Saturday, 15 May 2010

Card for Today 15/5/10 - Gaia Star Codex Cards


The Gaius empowerment is global being. Owning your full size you become the many in one that flies towards adventure. In the story of global being only the prologue has yet been told. You as Gaius spin the rest of this yarn. As you assume your planetary form you notice one thing immediately, global being does feel good. Vibrant energy feeds you from the inside out. Never lacking for you enfold it all, you will positively thrive.

When you become planetary, you don't lose your uniqueness. It just gets bigger and more wonderful. In expressing yourself as Gaius you work with a very wide palette. Will you be a panther today, sporting ruby wings and a cape of stars, or will you be an angel spun of grass? Cultivate your manifesting power. An infinite realm of beauty springs from your heart.

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