Sunday, 20 February 2011

Totem/Card for the day - Otter

From White Eagle Medicine cards & Ted Andrews Animal Speak.

Playfulness.Trust.Feminine Intuition,joyfulness, playfulness, sharing

Otter is a sleek and shining creature, equally at home on land or water. In the water, it supple and graceful, appearing to play with the element. It is curious by nature but shy and quick to hide and seldom aggressive. There is a natural joyful curiosity about them. They awaken curiosity and remind us that everything is interesting if viewed from the right angle. They are playful and seem to have fun whatever they are doing. Otters prefer cooler climates and make their homes along rocky coasts and inland near to river banks. Their connection to the water links them to the primal feminine energies of life - especially the pleasurable aspects of the feminine - creation, imagination, joy and love of the young. They remind us to keep the inner child alive or give birth to it. They remind us that life can be fun if we approach it with the right attitude.

We honour Otter for its prime teaching, embodying the feminine qualities. It is open and friendly and very protective of its young teaching them through play and fun. The adult otter has practically no natural enemies.

For us, this is especially woman's medicine. Those of our tribal women who are teachers or healers often have things made from otter fur as part of their equipment. These objects are treated with great respect and smudged after use. This
is because the qualities and the spirit energy of different 'teacher creatures' are carried in the fur, feather or bones.

otter has much to teach men as well as women of the beauty of feminine energy when it is used in a balanced way. This energy is welcoming, indulgent and non competitive, especially with other women who are seen as part of a supportive sisterhood rather than as rivals.

otter teaches us to share beauty, fun, and play and to interact with others in an open, easy and relaxed manner. It warns us of becoming too rigid in mind, body and emotions or lacking in generosity or openness, it brings you the gifts of feminine wisdom and the ability to balance and honour both sides of your nature equally. The feminine essence teaches you to trust and be receptive. Use feminine energy to guide you to the heart of things, joyful and generous. Otter tells you to give and be kind to yourself, to take time to rest and play. Life is not meant to be so serious with nothing but hard work. It may be time to find some playtime, involve yourself in some kind of creative activity, you don't have to be good at it, just have fun with it. honour otter and it will teach you not only to have fun but will awaken a new sense of wonder at life and all things.

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