Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Notes 1/6/10

Some funny messages this morning.. did the 8 principles and immediately overhead 4 birds of prey circling over calling really loudly.

Had the message Zachariah or zechariah - "read the meaning behind the words".
Also had this... "echoes of a bygone age reverberate thru the dna" -

"Disperse the energy of the Mahatmas" - I have no idea what a mahatma is but I had the feeling whatever the energy was here, needed to be spread around the globe.

Vishnu - just that, just the name, kept popping in and out of my head all morning.

A small bird circled around tracy my workmate and told her that there were fluctuations coming.

Being called by a man, looks like a yogi who is residing somewhere deep in the himalayan mountains. I was working when I heard the call and didn't have a chance to stop and chat although i can still picture his face in my head.. will try and tune in later.

some message came through that just said 'omega point' 'nucleus of the omega'

I just did some research about the Omega Point and found this, thought it was rather fascinating so posted the link.

Omega Point – The Full Descent of Spirit Into Matter


Made a decision to spend a few nights a week in my cabin at work. Solitude to write, a quiet peaceful spot to meditate, a place to be with nature for a bit.
The more innate joy at life we feel, the more there is to give.

I express gratitude and love for life.

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