Thursday, 10 June 2010

Visualisation - the heart of mother earth

Imagine you are walking down a familiar country lane, sun on your face, slight breeze blowing through your hair. You come upon a gate and enter into a meadow, filled with red poppies and blue cornflowers and you catch the occasional scent of lavender and wild roses. Stop and enjoy the moment, your senses filled to the brim.

You head towards a small woodland, crossing over a small stream as you pass. Stop for a moment and gaze into the clear water. As you let your mind drift you catch a glimpse of a kingfisher as it darts past you and you notice that flying all around you are dragonflies flitting around your head like fairy folk. This is a very magical place.

Thank the dragonfly fairies and head now towards the woodland on the other side of the stream. As you enter, smell the woody aroma of the old trees and take in beautiful breaths of clear oxygenated air. The woodland is filled with bluebells, and tiny beads of dew hang in little globes reflecting their light. Look around you at the spirit faces on each of the trees, each one a character, each one has a story, take time to wander and have a little chat with them, they may even share a little of their wisdom if you ask.

In the middle of the woodland you notice what looks like a knoll, its overgrown but you step closer to take a look, as you do you see what appears to be an archway and as if by magic a doorway opens and a kindly looking old man in robes holding a lantern in his hand beckons you forward.

He'd like to take you on a journey inside the earth, its safe so go forward and join him. He leads the way, the lamp lighting up the tunnels into the centre of the earth, filled with old symbols, you see some you may recognise and it may all start to feel a bit familiar down here. He leads you onward until you come to a huge cavern, inside all you can hear is the pounding and you look round to see a huge
heart beating at the earth's core. Its a dazzling and beautiful sight, and fills you with awe. Close your eyes, feel the rhythm of the earth's heartbeat, open your own heart and join hearts allow your heart beat to sink into the same pounding rhythm of the earth's heartbeat. Feel the balance and harmonisation as you just simply open your heart, and breathe, soft, deep.

Once you reach a point of feeling this total connection, raise yourself up and sense the universal heartbeat, allow once again for the natural rhythm of the universe to join with your own heart. Breathe, fall into the rhythm, with the earth & with the heavens. Once you start to feel the balance and connection inside yourself, beating with the same rhythm, balanced and harmonised, visualise a bright white light streaming down from the heavens, fill your body with light, send the light into the heart of the earth and allow it to fountain out of you, expanding your own energy field so that you almost become the light itself. Breathe, balance, harmonise.

Visualise if you can, this light stretching right around the globe, connecting to everything, everyone and breathe.

Now feeling in tune with everything, perfectly balanced and harmonised the old man leads you on further. You come to another cavern, this one is filled with crystals, sparkling in the light of the lamp. He explains that each of these crystals has been encoded with knowledge from the ancients, that they have been waiting for us to return so they can pass this knowledge on to us. He beckons you forward and as you enter there will be one crystal in particular that will sing to you. When you hear it, it may be a tinkle in your ears, or a sparkle that catches your eye, go to it and ask if it would like to work with you. You'll get a sense of approval if it agrees. Pick the crystal up and put it in your hand, feel the powerful energy vibrate through every cell of your being, feel the total sense of peace that it brings with it. Allow yourself to relax and listen or sense the message that the crystal would like to pass on to you. Once you receive the message, thank the crystal and thank the cave for allowing you to spend time there.

Now start the journey back through the tunnels, back to the surface of the earth again, the old man will lead you. Once you arrive bow to him in respect and thank him for allowing you to spend time with him.

Take the route back out through the woods, over the stream, across the meadow and back once again to the gate. Thank the beauty of the moment and this magical place before you leave.

Start to come back now, wiggle your toes and stretch yourself out and if you have a notebook handy it may be worth jotting down any little messages you may have received on your journey..


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