Sunday, 30 May 2010

Card for Today -31/5/10 - Widsom cards - Collette Baron Reid

Card no 10 - The Arrow Master

The arrow master appears to help you to target your intentions and to shoot for the stars. The message is to be deliberate about focusing your dreams and desires with intention and about aligning your intentions with spirit. Then let them fly on the wind directed by the Divine until they reach your goal.

The only way to hit the target is to allow the arrow of your intention to fly unencumbered by your eagerness to see it travel exactly the way you want it to go.
You may think it needs to veer a certain way in order for you to reach your goal but in the invisible realms human power cannot make this happen. The Divine has its own idea on how the arrow flies and upon what wind its carried.

This is a fortunate message so long as you remember the laws of detachment. If you do then you are right on point.

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