Thursday, 3 June 2010

ANIMAL TOTEM of the day 3/6/10

Lots of connecting with the wildlife in the last day or so, will write the totems,


Graceful and buoyant, responding with grace and gentleness, mediumship and a connection to the underworld, learning how to breathe to open psychic awareness}

GEESE by Ted Andrews
KEYNOTE: The Call of the Quest and Travels to Legendary Places

The goose is a bird with an ancient mythology and a mixture of symbolism. It was a sacred bird in Rome's temple of Juno. The snow goose is also associated with Boreas, the North Wind in Greek mythology. The snow goose is also the totem for the winter solstice in the Native American medicine wheel.

Myths, fairy tales, and other stories capture the imagination of children and adults alike. The goose is thus a totem reflecting a stimulation of the childhood thrill and belief in stories and legendary places. The story(s) we most loved in
childhood often reflect the life quest we have come to take upon us in this lifetime. That is why it resonated with us so strongly. Going back and rereading the one or two stories you most loved will often help you to see the patterns in
your life.

These stories either reflected an imprint for this life or they may have even imprinted you with certain seed ideas. This is reflected in the early life of a gosling. A baby goose is imprinted usually by the first moving thing it sees.
The goose can also be a totem to aid you in communication especially through the use of stories. Its feather, for a long time, was the standard writing instrument. Individuals wishing to write - be it stories or anything - can facilitate
the process by working with the goose as a totem. It will stimulate the imagination and help move you through creative blocks. Writing with a goose quill pen will help this even more. Many arts and crafts shops can help you in finding or making your own quill pens...

There are eight species of geese in North America. This is very symbolic in that the number eight is so similar to the symbol for infinity. It reflects an ability to move forward or backward. It reflects movement, and in the case of the
goose, a call to the spiritual quest. This is further exemplified by its migration patterns and behaviors. Their leaving in the autumn stirs our imagination
and makes us want to search out new worlds and dimensions. Their incessant honking seems to be calling us to follow them on the great spiritual quest. Their return is a harbinger of spring second only to the robin. It speaks of the fulfilled promises that great quests bring.

The goose epitomizes the mystery of migration. They constantly shift formation, creating wind drafts and easier flights for those behind them in the formation. This reminds us that as any one individual makes his or her quest, it becomes
easier for the others to do so as well. They never fly directly behind one another. Each goose's view is unobstructed, reminding us that we should not undertake any quest in life without having a full view of what it entails. In this way,
the journey is facilitated for others.

The V-formation is very symbolic in itself. It reflects by its shape an opening to new possibilities. It is like an arrowhead, pointing to new directions and new possibilities, and with one end open, it also reflects an openness to
new ideas. The "v" as a letter, comes from the Hebrew "vau" meaning "nail." This formation usually indicated we are about to affix ourselves to a new path. It is a letter and symbol that reflects great fertility that should be acted upon if
growth is desired. The Canada Goose is the most abundant in North America. It has a powerful voice and great strength in migration.

The snow goose is predominantly white with black wing tips. Both species have a very keen vision.

For anyone with a goose as a totem, greater vision, physical and spiritual, will occur.

...Goslings are very quiet, especially in the first part of life, and then they learn to break free. A goose as a totem can
reflect that you are about to break free of old childhood restraints and begin to come into your own. Anytime the goose comes in as a totem, you can expect to have the imagination stirred toward new travels to distant places -
whether in the body or in the mind.

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