Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Card for today - 13/5/10


It is believed by many that it was sound that created the Earth. The skull in this card brings these words..

'draw from the strength of the planet, from deep inside. Allow yourself to become one with the power within the planet. Feel it flowing through you, cleansing, healing and strengthening your inner self. Use sound vibration to intensify that power and to amplify its healing abilities. Harness it to experience inner peace'

You might be drawn to use singing bowls, bells or voice for healing. Perhaps look into working with the chants of each energy centre as each one has its own sound vibration. Allow them to help you find your inner sanctuary and lead you to deep healing within yourself and others.

The healing..

The colours in this card (gold, pink, violet, red, brown) can help install a sense of passion, excitement, joy, motivation and creativity especially for music and sound. Can be helpful to energise the physical body, base and sacral chakras.

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