Wednesday, 11 August 2010


My old mentor wrote me today with this.. it fell off her shelf in the bedroom while she was clearing some old papers away, a channelling, she cant remember where from but carries the energy of the violet ray so she thinks.. i thought it was beautiful so I am sharing it with you.

’Grace is the Divine force which allows you to make a complete break with the past in each Now –moment. We urge you sincerely, please do not to process your “Stuff” or to try to “fix” yourself. The universe recreates itself around your pictures of reality, absolutely and impersonally. If you hold a picture of reality that there’s something wrong with you or that you need to be fixed, the universe will recreate around this ad nauseam. You’ll process stuff from this lifetime, every other lifetime you’ve ever had, and then you’ll start on another planets, and then you’ll process the planet itself! Please stop. The force of Grace is on this planet so that this is unnecessary. Please use it – is your greatest asset.’.........................If you catch yourself processing, please stop and call Grace.

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