Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Card for today - 14/05/10


The 'atomic' structure in this card was given by the Crystal Skull collective in order to help centre, protect and strengthen your energy field. Imagine yourself as the central skull with the outer skulls bringing bands of energy over and around you, consider them the watchers or gatekeepers.

This card is particularly helpful if you are working in a caring profession or perhaps have a network of family and colleagues where you often find yourself being the mediator or counsellor for example. It can help you to communicate in a diplomatic and effective manner, especially in situations of heightened emotional tension.

If others around you are also feeling vulnerable, you can suggest to them that they also visualise themselves with a similar 'force field' around them.

The irridescent and metallic looking colours in this card can help you to feel shielded as they are often used for protection in the energy field. (orange, blue, yellowish gold colours). They may also help to deflect any unwanted energy coming to you. can help to blance the throat and energise the sacral.

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