Monday, 30 November 2009

Riding the white horse of freedom

I'd like to take you on a visualisation today where you can at last break free of all the restrictions and constraints of your daily life for a moment or two..

Its the magical hour of twilight, you are in a desert, the sun is setting at the same time the moon is rising. The light around you is a deep blue mixed with purple. You stand and absorb being in the vastness of this place and your soul resonates with the heartbeat of the earth. You see coming towards you a wild white stallion, as he approaches he slows down, looks straight into your eyes and gives you a nudge. Its okay for you to mount this wild horse, he's a magical horse that knows the desert well. He's so white he almost shimmers and you notice as you sit bareback that you too are wearing white, you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. You don't need reigns or a saddle, this is a gentle horse that will ensure your safety.

And now you are off.. riding across the vastness, nothing to hold you back, just go with it and ride for all you are worth. Feel the freedom in this moment. As you ride notice that the horse almost seems to glide across the desert sand and you are so confident now that you feel inclined to stand. You don't even wobble as you raise yourself up. Now you are really flying.. soft wind blowing through your hair, arms outstretched and you are gliding through the purple desert light with the moon and the sun between you and feel completely and perfectly balanced and free.

Love the feeling of complete freedom. Love the feeling of not caring where you are going, that you are being led by the magic that is the freedom of your spirit.

And now.. its time to let the horse lead you back.. he stops slowly and you graciously dismount and give him a hug to say thank you.

As you start to come back, hold the feeling of freedom and balance inside you and know that every time you start to feel like a caged bird that you can return to this feeling and never have to feel restricted by life again.

Come back now.. start to open your eyes, wiggle your toes, stretch a bit recognise that this freedom lies within whenever you need to find it.

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