Saturday, 28 August 2010

Rune of the Week - Raidho

The Fifth Rune

"For I shall journey swiftly
on a horse no man can ride
upon eight legs it bears the spirits"

Names - RAIDHO - Wagon, RADH - riding, a riding path, RAIDHA - wagon or ride, REIDH - wagon or chariot, RAD/RAED - wheel or vehicle

Pronunciations - "ray tho" "rayth" "rayd"

Phonetic Value - "R"

Symbolism - The Chariot of the Sun

Keywords - Advancement

Raidho can be represented as a symbol of the chariot of Thor or Freya or any other cosmic "transportation".

The pictogram seems more evocative of a person striding forward than a chariot, however, because individual stave placement is as important to the evolution of the rune as the ultimate image presented it is good to remember that without the forward slanted stave, this is also a pictogram similar to "Wunjo" or joy. This implies the joy of the journey, or more accurately, that joy is an essential first step to advancement.

It is the wheeling of stars around the cosmic axis.

It is the spiral journey of the sun on it's annual course from North to South and back, as in the journey of Nerthus and Freyr's processions.

It can mean a possible or necessary journey in a reading, or transportation.

It can mean a path or road.

It can be a journey in consciousness

When scientists make a new and important discovery the influence of Raido is at hand.

Rhythm and movement are important to the concept of Raidho both pictorially and phonetically. The similar sounds of the words "Raytho" and "rhythm" can easily evoke images of the dance of the ecstatic traveler who is carried on a circular journey.

Magically this rune can be used to encourage advancements of all kinds and also represents a profound change in the self, or in new ways of seeing.

Just as an association with altered states of consciousness is associated with Raidho, so will you also find references to this as the rune of shapeshifting. It is not so difficult to see the connection, if you need the perspective of the hawk, what better vehicle for gaining that perspective than to become a hawk?

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