Sunday, 4 July 2010

A rune reading for the week

AS (A)

A Rune sacred to Odin, God of Wind and Spirit.

Right Side
A rune of God's blessing and joy. A time to expect the unexpected, new beginnings and communications, messengers, signals and gifts. A guarantee of harmony and order. A warning to fortify oneself before attempting to come to the aid of others. "The divine breath, the sacred ash and the world tree." As this rune is also representative of Odin himself other meanings associated with this rune are: wisdom, psychic power and aid from someone older

Positively affects the runes around it

Berkana/ Beorc: The Mother
Berkana is the most feminine of all the runes; her very glyph is a pair of breasts, and she overflows with nurturing. She is especially linked with the magic of trees (especially birches, of course) and contains the energy of the tree reaching yearningly toward the sky. She is growth with no limits and no boundaries, and as such she will give until she has no more, and then quietly fade away for a time, and nothing will bring her back until she has recuperated. She is especially fond of mothers, children, and the needy; she hangs in a sort of aura of pearlescent light and pours out love to those who ask for it. Berkana is the greatest of the limrunar, the healing runes, but she can only heal in accord with Wyrd, so if she cannot help, look to the threads for information. If she does not like the purpose of the magic she is being tied into, she will weep, but not strike back.Berkana is most fond of the realm of Vanaheim, although she has an odd fondness for the tall trees of the Jotunheim forests.

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