Thursday, 3 June 2010

Notes 3/6/10

Energies are swirly today.. bright but very swirly. A whirlwind of light spun around the nursery and spun right through my workmate before spinning off this morning. To me that seems a good enough indication on how swirly the energies are right now.

Lots of rainbows on the nursery today too. Its hard not to float away out there some days, it seems to have a most peculiar energy of its own.

Stay centred, keep grounded. - Something I need to remind myself of frequently is grounding.

Remembering the visualisation of putting my hands on a rock and resonating with its energy.. solid as a rock.

Keep your heart open, balance, breathe, focus on wholeness.

Treat yourself and others with kindness and love regardless of the situation.

We are all going through major changes right now. Always, always keep your heart light and joyous. Seeing the humour will help keep your energies lifted. Lighten up and don't take it all so seriously. These shifts are spinning us all very fast at times, keep focusing on your breathing, focus on your core.

Keep anchoring all the love and light you can.

connect with the earth, connect with the heavens, expand, balance, harmonise.

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