Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Being in a state of joy lifts the spirits not only of ourselves but those around us.
Just have to think of all the things that make you smile, connect and share.

Remember to keep anchoring the light.

affirmation: I am a happy and joyous person who is capable of spreading joy to all.


Very magical day at the nursery today. Suddenly... I'm seeing it.. although things on the surface are the same.. everything is different. Today for the first time, I noticed just how much we are all responding to the shifts.

Every morning at work, we all pick a fairy card or an angel. The fairies and angels come out to work in the field with us and we share their energy with the plants and nature. Today I noticed how we are all starting to read the clouds, hear the wind, see the signs that guide us through our day. I noticed, because today was particularly special. There was total resonance, balance and harmony, with us all, with nature.
Sitting on our knees, weeding the earth, we spoke of our gratitude to be in a position where we have so much freedom to actually be outside, having a first hand, first class experience of connection with everything.

Today, we were all aware of just how incredibly connected we really are.. all having the same or similar visions, all feeling the life force surging through us. Today, collectively we all felt the oneness and the total joy of being alive. None of us take ourselves too seriously. Each of us has our own story to tell, each having our own experience of life and each able to see the humour of our own stories.

We seem to respond with each others energy vibration, the more joy we feel, the more we lift one another and the bigger the chain seems to get. We touch someone with our joy and light and they touch someone else who then touches with theirs and so on..

Today within our harmony, balance and resonance, the whole of nature responded in return. The birds gave us messages, the fox paid a visit, everything in the nursery lit up. The laughter resounded and we experienced a day filled with incredible beauty, even though nothing was really any different to yesterday, we were all held in the moment, in the total joy of being there, being alive and bearing witness to what can happen if you allow life to vibrate with you in your joy.

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