Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The magic healing temple - a guided visualisation.

Today, I would like you to imagine yourself sitting on top of a mountain. It feels like you are sitting on top of the roof of the world. Although the air is crystal clear, the sun is bright and you are warm and at peace.

You feel you are not alone, you sense there is a great presence surrounding you and as you turn, you see three immense and beautiful angels. They surround you in their light and place a cloak of shimmering white feathers around your shoulders. They are taking you on a journey and you are ready to fly with them.

Feel as their vibration lifts you. It’s effortless and now you are in flight, gently being guided by the angels. You see below you a path and as you softly land, you see that this path is encrusted with diamonds which glisten and sparkle in the sunlight. The path has no obstructions, no obstacles and walking on diamonds makes your feet tingle and you smile.

In the distance you see what looks like a temple, its hard to focus as the myriad of magical light surrounding it appears to be pulsating. The temple looks as though it is alive, breathing light.

You approach with the angels at your side and they beckon you inside.

As you enter, bow graciously for this moment, you are entering a healing temple that will bring healing to your heart.

You hear sounds of angelic music inside and it soothes your soul, sinking you deeper into a state of total peace. The light inside is soft and you feel yourself start to sink. As you do, you are aware of being enveloped in rose pink and gold light. Just let go completely.. the angels are holding you and it is safe. You feel yourself melt into the pink and gold light in the arms of angels. Your heart now becoming softer and lighter as this place works its magic. Just let go, hear the angelic music lift your vibration and breathe in rose pink gold light. There may be colourful flashes of different hues, this is part of the healing process and is safe to just completely surrender to the moment.

When you are ready, the angels will lift you. Feel the softness and sweetness in your being. You know a great healing has taken place here and you bless the angels for their light and for their love.

They return you to the mountain and as you land gently notice now how light you feel within your being. Your heart now singing with sweetness.

Start to feel your physical body now, its time to come back. Wiggle your toes, take in the air of the day and when you are ready, open your eyes.

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