past couple of weeks have been very strong, inducing a time of cleansing ourselves, letting go of all the old fears, doubts, negativity. All this has been partially the planetary activity at the moment and also the magnetism from the sun after all the suns activity this past week. Sunday points to an important event, The Lions gate 8/8 I'm sensing this to be an important time for consciousness levels to be raised even more. A time of the brotherhood (ascended masters) gathering with information learned under the ground by the sphynx, chants light codes etc. The energy feels like a mix between the Christ Consciousness and the magic of the violet ray. Also a lot of angelic activity.Keep hearing the words 'unite the brotherhood'. A time of a lot of light, possibly more information coming through. Oh and unity and expansion.

Galactic core emanations

Temple of light - Expansion all levels. Relax, allow the angels to guide you. Keep returning to your centre. Breathe the soft flowing energy and feel it expand and touch all hearts. Lord Kuthumi is also guiding you.

Downloading information

Lord Kuthumi - talking of the energies coming through at the moment.

Enoch - It is safe to keep your heart open. Archangel Gabriel walks beside you right now.

Immanuel - be meek, be humble, be as gentle as a lamb

Ezekiel - God strengthens

Being guided to read the story of Isaac.
Archangel Gabriel says allow the softness to penetrate every cell of your being have gentle strength, you are being listen.

8th July



7th july

Saw a very bright, massive shooting star tonight seemed to be indicating
some kind of planetary alignment or event.

Given 2 runes, perthro, gebo.
Peacock totem

Every time I close my eyes to meditate I keep seeing the face of an
eagle saying 'follow'.

the gate is open

'fear not the changes, allow yourself to become who you really are. Each one of you holds a promise of love, peace, joy, harmony & balance again
on your earth. Do not fear earth's changes as she is changing just as you are, shifting in response to your own. Find your peace and awaken
children so that the earth too may awaken into the Garden of Eden once more.'

Outside my cabin at work, staring into a vast starry sky I hear the words
ka honua, feel the magic.

Message from Sunat Kumara - Always follow the guidance of your heart./
Look upon every living thing on earth with respect and love. Cherish every moment as if it were your last. Shine a light of peace, joy and love to all those you encounter.


Very powerful energies coming up to solstice. Been under the earth in the gold/ruby room, opening up my heart even wider to compassionate love. I see the cavern as a gold shimmer with a huge ruby heart at the centre. Been getting little messages all day, sunat kumara & enoch both gently reminding me to keep my heart as open as I can, Pythagoras on about the importance the number 5. Keep being reminded to keep anchoring the energy and sending it out. The more love we feel, the more there is to give. In the cavern tonight with the gold/ruby light, opening my heart even more, breathing love, humbled, in gratitude. In loving compassion I hear the name Sanat Kumara so whatever I've been learning i feel is coming from this source.

Tonight I was led from the ruby/gold room under the earth to a door. This one was wide open. I stepped through into the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. Bright sparkling fresh light and energy here, crisp clean air, fragrant flowers of vivd hues. I sit in the sunshine and breathe. The first word that came as I stepped through the door was 'shambhalla'. Would like others to experience this, must spend some time doing a visualisation write up.
Grateful and blessed for divine love and guidance.

Learning the links with lemuria & Himalayas & Easter island
Still under the earth, learning about the gold/ruby ray
A white owl led me to the Wyse Woman of the White Owl and Lunar Mysteries which I've had head stuck into all evening. Interesting links there with bees and the labyrinth.

Had the Bhagavad Gita shouted at me this evening so been reading up on that

Realised after looking at photos of the nepalese village that was channelled the other day, that I am pretty sure I've seen this village before, in one of my visualisations.


Received a message whilst cooking dinner tonight, spirit seemed determined to give me the name Manahari so I've been reading about it for most of the evening.


Been under the earth again tonight. Did some kind of ritual where I walked into a crystal. Once in there I was given the symbol of a diamond and asked to use this shape to connect with love and peace the earth and the heavens, which I did.

Been seeing the morning star a lot in my meditations over the last few days. Down in the womb of the earth mother I keep getting flashes of it along with odd flashes of horses, rainbows and trees.. I can't make the connection with anything at the moment, will keep trying.

Also saw a white dove.

I did receive these messages though
'at one with the Godlight there is only unity'
'Humanity's process of evolution begins with awareness'


Being guided to read about the language of light.
In the cave under the earth being shown a symbol, then a striking flash of a native american Indian on a horse.
Chanting the om in the crystal cave

Medicine wheel last night using 4 Lemurian crystals. Odd experience, body started to shake, saw a flash of light and can't remember anything else at all except coming to an hour later.

As the wind blows through the window I listen and hear the word 'shekinah' or something similar.


Doing a lot of breathing work with the old man tonight. He's stressing the importance of focusing on aligning the heart to beat with the earth and the universe.. all in harmony. I keep seeing a shaft of white light in the cave.

Been learning a bit more about crystals. The suggestion was that i do a medicine wheel with the lemurian seed crystals, using a rock to either sit on or hold for grounding the energies. Will have a go. Also encouraging me to carry on with the wand making and to start using Gwydion (my own wand) a bit more.

This energy that these crystals seem to put out is an energetic but very peaceful one, been keeping one in my pocket.

I'm hoping he's going to talk to me about trees soon, I keep seeing flashes of trees in my mind.

Keep getting drawn back here.. it feels right. Resonating with this energy and its reminding me a lot of my dad's energy, very soft.


"Each piece of knowledge you bring forward and ground will bring you one step closer to the harmony you seek for yourself and others. There is much to learn and share."

Been speaking to the old man, deep under the earth in a chamber, like a cave. I've retreated here, to this inner sanctum, called by spirit after receiving a message from a psychic yesterday at the MBS festival. I spoke with the old man about healing tonight, how we can best assist others.. this is what he said..

"All you can really do is offer the tools you have which have helped you, guide and love them. Each person is their own gatekeeper. They alone are the ones that make a conscious choice on whether they wish to open the gate, you cannot do that for them. If you offer love and the love is rejected time after time it may be time to simply let them be and allow them to walk their own path child. Do all you can to assist others, act with compassion and kindness and find peace in the knowledge that you have given as much as you have. Your responsibility is to yourself only, in remaining whole. You simply cannot do any more than offer help if it is required".

He's also been talking to me tonight about rocks.. he's urging me to try something.
"See which rocks call out your attention, place both hands on it and chant a very deep hummmmmmm sound. Resonate with their energy, they wish for you to remain solid and strong especially during times when you feel your energy field weaken." Will try that one tomorrow.

He also guided me to go and pick a couple of runes, I haven't worked with the runes much but did go pick a couple, these were the ones I received..

9. Hagalaz
Mundane meaning : Hail, misfortune, shock, short term distress followed by long term
Esoteric meaning: Powerful natural forces, evolution, regeneration, cosmic union.

Mundane meaning:- Homeland, ancestoral property, family home
Esoteric meaning:- Ancestor spirits, sacred enclosure, universal truth
This rune signifies a homecoming and return to ones ancestoral roots and represents appreciation for and reconciliation with the ancestor spirits.

I did the 5 elements tonight, found a nice trance state with it and had Chief White Eagle standing directly in front me chanting along and smiling.
With love and appreciation I thank all the spirits and guides for their guidance and assistance.


Been getting a strange message, had this one twice now. 'They're coming from out of the hole'. I asked the robed man tonight exactly what or who was coming out of the hole, he implied that it was a higher vibrational energy.

I am actually wondering now whether what I initially perceived as being 'the hole', may in fact have been 'the whole'.

I'm focusing on sending out as much unconditional love as I can.


Bit quiet on the channelling front at the mo. Feel like I am on standby.

Enjoying the stillness and peace.

Still underground connecting with the heart of the earth.

Keep seeing an outstretched hand with a miniature thunderbird sitting in the palm.


Been learning about the mysteries with the man in the white robe. He talked a lot about the tradition and a lot fell into place.

I remain at peace, gently flowing with river, aware of keeping wholeness and harmony a priority.

I have trust and faith that healing on all levels will come. I place my heart in the hands of the Great Mystery.


Still working with the man in the white robe in a vast network of tunnels under the earth.

22/5/10 pm
Feathered Serpent
Hunab Ku

Holding lemurian seed crystal:-
zero point
Diamond light

22/5/10 am
When I was talking to the man in the white robe he was talking about lemuria and working with crystals. I've just acquired some lemurian seed crystals and am going to have a go at working with them, just to see.. put one up to my third eye and got the word 'montenegro'. Very strong energy in this crystal, put one in my hand and felt a buzz all over. Think these lemurians must have been incredibly peaceful, this energy is beautiful.

Very consciously aware of the quickening speeding up. Keeping focused.. focusing on wholeness, balance. Tuning into the heart of the earth and the core of the universe with heart energy.

Breathing love.


I've had to change all
the dates on my blog as I've been two days out on the dates!!

Very calm today, very calm.

Diamond light
Hunab ku
zero point
Sanat Kumara
open gateway(s)

Just remembered something else I 'saw' last night during meditation, a big cross made out of stars hanging in the sky.
Also had the words planet x when I came out of meditation... no idea whether this has anything to do with the cross I saw in stars or if its just something i've seen or heard about.


The universe says 'your diamond light is being activated' and 'anchor the energy'.
It also says 'remember the diamond in your heart' and I am seeing the colour azure blue, been seeing it all day.
Man in white robe kept saying time is an illusion over and over again. He was also encouraging more work on the grid.
ringing in my ears is absolutely deafening tonight.


Lots of coincidences..

Still pondering the whole experience of yesterday. The tunnel, going into the light encouraged by my fathers voice calling... my father.. the message for my mother.. the peace.. I barely want to talk or write about it.

Although I don't confess to aspire to any particular religion, The energy of the Christ touched my heart three times yesterday in three different forms. I feel only joy and love in my heart for all that is.

I also visited my mum who handed me a very old letter from my grandfather. In it he was discussing his lessons in the mysteries and had drawn a picture that looked almost identical to the vortex.

he said in the letter ' i am learning about the mysteries, I don't know where any of this comes from' only share with those who are interested. It made me smile at the the similarities and the one-ness and connectedness of everything.

Giving thanks and love to the Great Spirit for the blessings.


Strange one today.. Went to do the 8 principles and before I had a chance to barely get myself relaxed I was in the chamber deep underground with the old wise one. He seemed keen for me to do the vortex thing again Did the same as before, walked the bridge with him, opened the door to the void, big huge rush of wind, jumped. Almost instantly felt the spinning as though being inside the vortex.

I can only describe what happened next as what I have read by people that have had near death experiences. Still trying to digest it.

The voice said something like 'there is no need to live in fear, for I am the light and I am the way'.


Still with this man in a white robe. He led me down a load of tunnels tonight into some kind of chamber. Really picking up links here with Glastonbury and Mount shasta. He's trying to show me the link with the lemurians but all I can see is a kind of violet gold colour, i wonder if they all carried the same energy?

I'm being instructed to use my wand. He said that crystals were a useful tool. He's also been going on about a well of some kind.. keeps saying.. 'remember the well, remember, the well'.. The other night it was all about fire, tonight it seems all about water, I know I have to link the two for some reason. Have to research all this when I get more time.. have to get to bed soon.

he also said.. 'let your spirit be a vehicle of light by which to travel' and talked a bit about the grid.

Did do a bit of grid work tonight and connecting with above and below with my heart energy.

Came out of the channelling with the words 'the halls of amenti' in my head, no idea why, vaguely remember seeing this before so it may just be something in my mind triggered by something I've seen.

12/05/10 -

Just sitting holding the hand of the man in the white robe as he talks about our perceptions of time and shifts in human consciousness. I have a feeling he has a lot to say but I have to head off to bed.


Please excuse the self indulgence, this experience was a first so please bear with me if it doesn't make much sense.

Visualisation.. Been learning from the man in the white robe about travelling as light through the vortex.

Walked the rainbow bridge. Entered through a doorway, became like a star exploding into rainbow light fragments, flashes of seeing through various animals eyes, I felt as though I had become an eagle at one point then a dove. Also had flashes of seeing through the eyes of the panther and possibly a snake. Somewhere in all this I saw the great pyramid and the sphinx really vividly, and as white light shot down the vortex as though it was a portal. Saw the X rune on my way through. Also had a sense of harmonics but couldn't describe them. Very difficult to describe this experience. Almost wondered if this was a portal to other galaxies or dimensions. Felt as though I was switching between observing it and experiencing it. Seemed to just happen after I'd been doing a lot of heart opening exercises. Opening up to love, imagining breathing the whole planet and the universe into the love in my heart and out again. Just everything becoming love.


The Lords Prayer keeps coming into my mind, been saying it out loud for a few days now.

All this information started coming through in Italy, just after the volcano. I'm sensing a link between the volcanic activity and the stuff that's been coming through.

The man in the white robe with the lantern has been talking of links between Mount Shasta and Glastonbury. He says they are both of the energy of the violet flame and are in some way connected. This brought back a reminder of a visualisation I had years ago sometime in the 90's where I saw the same thing. The connections and the violet flame. Feeling a pull to visit Shasta.

A message from the man in the white robe 'you are in your earthly body for only a blink of an eye. During this time, be of service, your life will count for little if you do not follow your heart and help the children of this generation and those that follow. You are reconnecting with your divine nature. Do not try and figure out how to solve problems, you are trying too hard and getting nowhere. Set an intention for healing and let it go'.


At the point of stillness comes balance.

Execute your inner wisdom, walk the tunnels below the earth, remember.. carry the torch of light. Many have gone before, many are now awakening. The ancient knowledge is available to all who seek with a pure and open heart. Keep connecting your heart to the earth, to the heavens, reach out your arms and be love.

Focus on the miracles of healing, focus your intent on a healed world. Hold the higher vibrations and be aware of the messages that come through at this time. Hold no fear through the transitions, believe all will be well and it will be so,

Gaia Star Codex card reading for today:- MetaMaestro S -The Groove Mage, Synergy

Over his heart where he feels the beat MetaMaestro S. holds the globe. With his turkey feather baton he conducts a mighty symphony of wonder. A shining disc crowns his head, a symbol of mastery. Golden winged he might pass for an angel were he not so firmly rooted in stone. His crystalline belt points downwards to the earth showing that his sound alchemy is of a get-down nature.

MetaMaestro S. empowers you to synergise. A single musician may play a great groove but when other great players join in they take it even higher. The Mage helps you find other people on your wavelength with whom you can make sweet music. MetaMaestro says "its time to get the band back together".


Activate your star fire, you are ready. Explode into being.
Rainbow woman.

Even on the darkest of nights, the stars only shine that much brighter.
Even in the most desolate of deserts, the most beautiful of flowers still bloom.
When everything breaks down, there is a chance to re create
Never stop loving
Never stop giving
Never give up.


Serpent, Jaguar, Eagle... links with Inca prophecy
Angkor wat
Star fire

Crystal skull card message for today:-

Focus on unity, harmony peace and building a collective consciousness of oneness for the planet. Spread your light, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, walk your walk and communicate with healing thoughts. Follow the way of light and love and help with spiritual and planetary evolution. Concentrate on the throat and heart chakras today and feel comfortable in sharing your messages with the world.


Imagine standing in a column of bright white light stretching from the earth's core to the universal source, open your heart and send/receive love as if through a light beam up and down, then expand outwards to , encompass all. Connect on every level with your heart energy.
Focus on colour magenta to help open heart imagine all hearts touching

Urumbaman chief offers protection - says imagine a blue cloak wrapped around you and imagine deflecting the poisonous arrows that get sent your way as though there is a barrier of light protecting you. As the arrows bounce off transmute the poison into love with intent.

Andromeda/rainbow/Native american indian tribe, knowledge and connection
Plaeides/El morya

El Morya says seek knowledge through the ancestors. I feel he was pointing to a link somewhere with andromeda and the plaiedes but no idea what as yet.

The tunnels leading to the heart of the earth are reached via a labyrinth of tunnels, the heart of the earth lies at the centre of the labyrinth.


Message from the morning star

"The heralding of a new age begins
with one single thought. Love
should not be about constriction
but expansion. Hold no fear and
trust that loving from a place of
greater good will produce miracles.
There are many galaxies beyond
the Milky way that are seeking
to connect, be open to them"

connect heart energy with heart of
earth and heart of the cosmos..
bring all into balance with one another

1st May - Beltane

channelled in Italy/Uk over the past week.

Been seeing a man in a white robe in my visualisations.. he came after a lot of chanting in a geometric dome, standing at an entrance to a cave with a lantern in his hand. Today he gestured for me to follow, went through a maze of tunnels deep deep into the earth's core where he showed me the heartbeat of mother earth. The message I received there was for us all to re connect with our heart energy and connect this energy with the earth and with the heavens so we are all joined at the heart and at the heart of everything. He kept repeating earth and Hunab Ku and pointing to my heart.

These are some of the channelled words I've been receiving this week

energy shift
Lemurian knowledge
earths core
The dust settles
white dolphins
carry the message from the falcon
The call of the lemurians (again)
"Spread the love children of the Elohim"
Corinthians 13
Follow the path of the shekinah
Leopard/swiftness, grace of movement, alertness. Keep seeing a leopard staring straight into my eyes whenever I close them.
"Feel the heat from the earth's core rising up from beneath your feet. You are the earth, connect!"
Fire ceremony at chichen itza/star fire

this came through automatically when I was writing in Italy

"Embedded deep within your soul lies a story as old as the earth itself. To make the story come alive be sensitive to the illusions of your reality. Use your sensory awareness to enrich the colours of the tapestry you call your life.
When your innate joy at the experience of life comes alive, so will the story begin to emerge"


They golden key - its to unlock something in the akashic records.

the Universal voice says be the star that you are and shine love out onto the world.

everything around in a swirl, staying centred, in a state of let go.

April - sunday night

In a state of total surrender. Giving thanks to the Great Mystery for guiding me back to a state of serenity.

Weird feeling tonight,... timeless... that's what it is.. its like being in a weird physical zero point thing.

Dad told me last night he would guide me... to look for signs.

Tonight I see a signpost - it says Aquila.. the universe shouts the word 'fountain'.
does aquila have a fountain?

Given a feather by White Eagle, am on top of a mountain waving it around.

really feeling this diamond sparkly energy vibrating tonight, breathing love into the grid.

I close my eyes and see swirling gold and silver light.

Given a torch, which looks like one of those olympic torches with a flame.

Still looking at this golden key.

the template of existence lies within the matrix
A big golden sphere
The universal voice shouts 'truth seeker - answers are coming'
a gold key in my pocket.
Comanche - white eagle, protection
fifth dimension shift
connected to grid with a diamond light
Learning lessons in unconditional love
An eagle and an owl, daytime flyer, nightime flyer.. eagle has a message
in its beak that has a rune on it, perthro
a ball with a grid around it shining gold, red, and green

Im with my dad now, his energy is all around me, he beckons and says
'come now, its safe, i am guiding you, we;re going on another one
of our adventures. I feel his presence and remember who I am'
Letting go of everything, gazing out of the window at the stars, i completely surrender to the Great Mystery
The night air.. the smell of the night air... the gentle lulling breeze.. breathing deep, breathing starlight, breathing love, opening, sparkling energy vibrating, heart softens. serenity sings. Dad looks at me and smiles, gives me the thumbs up as he fades from view.

A chain of golden ankhs with a gold sphere at the end of the chain
divine countenance
angels at qumran
Owl 'light emissions'
Inside the gate, Huge tree, wearing a cloak, its
dark red or burgundy or wine coloured
universal voice says "The fire star burns very brightly"


Had a bit of an 'off' day. Pythagoras says don't be too concerned its just a shift of energies influenced by Pluto.

Still trusting in my intuition. Still taking life far too seriously.

Enoch sends two angels, Zadkiel & Haniel, their presence touches my heart and it opens wide to receive their love and wisdom.

Inside the gates with a lion on one side and a panther on the other, blanketed in love from the angels and the ancients I let go into the flow of life and breathe.

Universal voice messages..

Flying like an eagle in order to get a better view of things. Seeing people below that are in need of healing. Doing absent healing with the help of the angels.

Much more centred & open after an hour in the ether.
Sending out healing vibes
Thanking the great mystery.

Thanking all my friends for their love and light.

Wide open heart, sending out love and healing in the ether
Guided to read the songs of the ancients so I've been indulging
and reading all kinds of poetry and rhymes that i never even
knew existed. Its been a real eye opener.

Loads of spinning vortex's
Sent out lots of healing & love
pythagoras has been talking about the herb meadowsweet.
Rose gold light and seeing blue sparks a lot tonight
heart is wide open
Wasn't going to do any channelling tonight but as I tuned in to do some absent
healing I was given the word orpheus, this came out of the pool.


The pool of azure blue water is a bit like a magic well
I get the impression that words may form from here,
Two words tonight
Divine harmony

Been focusing on sending out love and light.

I'm back in the gold place again,
back at the pool of azure blue water
surrounded by the ancestors
drinking from the water, I see words written in the water...its a bit wobbly i can't quite make them out but definitely has something to do with sharing knowledge

Only heard a couple of words from the universe tonight, shiloh or shiloah and Vishnu-its 4.45am, No idea if this means anything, I've heard of Vishnu but no idea who he is, anyhow I'm off to bed, in the spirit of letting go.

Nice to hear the rain on the caravan roof.. nite nite.

31/03/10 - archangel chamuel & angel of charity - both at my side. Thank you lovely angels you are guiding me well tonight.

merkaba/ka/dna/subatomic particles
11th dimension
On a white horse with a cloak on,bird of prey on the shoulder, meandering down a path chanting sounds like ohm or ah ohm
Enoch - open heart even more
Pythagoras - flower essences, given a staff with a sphere on the end of it.. think I might try and make one.
Bright white star

Not heard of an 11th dimension before so after i got this I looked it up, interesting, here's the link ..

Here's a clip of what it says..

"In superstring theory, the subatomic particles we see in nature are nothing more than different resonances of the vibrating superstrings, in the same way that different musical notes emanate from the different modes of vibration of a violin string. (These strings are very small-of the order of 1035 metres.)
Likewise, the laws of physics -the forces between charged particles, for example-are the harmonies of the strings; the Universe is a symphony of vibrating strings."


Enoch/Heart/Planetary alignments - In order to connect with the planets, keep your heart open.
Metatron - The blueprint of the DNA
Constellation Pegasus, - had this come up twice now
New Moon
Carry the golden ray