Friday, 9 July 2010

Card for today - Sacred path cards 9/7/10

10. West Shield

If the West Shield has appeared in your spread, bear is asking you to look at your present goals and discern how they affect your future. Are the answers you seek from your own inner knowing?? If not, it may be time to enter the silence and digest the questions so that your personal answers can emerge.

Bear also reminds us that the West Shield is the place of all tomorrows. If you are afraid of the unknown it may be time to clear away the fear. Strength to accomplish this clearing is bear's greatest medicine. Call on bear and feel the courage to meet the future fill your spirit.

In all cases the west shield speaks of the ability to complete our goals, the acknowledgement of our inner strengths and the power to find and know our own answers.

Remember.. the opinions of others become mixed with our own doubts and become limitations when we forget to Enter the Silence.

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