Sunday, 6 June 2010

Short Visualisation 6/6/10 - The Emerald Forest

Imagine you're deep inside a beautiful emerald green forest. Its so green that it shimmers with irridescent light. You don't have a care in the world, you're just breathing in the trees, saying thanks to the tree spirits and wrapping yourself in the beauty of the moment.

You notice in the distance what appears to be some big boulders, as you approach, you see this is actually a lagoon, with a beautiful waterfall of brilliant white light streaming down moss covered rocks. The rocks seem to have little personalities of their own, faces that smile as you approach, welcoming you.

Take a moment to stand under this beautiful waterfall of light. feel it going through you, around you, beneath you and above you, cleansing and refreshing your body, mind and spirit. See the sun shining through a gap in the trees and feel the warmth on your body as the sunbeams glisten, golden sparkling light tripping off the water on the lagoon. The only sound you hear are the birds that fly high above you in an azure blue sky.

In reverence of this sacred moment, thank the forest for always holding you safely in her arms.

Enjoying the peace of being in this beautiful place connected at the deepest level filled with light, open your heart, allow the love to spill over like a fountain, expanding your energy field. Feel the earth's heart beating beneath your feet, and send her love, resonate, breathe, connect, feel the beating of the universal heart and send love, breathe the love, up and down, breathe it in, out, balancing, expanding. Expand the light until it fills the globe.

Start to come back now, feel the earth solid beneath your feet again, take a moment to find your bearings.

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