Thursday, 8 July 2010


A day of shifting energies and release.

Releasing all the old conditioning crap that no longer serves a purpose.

Releasing, releasing, releasing, releasing, releasing.

Thanking the fears for assisting in growth, letting them know that they are
now longer relevant in the beautiful life i create second by second.

As the day wears on I can feel a renewed sense of inner power, a radiant light
beginning to really shine and as it shines, I'm surrounded by dragonflies that flutter around like fairies and swallows that swoop and dive over my head.
Seven heart shaped stones appear at my feet.

The tide must go out before building up into a giant wave.. I can sense it building.

There is a great sense of shifting energy this week, I'm not the only one feeling it. as though we're all in the dip of a wave before it rises into something huge.
There is something going on in the universe at the moment, i can't see any pictures
can only sense the feeling.

Attending a native american pow wow this weekend.. should be powerful.. taking my drum.

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