Sunday, 11 July 2010

Card for Today - messages from the angels deck - Doreen Virtue - 12/7/10


You have chosen to follow your Divine Guidance and the universe is flowing in natural rhythm with your decision. When you listen to the messages your heart whispers, you swim in natural synchronicity with the tide of your life purpose.
Stay relaxed and confident, and keep moving forward with happiness and grace.

If along the way you notice problems occurring, then its time to stop and centre yourself. When problems occur it just means you are out of sync with the universe's rhythms. There's no need for analysis and shame when this occurs. Simply pray or meditate, breathe deeply, and wait until you feel strongly about your next move.

Your victory is inevitable in this situation so you needn't worry.
Whatever happens is supposed to happen, and when it happens is the
correct time.

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