Sunday, 16 May 2010

Card for Today - Mabon, The Divine Child (Celtic messages pack )

MABON, THE DIVINE CHILD - A Child, Liberation, A new perspective

Mabon is the Celtic god of music, harmony and unity. Stolen at three days old and held captive in a dungeon, he was freed by the heroes Kai and Gwrhyr. He represents captivity and liberation, acting as a mediator between humanity and the gods . His is the four-spoked solar wheel of the cycles of life, the changing year and the season's treasures. Mabon flings his arms wide, embracing the world and all it holds. His excitement and happiness are infectious.

The message:-
No matter what your current circumstances, Mabon always brings joy and liberation, from old habits, stress or an unpleasant situation. He represents new ideas and perspectives or maybe a new birth.

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