Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Lions gate portal 8:8

As I sit here this Sunday night, a cool wind blows through an open window and whispers to my soul. How blessed we are to be alive, to be able share in this miracle we call life. All the talk of gates and portals leads me to wonder whether the opening of the Lions gate is really quite simple.

We are all evolving souls that appear to be heading towards a new way of being. My thoughts are that the key that opens the gate is quite simply love. Love, self unity and unity with all others. Love of yourself, love of others, love of life itself and respect for all life. Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony. The loving energy that is generated when your heart is open is incredible, combined with the planetary and solar activity we are aware of at the moment, it seems to be generating the effect of magnification. This in turn is allowing us to expand on all levels.

I did initially add into this post the passage from Corinithians 13 as the words are very beautiful but really there is nothing words can say that can't be felt in the heart. Open your heart, allow the softness to penetrate each cell of your being, be love.

During these times especially, do keep yourself as uplifted as you can, be in the moment and share in your joy of life. Life is a such a precious gift. See beautiful, be beautiful.

May we all join hearts and connect in love and light, may we be the peace we wish to see in the world.

May we always trust in ourselves, trust in others, trust in life.


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