Friday, 18 June 2010


Fantastic experience at work yesterday. Was diddling along in my cabin downloading some sounds on my laptop when a crow landed on the window ledge and started tapping and cawing at me really loudly. They've been acting strange all week, much more vocal than normal.

Anyhow, as it wanted to grab my attention I thought I'd share what i found out about crows with you.

If Crow has called on you, you may soon find the following show up in your life: A call to magick, a better understanding of the creative forces within and without, a greater nudging to speak your truth, and the courage and cunning to fly into the Void in order to retrieve the necessary knowledge and wisdom to manifest all of the above and more.

When Crow comes into your life, you can also expect to gain a better self-understanding, greater intuitive reflexes, guidance while shapeshifting through the shadows, and the opportunity to learn about the advantages of determination and watchfulness. Extremely intelligent (along with ravens, crows are noted as being the most intelligent of all birds), the crow will work diligently at manipulating an object or their surroundings until they have accomplished what they've set out to do. Like the raven, they are known to use physical tools along with ingenious methods of action that are noted as being well thought out and even planned. For those with Crow Totem, all these mental capacities and skilful manoeuvres reflect a need to use one's inner senses and outer resources to their fullest.

A crow will build its nest up higher than most other birds do, and they do this for several reasons. The most important are for safety and to secure a wider visual range. A ship's highest lookout point (a small circular balcony surrounding a tall mast) is called a "Crow's Nest" for obvious good reason. Those working with Crow medicine will find it advantageous to work on broadening their horizons, along with anticipating and being on the lookout for new opportunities that are sure to come when under Crow's tutelage. The crow has often been nicknamed "The Sentinel," as one will often sit and watch and remain aware of all that is going on around them in order to protect other crows in the flock (technically called a "murder") and to make sure no harm comes to their family. One can learn a lot in this respect, and Crow will teach you how better to do the same. From this higher perspective and this watchful awareness, your perception increases and you are able to foresee what is in the offing, thus giving you greater opportunity to be prepared for and/or embrace what is coming your way.

Crow, unlike the raven, does not mind living in populated areas. They are apt to cohabitate with humans and often live near or around them, as opposed to the raven's deep forest preference. In fact, it is very easy to befriend a crow. Some people have even been known to keep them as pets. A crow very easily bonds and is imprinted with the image and mannerisms of its keeper and will remain faithful and trusting throughout their relationship if well cared for. This shows the bird's willingness to work with humans, and also gives insight into their teachings of being strongly connected to kin...of recognizing family, even if through past lives shared... and of honouring the spirit of their kin and never forgetting them. Past life regression becomes easier when working with Crow Spirit. And through their prompting, acknowledgment and veneration of one's ancestors is brought to the forefront of your memory.

Crow's character is one of protector, scholar, messenger, and a bit of trickster. They can be very playful, quite amorous, and very wilful...almost downright cocky, actually. And akin to ravens, crows like to talk. Most people find their vocals brassy and annoying, but one with Crow Totem will find them quite soothing, peaceful to the soul, and even joyful and interesting to listen to. Learning to listen to the various tones, inflections and repetitive but varied patterns of the crow's voice can teach you such things as how to work cooperatively, how to discern the truth behind another's words, how to read between the lines, and even how to predict the weather, be alerted to the sudden appearance of a predator, or how to navigate life successfully. But even through all of Crow's love of talk, they will also teach you the very to stay advantageously silent when necessary. The Four Cornerstones of Magick (the Witch's Pyramid) is in no way foreign to Crow.

Omnivorous and apt to eat most anything available, Crow shows you how to maintain a keen sense of personal survival and how to have an "appetite" for a wide and diverse store of knowledge that you will "eat"...take inside, digest, and either be nourished by or spit out. How to use that nourishing knowledge can often be learned by watching the movements and antics of the crow - how they interact, why they interact, and when and with whom they interact. When you learn how to use wisely the vast array of knowledge they offer you, it then becomes wisdom. Raven medicine is more apt to delve more deeply into this conversion of knowledge to wisdom, but Crow will always, at the very least, open the door and offer you the way.

Aside from merely observing crows in the wild, you can work with the quintessence of Crow in the Spirit world. Here, Crow's own wisdom, offered to you very often in a knowledgeable message form but also in connective experience, is invaluable. They possess the ability to peer into all realms, to coexist in the world of timelessness, and they are very likely to delve into the depths of hidden and obscure knowledge and emerge with a message. It's a bit of a wild ride when working with Crow medicine, as they can take you high aloft to towering realms where the essence of magick may manifest but has yet to fully form, and in the next minute take you perilously deep down into the depths of your psyche, where they almost impatiently will expect you to simultaneously pull forth and examine the message they've delivered from both. In working with Crow, I've found it best to mimic them by staying open and courageous and willing to receive. I've also found they will scoff at you if you do not heed their messages.

Yes, Crow is the epitome of all messengers. Some older superstitions carry the belief that the visit and call of the crow is an omen of impending death, but this was probably adopted in thought as a result of a series of ancient myths - one being where Crow delivered unwelcome news to Apollo, who in turn smote the then pure white messenger by turning him and all his brethren to the colour black. In going from white to black, Crow was actually given the gift of now knowing both of these realms very well - wherein the past, present and future are frequently visited by this most magickal and mystical bird. Being well-known for their methodical and meticulous explorations and their curious and brazen dispositions, Crow Spirit delves deeply into the Void in order to bring word of what may be in need of a better balance in your life. Like their kindred, the Raven, Crow's colour even reminds us that things are never just black and white. Within their present black colour lie all the other colours of the spectrum pulled within - as within one's self lie all the secrets of magick. Black is the colour associated with creation. It is the Void in which all new things are birthed. It is pure potential awaiting the spark of thought. Those with Crow Totem will find themselves pushed to seek out and bring back harmony, balance and justice to their world, and will be urged to unleash their unlimited creativity. In the act of creation, though, some outdated habits and things that are no longer useful are apt to demand change and transformation. Crow medicine very often heralds change through the aspects of death and rebirth. Crow is the Totem of Destiny.

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