Thursday, 31 December 2009

A visualisation & chant for peace inside the Great Pyramid.

As we now enter a new decade I would like to share with you a short visualisation that I hope will help set the intention for peace across the globe.

Close your eyes, call in the light and visualise if you can that you are standing in front of the Great Sphinx in Egypt. Its night time, the sky is dark and a million stars shine above you.

You are wearing white robes, you come with knowledge that as yet may be unrealised. You are not alone but standing with you are other shiny light workers, some of whom may seem familiar to you. You feel engulfed by a sense of total peace, total calm, total unconditional love.

You notice that in the ground ahead of you there seems to be an opening. As you approach notice there is a stairway leading down. It is safe for you to climb down the stairway. As a group, one by one you descend.

You see a series of passages, all lit enough for you to follow, you instinctively know the way. You are following a route to the inside of the Great Pyramid. Notice as you walk, your energy becoming more vibrant, look around you and notice signs, symbols and shapes adorning the walls.

Together you enter inside the Great Pyramid. It's dimly lit but you navigate your way with minimal effort. You are making your way now through a series of passages to a chamber. You enter with a sense of reverence. This place has a magical quality to it and you can already feel the vibration inside this chamber resonate with your own energy. This may cause you to shake a little, don’t be alarmed, it’s just your energy aligning with the frequency of the energy here.

You see in front of you a shaft, this shaft appears to line up with the stars above the pyramid. Along with the other light workers around you, hold hands around the bottom of the shaft and gently in your mind hear the chant of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ if you want to, repeat the chant out loud and for a while keep repeating it over and over until your voices combine and the sound carries you to a higher vibration.

Start to watch as the Chamber begins to fill with light, you may also notice shapes lighting up around you, spinning vortexes of light. As the chant continues notice that the shaft itself is now filled with brilliant white light that seems to be coming from the heavens. Within the light there may also be shapes that have now lit up and may appear to be vibrating up and down the shaft.

Watch now as the light pulses through you and through this place, a real blast of loving peaceful energy is now coursing above you, through you, around you and beneath you. Look at the ground and see this beautiful light shooting out in all directions connecting as though on a massive grid around the earth.

In your mind set the intention of this light grid now coursing through the earth to be imbued with total love and total peace. Calmly slow the chant down now. Start to feel your physical body once again. Acknowledge with thanks the lightworkers around you, thank and bless them all.

Take a moment to feel the effect of being immersed in this most beautiful, loving peaceful light.

Gradually now start coming back, feel your body, wiggle your toes and in your own time, start to slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and I hope to share more with you soon.

Wishing you love, light, peace and joy for now and for always.

Monday, 30 November 2009

A visualisation to help solve a problem

Do you ever get one of those times when no matter how much you go over the same old problem in your head, you just can't find the answer? If like me you're inclined to let the internal chatter run away with you leaving you more muddled than ever then hopefully this one may help.

You're walking down a familiar country lane. Its warm, the sun is shining and you see a gate that opens onto a meadow. Go through the gate and walk through the meadow that is filled with wild flowers.. the sky above you is blue and rippled with fluffy white clouds and you start to head towards a little wooden bridge over a river.

Cross over the little bridge and sit on the riverbank on the other side.. watch as the sunlight sparkles off the water and dip your feet in and feel the exhilaration of the warmth on your back and the water through your toes. As you sit, you start to form a clear picture of the problem that has been troubling you and as you do so you notice a rowboat coming into view. Aboard this boat you see a wise old sage, smiling and rowing up to greet you. Welcome him, look into his eyes and see the compassion that lies in his soul. You know you can totally trust him.

He sits with you on the riverbank and invites you to tell him your troubles. It is safe to confide in him and he listens with empathy, holds your hand and looks at you with smiling gentle eyes. As you talk, ask him the questions that trouble you. Trust that whatever answers he gives you are coming from a wise sage who won't judge you. Listen to what he has to say and understand the answers have always been there inside you, it just needed someone you could trust to confide in.

Once you have talked, you will find peace with the answers.

Bow graciously to this wise sage and feel the freedom in knowing that your problem has now been solved.

Wave him goodbye as he floats off down the river and start to make your way back now.

Start to slowly come back now, wiggle your toes and start to open your eyes.

Take a big deep breath now and let out a great big sigh of relief.

Riding the white horse of freedom

I'd like to take you on a visualisation today where you can at last break free of all the restrictions and constraints of your daily life for a moment or two..

Its the magical hour of twilight, you are in a desert, the sun is setting at the same time the moon is rising. The light around you is a deep blue mixed with purple. You stand and absorb being in the vastness of this place and your soul resonates with the heartbeat of the earth. You see coming towards you a wild white stallion, as he approaches he slows down, looks straight into your eyes and gives you a nudge. Its okay for you to mount this wild horse, he's a magical horse that knows the desert well. He's so white he almost shimmers and you notice as you sit bareback that you too are wearing white, you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. You don't need reigns or a saddle, this is a gentle horse that will ensure your safety.

And now you are off.. riding across the vastness, nothing to hold you back, just go with it and ride for all you are worth. Feel the freedom in this moment. As you ride notice that the horse almost seems to glide across the desert sand and you are so confident now that you feel inclined to stand. You don't even wobble as you raise yourself up. Now you are really flying.. soft wind blowing through your hair, arms outstretched and you are gliding through the purple desert light with the moon and the sun between you and feel completely and perfectly balanced and free.

Love the feeling of complete freedom. Love the feeling of not caring where you are going, that you are being led by the magic that is the freedom of your spirit.

And now.. its time to let the horse lead you back.. he stops slowly and you graciously dismount and give him a hug to say thank you.

As you start to come back, hold the feeling of freedom and balance inside you and know that every time you start to feel like a caged bird that you can return to this feeling and never have to feel restricted by life again.

Come back now.. start to open your eyes, wiggle your toes, stretch a bit recognise that this freedom lies within whenever you need to find it.

Soft moon & beach visualisation - for peace

Imagine if you can that you’re on a beach, it’s night time, the sand is pure white and soft underfoot. The sea is calm. You feel the peace of this place. Above you a million stars and planets shine rainbow lights and are so near that you can almost reach your hand out and touch them. The moon is full and huge. Golden moonlight mixed with a soft violet pink that filters through the heavens has made a beautiful pathway for you to walk out into the sea. The moon doesn’t block out the starlight, they too have their own powerful radiant light. Walk out now Into the sea and lie back and float with the sensation of floating in the void. As you do so, rainbow stars twinkle their rays over you and the moon sends down her soft beams. Breathe in the light and feel yourself start to glow with warmth.

As the rainbow starlight dances over your body, it gives you the sensation of fairies sprinkling their fairy dust over you, filling you with their own special fairy magic. You need do nothing. Just float ...and totally let go. Yield to the sensation of being totally loved and nutured, safe and at peace.

Come back slowly, and as you do, see a bright star softly fall from the sky. Reach out your hand and catch it, make a wish and throw it back to the heavens.

Its time to leave this place now but know it will always be here for you, whenever you are stressed and are finding it hard to let go.

Start to open your eyes now and give your toes a little wiggle.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The magic healing temple - a guided visualisation.

Today, I would like you to imagine yourself sitting on top of a mountain. It feels like you are sitting on top of the roof of the world. Although the air is crystal clear, the sun is bright and you are warm and at peace.

You feel you are not alone, you sense there is a great presence surrounding you and as you turn, you see three immense and beautiful angels. They surround you in their light and place a cloak of shimmering white feathers around your shoulders. They are taking you on a journey and you are ready to fly with them.

Feel as their vibration lifts you. It’s effortless and now you are in flight, gently being guided by the angels. You see below you a path and as you softly land, you see that this path is encrusted with diamonds which glisten and sparkle in the sunlight. The path has no obstructions, no obstacles and walking on diamonds makes your feet tingle and you smile.

In the distance you see what looks like a temple, its hard to focus as the myriad of magical light surrounding it appears to be pulsating. The temple looks as though it is alive, breathing light.

You approach with the angels at your side and they beckon you inside.

As you enter, bow graciously for this moment, you are entering a healing temple that will bring healing to your heart.

You hear sounds of angelic music inside and it soothes your soul, sinking you deeper into a state of total peace. The light inside is soft and you feel yourself start to sink. As you do, you are aware of being enveloped in rose pink and gold light. Just let go completely.. the angels are holding you and it is safe. You feel yourself melt into the pink and gold light in the arms of angels. Your heart now becoming softer and lighter as this place works its magic. Just let go, hear the angelic music lift your vibration and breathe in rose pink gold light. There may be colourful flashes of different hues, this is part of the healing process and is safe to just completely surrender to the moment.

When you are ready, the angels will lift you. Feel the softness and sweetness in your being. You know a great healing has taken place here and you bless the angels for their light and for their love.

They return you to the mountain and as you land gently notice now how light you feel within your being. Your heart now singing with sweetness.

Start to feel your physical body now, its time to come back. Wiggle your toes, take in the air of the day and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dancing Rainbows - A Guided Visualisation.

I would like you to see yourself walking down a country lane. You feel happy and at peace with yourself and the world. Walk joyously in the sunshine, and enjoy the dappled sunlight as it throws beams of golden light through the leaves in the trees. On your left you see a gate, this is the gate between worlds, you open the gate and enter. Beyond the gate is a beautiful meadow, filled with wild flowers, blue cornflowers, red poppies all of which dazzle and delight you. Walk on soft green grass through the meadow and feel the earth beneath your feet. There is a little bridge that runs over a stream, stop on the bridge and watch the dragonflies as they zip around your head in glorious electric blues and greens. Breathe in the moment. As you cross over the bridge you are heading towards a mountain. This is a sacred place and you can already feel the magic of the place start to light up your energy centres. You effortlessly ascend the mountain and in no time you have reached a special cave. This is a very sparkly cave filled with clear quartz crystals that glisten and throw out beams of light. As you enter, you see the presence of an angel. The angel would like today for you to allow yourself to be energised with dancing rainbow energy. Where the sunlight has found its way through a crack in the rocks the whole cave is now lit by electric rainbows that dance with light, bouncing from the crystals embedded in the cave wall.

The angel smiles and beckons you to sit and asks that you still your mind. Feel yourself sink into a great sense of peace and feel your energy field expand connecting with all the dancing rainbow lights around you.

The angel then asks that you simply do this. Just sit with your palms face up. As you do so the angel will touch you lightly on your fingertips and send you a vital source of energy.

As the angel does so, start to feel your energy centres one by one lighting up, and feel your whole being becoming all colours of the rainbow.. Feel swirling energy around you and above you and know that you are now completely lit up and are being completely recharged.

Once you feel you have now been charged up remember to return some of this energy back to the source, back to earth, back to everyone who needs healing light. See the planet and everyone on it shining in light.

Say thank you to the angel who smiles and waves you goodbye.

Its time now to begin the descent back down the mountain, over the little stream and
back out through the gate.

When you are ready start to come back.. start to move your physical body, open your eyes and. breathe the air of this day and feel blessed to be alive. Re energised, re vitalised and ready for anything.