Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Notes - first night in the cabin....

50 geese just flew over my head, honking really loudly.. will write up a totem on them tomorrow.

Loads of magic today, 4 red kites calling and circling overhead, dragonflies everwhere, this place is like no other. Its the year round connection, constantly on my knees come rain or shine.. I guess I am now familiar enough out here to pose no threat to the earth mother and love flows continuously. Blessed for this.

The channelling started up again today after a few quiet days, with the message 'open channel returning'. Managed to scribble a few notes in my notebook.

This evening is still and really dark, waning moon hanging low in the sky a deep deep orange. Stars are brighter than I've seen in a while.. its peaceful.. all I can hear is the owl hooting in the distance, no planes, no cars, just the owl.

Its late now so I'm signing out.

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