Monday, 30 November 2009

Soft moon & beach visualisation - for peace

Imagine if you can that you’re on a beach, it’s night time, the sand is pure white and soft underfoot. The sea is calm. You feel the peace of this place. Above you a million stars and planets shine rainbow lights and are so near that you can almost reach your hand out and touch them. The moon is full and huge. Golden moonlight mixed with a soft violet pink that filters through the heavens has made a beautiful pathway for you to walk out into the sea. The moon doesn’t block out the starlight, they too have their own powerful radiant light. Walk out now Into the sea and lie back and float with the sensation of floating in the void. As you do so, rainbow stars twinkle their rays over you and the moon sends down her soft beams. Breathe in the light and feel yourself start to glow with warmth.

As the rainbow starlight dances over your body, it gives you the sensation of fairies sprinkling their fairy dust over you, filling you with their own special fairy magic. You need do nothing. Just float ...and totally let go. Yield to the sensation of being totally loved and nutured, safe and at peace.

Come back slowly, and as you do, see a bright star softly fall from the sky. Reach out your hand and catch it, make a wish and throw it back to the heavens.

Its time to leave this place now but know it will always be here for you, whenever you are stressed and are finding it hard to let go.

Start to open your eyes now and give your toes a little wiggle.

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