Saturday, 7 August 2010

Card for Today - sacred path cards 8/8/10 - Card number 8

A nice card to pick for 8/8 - Card Number 8 -

8. Illumination and clarity - EAST SHIELD

The East shield may mark a time of illumination, when things suddenly begin to fit
together and make sense to you.

If you have been confused, now is the time to ask for order. Order can be made through making lists of things to do, clearing up your living space or finishing projects.

It may be asking you to help another find clarity. Sharing your ideas may bring illumination as others give you feedback. It may be a time to heal old wounds or any negative thoughs in order for more clarity to enter your life.

Be creative and daring in order to stretch the concept of who you really are and venture into new realms of understanding.

In all cases the East Shield marks a time of new freedoms that come from wiping the mud from our eyes and seeing with the eye of an Eagle

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