Sunday, 23 May 2010

Card for Today - Crystal Skull deck 24/5/10


Has time felt like its speeding up and running out for you? Do you have days that fly by and others that seem to drag? You are not alone. Mother Earth's heartbeat
has been shifting for many years now, often creating a sense that time is actually collapsing.

There are a number of Timekeepers we can call on to help us through these strange feelings, such as Thoth or Merlin. If you feel you need more time, ask and it will be given as time no longer exists as it used to. As our vibrations speed up and we continue to evolve into a higher realm of existence we will no longer need clocks or watches. Things will just happen exactly as they are meant to at any given time.

The passage of time is an illusion created in the mind by linking memories in the past and thoughts of the future. Everything that happens in this universe happens 'now' there has never been a time when it wasn't 'now'.

The Indigo/blue can bring deep meditation and may help you say no to people who are taking your time. Helpful for energising the throat, third eye and base chakras.


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