Saturday, 5 June 2010

The resting tree.. Card 22

The resting tree is a sign for you to stop focusing and planning and
be at peace in the moment. This is a card of non action and relaxation.
Patience is the key to being with this Ally. The resting tree asks you to slow
down, sit and watch the roses bloom and the birds feed in the meadow.Stop forging ahead without taking enough breaks. You're invited to be still and contemplate your good fortune even if it means blessing the chaos in your life. This is a sign to allow everything to fall away except the stillness of the moment. Like living the space between breaths. When the resting tree appears it signals that you've done all
you can for now and its time to unwind and allow your story to unfold of its own accord. You've earned the right to rest and relax. Amazing ideas will come if you do. Remember the ancient saying 'we do without doing and everything gets done.

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