Thursday, 8 July 2010

GaiaStar Card - Codex cards

This card has come up for a second time today, finally managed to figure out how to scan the beautiful mandala that goes with the reading.

The GaiaStar is the Earth as a wish-granting planet. Like talismans and genies of old, the GaiaStar helps you fulfill your global desires.

The outermost frame of the image is made from an ancient tree, Grandmother Madrone. within her sheltering warmth, the other elements rest. Just inside this wooden frame is a layer of "cyberdelic" rock, its orange colour digitally shifted to blue to reflect its new vibration. The azure expanse evokes peace of an evening sky. Against that field is a vibrant twelve-sided disc of roses.

Next is a five pointed star made from a golden eagle's feather. To reveal a different octave of its sacred medicine power, the feather's colour is changed from earthy brown to softest blue. The points of the star stretch to the edges of the rosy disc, like arms reaching out in embrace. The centre of the star is open to the redness of the underlying flower.

Inside this scarlet nexus is the four part seed of seeds. The blue green globe is the symbol of the turned-on earth. This glowing chrysocolla sphere appears throughout the Codex to herald the reborn world. Here the globe encloses a golden-crystal hexagram, reflecting the crystalline structure of the DNA. Twin snakes within the crystal depict the double helix of generative code. At the icon's innermost core is a small circle of sweet fruit. This is the egg that holds and nurtures the seminal intention of planetary emergence.

Combining wood, rock, flower, feather and crystal, the GaiaStar icon is alchemically complete. When you have a true wish to fulfill, draw deeply from this vessel of planetary grace.

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