Thursday, 8 July 2010

On a lighter note.. Who lives here???

Almost every day I walk in this woodland. Every day I pass this chair.. always there are remnants of a fire, embers that burn. Never have I seen anyone either on the chair, by the fire or in the vicinity of the woods..

I took my dad here a few times.. he reckoned there must be a 'hobo' living there.. I reckoned it was Bilbo Baggins..

We decided it must be Hobo Baggins spot.


A day of revelations, a day filled with magic.

Oh and a day of seeing the first thing I ever intentionally manifested appear...
I visualised a carpet for the bedroom of the cabin. Without even so much as measuring the floor, someone came in today with an offcut of brand new carpet that just happened to be a perfect fit.. I'm not especially into 'stuff' but I must say how nice it is to know that manifestations actually do work.

No choice but to trust in magic.

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