Friday, 6 August 2010

A card for the weekend - Gaia star codex cards

with all the planetary/solar activity at the moment and with the 8/8 Lions gate, This is to be yet another important time in raising conscious awareness, a time of expansion of light and unity.

This is a time for keeping energy vibrations as high as possible. Keep clearing your energy field and shielding it, keep your heart open. Join in light and project love and peace across the planet.

This card has cropped up several times over the past few days. We are all in the process of evolving and hopefully all sharing with others the information coming through.


Yang, herbal like incense in the forest. The evolve essence invokes sacred ceremonies of trance formation. It harmonizes the lofty energy of the winged spirits
with the deeply rooted energy of the earth bound folk.

Figures shift and resolve in the glistening wood revealing the fluid emergence of
novelty. In the butterfly diamond the patterns are more distinct, showing the self organising power at the core of all life. Together these grand forces create an essence and a new you that is both highly expansive and highly coherent.

Evolve empowers you to transmute, like the butterfly you have all the inborn skills
to morph into something remarkably fine.

Use evolve to transform random change into conscious evolution.

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