Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Card for today - Healing with the fairies - Doreen Virtue

Positive Expectations

You've planted the seeds of manifestation with your positive thoughts and emotions. Yet you may be discouraged occasionally because you aren't seeing immediate
results. You start to have pessimistic thoughts and wonder if your faith is
unjustified. Hold on to your faith though! Although your manifestation
is taking longer than you'd hoped it is coming to you. You certainly
don't want to cancel or cloud your manifestation with miscreations that
come from negative thought.At your earliest convenience, go outside
in nature, even a park or a back yard will do. Mentally converse with your friends
the fairies. They are absolute experts at manifestation. Tell them about
your doubts as well as your hopes and dreams ask them to release
any negativity you may have and feel them surround you with their
love and their light.

Don't quit five minutes before a miracle occurs.

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