Monday, 30 August 2010

The Hummingbird

Flicking through all the old photos looking for a beautiful photo to share I came across this pic of a hummingbird. Taken in California in 2004, thought it might be nice to share the symbolism of this incredible little bird.

Sometimes an animal or a bird will mysteriously come into our life and begin to haunt our consciousness. The image of that animal becomes associated with our sense of who we are and where our values come from.

Certain species in the Americas have done this in particulary powerful ways: These include the wolf, the raven, coyote, the jaguar, the quetzal, and the eagle.

The hummingbird also is a common totem animal. Many people develop a mysterious bond with this tiny creature.

In many traditional cultures of the western world the hummingbird has powerful religious and spiritual significance. In the high Andes of South America, for example, the hummingbird is taken to be a symbol of resurrection. This is because each hummer becomes lifeless and seems to die on cold nights, but it comes back to life again when the miraculous sunrise brings warmth.

MEDICINE CARDS: THE DISCOVERY OF POWER THROUGH THE WAYS OF ANIMALS, Jamie Sams and David Carson say that, for many people, the hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart.

When we assume hummingbird consciousness, our life becomes a wonderland. We live for beauty, delighting in flowers, aromas, fine mist.

When it becomes our totem, the hummingbird teaches us to laugh and enjoy the creation, to appreciate the magic of being alive, and the truth of beauty.

Hummingbirds awaken us to the beauty of the present moment. As they dance the four quarters of embodied exisence, they bring us medicine to solve the riddle of duality. They also awaken us to the medicinal properties of plants.

Hummingbirds also inspire us to protect the environment and to preserve old traditions that are in danger of being lost. When Native American ways were being destroyed by the expanding Euro-American culture, the Ghost-Shirt religion was established to try to bring back the animals and old ways through dancing. The leader of the dance was a hummingbird.

Certainly hummingbird magic is available to all who live in the New World. There is something inside the soul of all of us that wants to soar through sunbeams, then dance midair in a delicate mist, then take a simple bath on a leaf.

There is something in our souls that wants to hover at beautiful moments in our lives, making them freeze in time.

Excerpts taken from
Animal speak - Ted Andrews

Sunday, 29 August 2010

May all beings everywhere be blessed with Peace, Joy, love and happiness

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Rune of the Week - Raidho

The Fifth Rune

"For I shall journey swiftly
on a horse no man can ride
upon eight legs it bears the spirits"

Names - RAIDHO - Wagon, RADH - riding, a riding path, RAIDHA - wagon or ride, REIDH - wagon or chariot, RAD/RAED - wheel or vehicle

Pronunciations - "ray tho" "rayth" "rayd"

Phonetic Value - "R"

Symbolism - The Chariot of the Sun

Keywords - Advancement

Raidho can be represented as a symbol of the chariot of Thor or Freya or any other cosmic "transportation".

The pictogram seems more evocative of a person striding forward than a chariot, however, because individual stave placement is as important to the evolution of the rune as the ultimate image presented it is good to remember that without the forward slanted stave, this is also a pictogram similar to "Wunjo" or joy. This implies the joy of the journey, or more accurately, that joy is an essential first step to advancement.

It is the wheeling of stars around the cosmic axis.

It is the spiral journey of the sun on it's annual course from North to South and back, as in the journey of Nerthus and Freyr's processions.

It can mean a possible or necessary journey in a reading, or transportation.

It can mean a path or road.

It can be a journey in consciousness

When scientists make a new and important discovery the influence of Raido is at hand.

Rhythm and movement are important to the concept of Raidho both pictorially and phonetically. The similar sounds of the words "Raytho" and "rhythm" can easily evoke images of the dance of the ecstatic traveler who is carried on a circular journey.

Magically this rune can be used to encourage advancements of all kinds and also represents a profound change in the self, or in new ways of seeing.

Just as an association with altered states of consciousness is associated with Raidho, so will you also find references to this as the rune of shapeshifting. It is not so difficult to see the connection, if you need the perspective of the hawk, what better vehicle for gaining that perspective than to become a hawk?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

An interesting flower garden

Being a horticulturist I'm always interested in gardens and ideas. I've made a medicine wheel from herbs in my own garden and I found an interesting garden in Shoreham whilst looking at plants on google that has given me some inspiration on planting ideas.

One of the gardens is called Marys Garden and its filled with plants associated with the Virgin Mary. The other is called The Hospitallers Garden and is dedicated to the The Knights Hospitallers and Knights Templars who had a contemporary existence in the town.

Any budding gardeners out there looking to make their own little paradise garden, this site lists some nice flowers and herbs they've used.

A flower garden in Shoreham.

notes 26/8/10

Call on Archangel Uriel for help through this transition and for help in dispelling any negative energies.

He came through holding marigolds as a herb/flower essence/homeopathic remedy, (see below for a summary researched from various websites/blogs)

The Basics of Using Marigold to Improve Your Health

The common marigold, also known as calendula, with its cheerful orange flower is a familiar sight in cottage gardens and has been popular at least since the days of the Romans. They used the flowers as a tea to relieve fevers and the juice of the crushed flowers to apply to warts. The flowers were used as a cosmetic, a dye and to colour a variety of foods including soups and conserves.

Marigold or calendula flowers, according to Culpeper, are a herb of the sun and under the influ­ence of Leo. They have always been associated with the sun’s journey across the sky because they open when the sun rises and close as it sets. Shakespeare, as the lines above suggest, was aware of marigold’s association with pain and grief. Some say this is because the flower daily mourns the departure of the sun when its petals are forced to close.

Marigold’s healing properties were well known to the old herbalists throughout the centuries. It was considered a magic plant: apparently if you wore marigolds you could see who had robbed you. It was also used to protect against evil influences and dis­ease including the plague. Despite its being a symbol of grief, Culpeper and Gerard refer to marigold as a ‘comforter of the heart and spirits’. In the Middle Ages St Hildegard and Albert the Great used it for intestinal troubles, liver obstructions, insect and snake bites. In the 16th and 17th centuries marigold tea was used for eye complaints, headaches, jaundice and toothache.

Herbal remedy
Marigold flowers have antiseptic and astringent properties provided by the volatile oils, tannins and a yellow resin called calendulin. They stimulate the immune system and enhance the body’s fight against infection. Research has shown marigold to be effec­tive in controlling flu and herpes viruses, to reduce lymphatic congestion and infections, and swollen lymph glands. It is antibacterial, it can check amoebal infections and worms in the bowel and is one of the best plants for treating fungal infections such as thrush. It has been used for pelvic and bowel infections, including enteritis and dysentery and for viral hepatitis.

In hot infusion marigold stimulates the circulation and promotes perspiration, and thereby helps the body to throw off toxins and bring out eruptions such as measles and chickenpox. It improves poor circulation and varicose veins, and is a good remedy for treating fevers and infections, such as colds and flu, particularly in children.

Marigold has an affinity for the female reproduc­tive system. It regulates menstruation, reduces tension in the uterine muscles and relieves menstrual cramps. It has an oestrogenic effect which helps relieve menopausal symptoms and reduces breast congestion which cause tenderness and mastitis. Its astringent properties help reduce excessive bleeding and uterine congestion. Marigold has a reputation for treating rumours and cysts of the female reproductive system, such as fibroids and ovarian cysts, as well as cysts in the breast and digestive tract. During child­birth it promotes contractions and delivery of the placenta. For this reason it should not be used during pregnancy.

In the digestive tract marigold makes a wonderful healing remedy for gastritis and peptic ulcers, for inflammation and irritation of the lining of the stom­ach and bowels. It dries catarrh in the stomach, checks diarrhoea and stops bleeding. The bitters stimulate the actions of the liver and gall-bladder, relieving congestion and preventing gallstones. They enhance the secretion of bile and digestive enzymes, improving digestion and absorption. They also stimu­late bowel function and relieve ‘liverish’ symptoms such as headaches, nausea, lethargy and irritability. By enhancing the function of the liver, the great detoxi­fying organ in the body, marigold helps to cleanse the body of toxins. It also has a diuretic action and increases the elimination of toxins through the urine. Marigold has been used to relieve rheumatism, arthritis and gout – aided by its small salicylic content which adds to its anti-inflammatory action.

Externally, marigold has pride of place as a first aid remedy to staunch bleeding of cuts and abrasions, as an antiseptic healer for sores and ulcers, and to prevent putrefaction of cuts and wounds. Used in tincture, infusion or simply by crushing a flower, it rapidly promotes tissue repair and minimizes scar formation, resolves inflammation, swelling and exudate due to injuries, and reduces venous congestion. Compresses applied to bruises, sprains and strains will reduce swelling and pain. A crushed flower can be rubbed on to insect bites, wasp or bee stings.
An infusion can be used as a mouthwash for inflamed gums, a douche for vaginal infections, or an eyewash for sore, inflamed eye conditions.

Homeopathic remedy: Calendula
Calendula is used for injuries where the pain is out of all proportion to the injury. As a tincture, it is taken internally for its remarkable ability to speed healing. It is particularly useful for wounds which may suppurate, and to prevent cuts, injuries and inflammatory problems becoming infected. It can be used after operations and tooth extractions, for skin conditions, particularly erysipelas, and for catarrhal conditions and deafness.

As in herbal medicine, calendula has an affinity for the female reproductive system. It can be taken for heavy or irregular periods, chronic cervicitis, uter­ine pain with a feeling of stretching and dragging in the groin, and an enlarged uterus

The flower essence
To the Aztecs marigold represented the cycles of life. As it followed the sun’s journey across the sky so also it developed from seed to leaves and stem, then it grew buds and flowers that opened with the sun, and once again produced seed, the womb of the flower. Such is the flow of life eternal. As a flower essence marigold is related to the Word, the source of all creation, the womb of all life. ‘In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God as the apostle John wrote. There is a connection between the Word and marigold’s affinity with the womb in both herbal medicine and homeopathy. Marigold’s use extends into the creative force of the written or spoken word and can be used to enhance communi­cation through this medium. Calendula helps people to listen compassionate­ly to others, to understand their message clearly, and to express warmth and caring in return. This can be applied well to those in healing, teaching or counselling professions and to help authors to be aware of the power of the written word. Calendula helps to balance the feminine aspect of receptivity with the masculine aspect of dynamic activity.
Also good for emotional trauma, grief, self judgement, enhancing pyschic abilities.
Vitality. Provides a greater flow of life force.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A beautiful tree, with her delicate leaves dances in the summer breeze

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Card for Today - sacred path cards

Card 5 - Standing people

The standing people card speaks to us of roots and giving. We must nurture ourselves through connection to earth in order to give freely without exhaustion. The root of the self is where strength is gathered. This root should be firmly earthed in the soil of our Mother planet. without this connection, dreams cannot manifest and our giving cannot be compensated by the earth mother. if you are spaced out, stop and reconnect.

Be still in order to observe the trees and see what is growing in your forest. The root of every answer for physical life is found in the earth. Look to your family tree for the strength offered by the ancestors. Lift your branches high seeking the light of the grandfather sun and you will see how your roots make you of the earth and yet a bridge to the sky world.

The standing people are asking you to give of yourself. Ask yourself if you are willing to give and receive. Count the root of every blessing with gratitude. Find any blockage that may limit your root system or ability to go deeper. Then remove the feeling and go deeper once again for the answers you may seek. Remember we are also the root of the future and through our lives, future generations are nurtured. Weed out anything that will inhibit future growth and stand proud among your tree relations.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

card for today - gaia star codex cards


Fresh, green, bright. Upgrade is like liquid sunlight that works from the inside out. It restores the energies in you that are burned out while also switching on new regenerative capacities.

The interwoven blades of grass convey the green wiring of the natural world, source of awesome vitality. The golden orange diamond captures the brilliance of the sun.

Upgrade enables you to make things better and brighter. This essence can be used to rebalance and enhance any part of your evolving omnibeing. Body, spirit, emotions, identity can all be upgraded by drawing on this energy. You have earned these enhancements through your sincere intention to grow.

Monday, 16 August 2010

THE MEDICINE WHEEL - sacred path cards - Jamie Sams

Today I pulled the Medicine Wheel Card from the beautiful Sacred Path Cards pack that was created by Jamie Sams. The Medicine Wheel has been something sacred to my own path for some years now and rather than give the teaching I thought I would share with you some of the information that Jamie Sams offers about the Medicine Wheel. This is the first time I've read this myself and am grateful for her wisdom. Also in gratitude to being able to feel the wind she speaks of and to the angels for their constant guidance. And of course, to you for taking the time out to read this.

The Medicine Wheel is sometimes called the sacred hoop. This symbol of all life's cycles has given the people of Native America an evolutionary blueprint for centuries. Each cycle of life is honoured in a sacred way, giving us a way to see the value of each step of our pathway and a new understanding of our growth patterns.

Just as all people and their gifts are honoured as living treasures of the tribe so are the life lessons they learn. When tribal members share the wisdom gained from actual experience, the whole nation benefits from the stories that are passed amongst different bands or clans. The understanding of each persons unique experience is a way for the other members to see varied themes on the same lesson.

The Medicine Wheel is the circle of lessons that each person must pass through to complete their journey on the good red road of physical life. Physical life begins at birth, which is the south direction on the sacred hoop. Each of us will travel through the circle on that South to North path until we reach the place of the Elder, which is at the north.

Our spirit is made of wind, which is one of the four clan chiefs of this world. Our spirit can travel around the rim of the medicine wheel and urges us to learn certain lessons.

The east is the home of the golden door, the entry point to all other levels of awareness and consciousness. Spirits of the Ancestors who have finished their earth walks leave at the north of the wheel and follow the rim of the hoop to the east. this allows them to pass through the golden door and enter the blue road of spirit, which crosses the road east to west. We also return to new physical lives via the blue road. Once again we come through the golden door in the East as spirits and travel the rim of the medicine wheel to the south where our spirits are born again into our physical bodies.

The powers of the four directions can be immediate answers when sent by wind spirits. Traditional native american teachers always teach the children of their tribe to feel the wind so that they will know what to do if they are lost or afraid. If wind blows from the west, they would sit and look inside their hearts for courage or an answer. If wind came from the south, they would stop pretending to know all the answers and find humility, perhaps listening to another child who knew the way home. If wind caught them in a whirlpool of motion they would wait until help arrived. If the wind came from the north the children knew that the elders in their wisdom knew where to look for them. When wind came from the east they were to use their good sense of logical ideas that would bring an answer to their predicament.

The medicine wheel is the blueprint for all situations and can be used in a multitude of ways. To build a physical medicine wheel for Sacred Ceremonial use, 12 stone people are needed. The first placed in the south, the beginning of life. The second and third stones are placed in the west and the north. No stone is placed in the east, the door is left open. Following the circle, the fourth stone is placed at the four o clock position and the fifth at five o clock. South is the six o clock position and is filled with the sixth stone. Stones fill each empty position until you reach the east once more.

Before the east stone person is placed to close the circle, the medicine wheel is blessed and the spirits of the four directions have entered, the medicine wheel is dedicated to the honouring of Sacred ceremonial space. The stone people are thanked for their guardianship and for holding the energy of the circle. At this time the stone is put in place closing the golden door. Celebration and feasting follows the dedication ceremony.

The stone circle of the medicine wheel is a symbol of sacred ceremonial space that has been honoured by our people for centuries as a place to come and experience the beauty of the cycles of physical life. These cycles of planting, gestation, birth, growth, death, and rebirth are the life lessons of the sacred hoop.

In the seeking answers of the Void, where future lives, life becomes extraordinary, exciting and filled with beauty. The mundane awareness of everyday living melts away when we pause to sense the adventure being offered by the constant messages brought by the four winds of change. Everywhere we look life is calling. Each moment is packed full of the life forms that seek to align with us as two leggeds. We are the only creatures that have lost our sense of belonging to the total creation of the great mystery. In learning the lessons of the sacred hoop we learn to touch life in a deeper more gentle way. The understanding comes from a way of living, being and thinking.

To live the path of the medicine wheel we are asked to see the gifts of growth that each direction offers. If only by noticing the obvious around us and asking our inner feelings and knowing what those feelings mean, we begin the seeking.
Associations with the four directions are made through using the connections of the totem animals in those directions. In connecting with the lessons of Eagle, coyote, bear and buffalo or their counterparts in those directions may we see the lessons they offer. In asking what lessons they may bring us and by giving them permission to come to us in dreams we may come to the place of inner knowing. In many writings on Native american tradition, the mention of the sacred hoop becoming whole again has left a question in the readers mind. How was the hoop broken? The hoop was never broken. The faithful of all nations have kept the eternal flame alive in their hearts since the beginning of time. The sacred hoop is growing stronger because those who were red people in other lives are now remembering their roots and are coming together from different pathways to preserve the earth mother and reconnect with the spirits of nature. When we as children of the earth lose our sense of where we fit into the medicine wheel of life, we lose sight of the unified circle and how to live in a sacred manner.

Our Native nations are gathering the teachings and preparing the way for the fifth world of peace by returning to ceremony, ritual and by using the wisdom of the ancestors to heal any old wounds and bitterness. The spirit of the people is returning and the whirling rainbow of peace is mending our hearts.

Thanking Jamie sams for her beautiful words.

Peace to all. x

Gratitude to the Angels

Gratitude to the Angels for your safety, protection and guidance.

Whilst flowing with the river, be in awe of the beauty that surrounds you.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Rise up to greet the morning sun and bless the new day thats begun.

Open your heart to love. Breathe deep and see the beauty of each moment. Feel the peace as you float in the calm seas of tranquility and light up the world with your joy.

Gaia Star Codex Card Reading for Today 15/8/10

Foreground:- Tiger Rock
Background:- Madrone Leaf

Spicy, Rich, Earthy. 'Make it' is an essence that says 'can do'. This mix fosters the fearless embrace of the capacity to co-create. Absorb its warming energy to boost your confidence in your own abilities, to kick off a project and to stay
grounded while expanding.

In the outer field, red-orange waves shine through a sea of green, carrying the molten Make it energy. The tiger faces that rise out of the rock add their feline power to the mix.

This essence empowers you to succeed on a bodily level and to incarnate with full potency. Make it adds activating power to whatever you undertake. What makes this essence so valuable is that its red hot energy is in balance with the whole spectrum of elements. Make it not only ignites you but keeps you going strong.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Card for today 14/8/10

Trust that your prayers are being answered. You are on the right path even if you don't yet have evidence. Trust your gut and your feelings.

Messages from the angels - Doreen Virtue
Angel Adriana
I am leading you towards the answer to your prayers, please listen to
and follow the steps I am communicating through your intuition, thoughts
and dreams.

We have heard your prayers and we are glad you asked us for your help. as you
may know we can only help if you require assistance. The way we angels answer
your prayers is by giving you guidance that will lead you to take the steps
towards your higher self's will.

Sacred Path cards
17. Moon lodge - retreat

Take a break, your influence cannot be felt at this time because you are
in need of replenishing your own energy. This is a barren time in a sense
because you need to be alone and honour yourself for a change.

Retreat is not an act of weakness it is an act of strength. Without retreat the future cannot take hold in the present. Make note that you are preparing for a
time of fertile action by taking a rest now. Remember miracles
happen when you repose and come to your new starting position in a gentle way.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Sending out love, gratitude and warmth to everyone.

Very Thankful today for the 12 hours sleep I had last night.

Very thankful for the blue tit that just tried to fly into the kitchen, reminding me that I needed to fill up the bird feeders.

Thankful for the garden and living so close to the woods, both of which are an
endless source of joy.

Very thankful to my mum for the lovely crystal she gave me on Sunday that is catching the sun and reflecting sparkly light on the kitchen ceiling.

Thankful always for another beautiful day.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


My old mentor wrote me today with this.. it fell off her shelf in the bedroom while she was clearing some old papers away, a channelling, she cant remember where from but carries the energy of the violet ray so she thinks.. i thought it was beautiful so I am sharing it with you.

’Grace is the Divine force which allows you to make a complete break with the past in each Now –moment. We urge you sincerely, please do not to process your “Stuff” or to try to “fix” yourself. The universe recreates itself around your pictures of reality, absolutely and impersonally. If you hold a picture of reality that there’s something wrong with you or that you need to be fixed, the universe will recreate around this ad nauseam. You’ll process stuff from this lifetime, every other lifetime you’ve ever had, and then you’ll start on another planets, and then you’ll process the planet itself! Please stop. The force of Grace is on this planet so that this is unnecessary. Please use it – is your greatest asset.’.........................If you catch yourself processing, please stop and call Grace.

Monday, 9 August 2010

The Magic of Nature

The sun shone through trees in the emerald forest and sent out sparkling light beams in golden/rainbow/hues.

I am in gratitude for another beautiful day.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Lions gate portal 8:8

As I sit here this Sunday night, a cool wind blows through an open window and whispers to my soul. How blessed we are to be alive, to be able share in this miracle we call life. All the talk of gates and portals leads me to wonder whether the opening of the Lions gate is really quite simple.

We are all evolving souls that appear to be heading towards a new way of being. My thoughts are that the key that opens the gate is quite simply love. Love, self unity and unity with all others. Love of yourself, love of others, love of life itself and respect for all life. Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony. The loving energy that is generated when your heart is open is incredible, combined with the planetary and solar activity we are aware of at the moment, it seems to be generating the effect of magnification. This in turn is allowing us to expand on all levels.

I did initially add into this post the passage from Corinithians 13 as the words are very beautiful but really there is nothing words can say that can't be felt in the heart. Open your heart, allow the softness to penetrate each cell of your being, be love.

During these times especially, do keep yourself as uplifted as you can, be in the moment and share in your joy of life. Life is a such a precious gift. See beautiful, be beautiful.

May we all join hearts and connect in love and light, may we be the peace we wish to see in the world.

May we always trust in ourselves, trust in others, trust in life.


Saturday, 7 August 2010


By far, the biggest miracle that I've yet seen was watching my beautiful mum today, looking radiant as she joined in with the Tai Group doing the five elements lending her support.

As we all stood in the sunshine after a downpour of pelting rain, with my mum at my side doing the five elements, she gave me a nudge and pointed to the heron that flew down really low over the whole group.

magic moments.

In gratitude.

Wudan 5 animal quigong routine

Spent a wonderful day with my old Tai Chi teacher Peter Corke and other Masters and students doing tai chi outside in a beautiful setting. A truly inspiring day during which it was a pleasure to share with them the 5 element sound exercises I am learning.

we were also fortunate enough to have been shown The wudan five animal qigong routine which is taught by the Daoist monks by one of the other students who just e mailed me this u tube clip.

The dragon animal works on the kidney meridian - water element
Tiger on lung - metal
Leopard on liver - wood
Snake on stomach/spleen - earth
Crane on Heart - fire

Card for Today - sacred path cards 8/8/10 - Card number 8

A nice card to pick for 8/8 - Card Number 8 -

8. Illumination and clarity - EAST SHIELD

The East shield may mark a time of illumination, when things suddenly begin to fit
together and make sense to you.

If you have been confused, now is the time to ask for order. Order can be made through making lists of things to do, clearing up your living space or finishing projects.

It may be asking you to help another find clarity. Sharing your ideas may bring illumination as others give you feedback. It may be a time to heal old wounds or any negative thoughs in order for more clarity to enter your life.

Be creative and daring in order to stretch the concept of who you really are and venture into new realms of understanding.

In all cases the East Shield marks a time of new freedoms that come from wiping the mud from our eyes and seeing with the eye of an Eagle
When life swirls around you like a whirlwind
learn how to stay in your centre and be at
peace - no matter what.

Friday, 6 August 2010

A card for the weekend - Gaia star codex cards

with all the planetary/solar activity at the moment and with the 8/8 Lions gate, This is to be yet another important time in raising conscious awareness, a time of expansion of light and unity.

This is a time for keeping energy vibrations as high as possible. Keep clearing your energy field and shielding it, keep your heart open. Join in light and project love and peace across the planet.

This card has cropped up several times over the past few days. We are all in the process of evolving and hopefully all sharing with others the information coming through.


Yang, herbal like incense in the forest. The evolve essence invokes sacred ceremonies of trance formation. It harmonizes the lofty energy of the winged spirits
with the deeply rooted energy of the earth bound folk.

Figures shift and resolve in the glistening wood revealing the fluid emergence of
novelty. In the butterfly diamond the patterns are more distinct, showing the self organising power at the core of all life. Together these grand forces create an essence and a new you that is both highly expansive and highly coherent.

Evolve empowers you to transmute, like the butterfly you have all the inborn skills
to morph into something remarkably fine.

Use evolve to transform random change into conscious evolution.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Archangel Chamuel - Rose quartz

Archangel Chamuel says use Rose Quartz crystals to assist in opening or healing your heart.


The beauty of life is everywhere... how blessed to have moments like this that just bring tears of joy to your eyes. Spend time in nature, the earth mother will love you for it.

Understanding the energies of Mother Nature (Ted Andrews)

The blackbird has long been associated with omens and mysticsm. Its colour, alone has evoked both fear and promise. Although called a blackbird, only the males are black, females usually have a streaky brown plumage.

One variety has a yellow head and throat which stands out strongly agains the black plumage. Yellow and black has long been associates with the Archangel Auriel. Auriel is considered the tallest of the angels with eyes that can see across eternity. This being oversees all of nature and all of the nature spirits. Auriel has traditonally been associated with the summer.

They nest in swamps, marshes and low brush - usually just a few feet from water. Again this reflects a tie to water, an ancient symbol for the feminine force and for Nature.

Blackbirds are known for fiercely staking out their own territory and they will often drive off any other of their kind in their vicinity. Because of this, the sight of two blackbirds sitting together is often considered a good omen. In europe, blackbirds came to be associated with St.Kevin, and one story tells of how they nested in his hand. Again because of this association to have blackbirds nesting in your environment is usually a beneficial sign. St.Kevin was knows as a person of tremendous gentleness and love.

If the blackbird has come into your life as a totem, you will open to new surprises and to a new understanding of the forces of Nature as they begin to migrate into your life.

The Blackbird

The blackbirds iridescent black plumage holds the energies of mysticism and magic. Druid legends say that the birds of Rhiannan are 3 blackbirds which sit and sing in the World tree of other worlds. Their singing puts the listener into a sleep or a trance which enables him or her to travel to the otherworld. It was said to impart mystic secrets. Those with this medicine often have a hypnotic influence on others as well as an uncanny ability to move between the seen and unseen worlds with clarity. They make excellent shamans and trance channelers.

Blackbirds are timid and prefer their own company over the company of others. In humans shyness and insecurity in group settings is common. Vulnerable to outside influences those with this totem need to remember to clear accumulated influences from their energy field on a regular basis.

The male's distinctive song during breeding season is loud and melodious with flute like qualities. Males often sing from high perches and both sexes produce a variety of sounds which include mimicking other birds. Blackbird medicine people love to sing and have the ability use their voice to heal and inform. They are also good ventriloquists.

Blackbirds spend much of their time on the ground. Its locomotion includes walking, climbing and hopping forward and backwards. They forage for food in open spaces although cover is always near by. When foraging in leaf litter under trees they sound like people walking . In humans this suggests an ability to remain grounded in the earth energies while walking a spiritual path.

When resting the blackbird is frequently seen stretching, legs extended back, side wings in full extension, tail spread, and the head tilted to one side as if listening. Yoga and movement therapy are beneficial for those that hold this totem.

The blackbirds flights are low, short and undulating but fast and direct over open country. They move with determination and focus and can teach us how to do the same. When blackbird flies into your life your connection with nature and the forces of creation increase. The magic of the underworld surfaces in your life. Awareness is heightened and change on a cellular level begins. The blackbird teaches you how to acknowledge your power and use it to its fullest.

Card for today - Ascended masters deck - Doreen Virtue

El Moyra
Clear and protect your energy

As a sensitive person you've absorbed some harsh and toxic energy from other people. This card asks you to stop and call on El Moyra and Archangel Michael to clear yourself. They can also clear and elevate the energies in other people, your home, or your office. After clearing yourself ask them to shield you from further intrusions. This process called shielding needs to be conducted once or twice a day. You can also wear a crystal pendant to act as a buffer in harsh energy situations.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Solar Activity August 2010

Been getting a recurring message for the past week that just says 'Red sun' Found this article on recent solar activity yesterday and thought I'd share it.

For those of us riding these strange waves of powerful energy at the moment, its difficult at times to keep your feet on the ground. Keep breathing, keep returning to your centre, keep grounding and work on opening up your heart. With so much solar, planetary & energetic shifting at the moment its hardly surprising that life may get a little strange here and there.

COMPLEX ERUPTION ON THE SUN: On August 1st, the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity. There was a C3-class solar flare, a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface, large-scale shaking of the solar corona, radio bursts, a coronal mass ejection and more. This extreme ultraviolet snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sun's northern hemisphere in mid-eruption:

GEOMAGNETIC STORM--MORE TO COME? The solar storm of August 1st sent two CMEs toward Earth. The first one arrived yesterday, August 3rd, sparking mild but beautiful Northern Lights over Europe and North America (see below). The second CME is still en route. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of major geomagnetic storms when the cloud arrives on August 4th or 5th. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras.

Monday, 2 August 2010

CARD FOR TODAY - Ascended Masters Deck - doreen virtue

Saint Germain - Work your Magic (excerpt)

This card signifies your untapped magical abilities which you've used successfully in the past. Pull these abilities out of storage now and use them to work your magic. Your clear and focused intentions, positive expectations, prayers and action, steps all create healings and manifestations.