Monday, 10 May 2010

Card for Today - Crystal Skull deck 11/5/10


Think about drinking more water - take more clear fluids and keep your system flushed and clean.

From a spiritual perspective perhaps try and recycle your thoughts - purify and re learn. Clear away what you think you know and make way for what you truly know, perhaps from other lifetimes in Egypt or Greece etc. or from wise ones such as Merlin or Neptune.

When you are in balance and harmony and as clear a channel as you can be, everything can be seen to be equal - no good or bad - no positive or negative. So everything you release, as the energy of the Universe flows through you, just 'is' and can easily be recycled.

The healing

This card can help instill a sense of peace, clarity, cleansing and inspiration. It can be intuitively used anywhere but could be especially helpful to the base, sacral, throat and crown chakras as well as helping to cleanse the auric field.
Colours of the card are turquoise blue and terracotta.

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