Thursday, 31 December 2009

A visualisation & chant for peace inside the Great Pyramid.

As we now enter a new decade I would like to share with you a short visualisation that I hope will help set the intention for peace across the globe.

Close your eyes, call in the light and visualise if you can that you are standing in front of the Great Sphinx in Egypt. Its night time, the sky is dark and a million stars shine above you.

You are wearing white robes, you come with knowledge that as yet may be unrealised. You are not alone but standing with you are other shiny light workers, some of whom may seem familiar to you. You feel engulfed by a sense of total peace, total calm, total unconditional love.

You notice that in the ground ahead of you there seems to be an opening. As you approach notice there is a stairway leading down. It is safe for you to climb down the stairway. As a group, one by one you descend.

You see a series of passages, all lit enough for you to follow, you instinctively know the way. You are following a route to the inside of the Great Pyramid. Notice as you walk, your energy becoming more vibrant, look around you and notice signs, symbols and shapes adorning the walls.

Together you enter inside the Great Pyramid. It's dimly lit but you navigate your way with minimal effort. You are making your way now through a series of passages to a chamber. You enter with a sense of reverence. This place has a magical quality to it and you can already feel the vibration inside this chamber resonate with your own energy. This may cause you to shake a little, don’t be alarmed, it’s just your energy aligning with the frequency of the energy here.

You see in front of you a shaft, this shaft appears to line up with the stars above the pyramid. Along with the other light workers around you, hold hands around the bottom of the shaft and gently in your mind hear the chant of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ if you want to, repeat the chant out loud and for a while keep repeating it over and over until your voices combine and the sound carries you to a higher vibration.

Start to watch as the Chamber begins to fill with light, you may also notice shapes lighting up around you, spinning vortexes of light. As the chant continues notice that the shaft itself is now filled with brilliant white light that seems to be coming from the heavens. Within the light there may also be shapes that have now lit up and may appear to be vibrating up and down the shaft.

Watch now as the light pulses through you and through this place, a real blast of loving peaceful energy is now coursing above you, through you, around you and beneath you. Look at the ground and see this beautiful light shooting out in all directions connecting as though on a massive grid around the earth.

In your mind set the intention of this light grid now coursing through the earth to be imbued with total love and total peace. Calmly slow the chant down now. Start to feel your physical body once again. Acknowledge with thanks the lightworkers around you, thank and bless them all.

Take a moment to feel the effect of being immersed in this most beautiful, loving peaceful light.

Gradually now start coming back, feel your body, wiggle your toes and in your own time, start to slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and I hope to share more with you soon.

Wishing you love, light, peace and joy for now and for always.