Saturday, 31 July 2010

Card for Today - sacred path cards

19. Painted Face - Self Expression

The painted face speaks of self expression. It tells you to use your creativity in order to express your feelings, talents or desires. Expressing who and what you are at any given moment is healing as well as productive. As you change and grow you may well feel the need to alter the way in which others perceive you. Changing your appearance, attitudes and activities to match the new you may be called for at this time.

The keynote is that this card asks you to open up and allow others to see your medicine. In that way, you are offering a gift to others who may have need of your talents. Don't deny how you feel, what you think, or what you can offer to the world. In truth and with grace it is now time to allow the medicine of the self to emerge. You will never lose face by presenting the true self minus the self importance.

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