Sunday, 20 June 2010

Notes 20/6/10

Feeling the charge of the solstice energy, focusing, balancing, harmonising, anchoring the energy and sending it out in a fountain of light around the planet. Very powerful energies tonight.

Spent A very magical fathers day at my dads graveside. Planted lavender which he loved and some bright yellow chrysanths, did a lot of praying, burning sage and sandalwood. Found a tiny crow feather, lovely as my fathers totem used to be crow. Had a good chat with him and sent out gratitude to the Great Spirit for the connection.

Laid on the grass next to my dads grave, relaxing in the peace and sunshine and watching as cloud shapes drifted over my head in ankhs, figure 8's and hearts feeling blessed for life, at peace, my spirit purring in the afternoon sunshine.

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