Sunday, 15 August 2010

Gaia Star Codex Card Reading for Today 15/8/10

Foreground:- Tiger Rock
Background:- Madrone Leaf

Spicy, Rich, Earthy. 'Make it' is an essence that says 'can do'. This mix fosters the fearless embrace of the capacity to co-create. Absorb its warming energy to boost your confidence in your own abilities, to kick off a project and to stay
grounded while expanding.

In the outer field, red-orange waves shine through a sea of green, carrying the molten Make it energy. The tiger faces that rise out of the rock add their feline power to the mix.

This essence empowers you to succeed on a bodily level and to incarnate with full potency. Make it adds activating power to whatever you undertake. What makes this essence so valuable is that its red hot energy is in balance with the whole spectrum of elements. Make it not only ignites you but keeps you going strong.

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