Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Take a minute.. Relax, Slow down your breathing, feel the Earth Mother under your feet, breathe the air that gives you life. . In the stillness breathe love, peace and serenity around the planet, feel that connection, keep breathing, feel it flow through you, feel the love expand and reach every living thing.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Working on a new blog.. still in its infancy stages but all are welcome.

Sending out love to everyone, may your weekend be a joyous one and may you share your smiles with all you meet.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Card for today - Sacred path cards - Standing people - giving

5. Standing People

The standing people card speaks to us of roots and giving. We must nurture ourselves through connection to the earth in order to give freely without exhaustion. The root of the Self is where strength is gathered . This root should be firmly earthed in the soil of our mother planet. Without this connection, dreams cannot manifest and our giving cannot be compensated by mother earth. if you are spaced out, stop and reconnect.

Be still and become the trees in order to observe what is growing in your forest. The root of every answer for physical life is found in the earth. look to your family tree for the strength offered by the ancestors. Lift your branches high seeking the light of grandfather sun and you will see how your roots make you of the earth and yet a bridge to the sky world.

The standing people ask you to give of yourself. Ask yourself if you are willing to give and receive. count the root of every blessing with gratitude. find any blocks that may limit your root system or ability to go deeper. Then remove that feeling and go deeper once again for the answers you seek. Remember that we are also the root of the future and through our lives, future generations are nurtured. Weed out anything that will inhibit future growth and you can stand proud among your tree relations.

Unconditional Love

Love yourself, others and every situation - no matter what outside appearances may be. Mary Madalene - Doreen Virtue's goddess oracle cards