Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Excerpt from the Healing Quest - Marie herbert

A connection with the earth is something everyone needs. By connecting with the earth we ground our ideas, we activate them, we heal ourselves and at the same time
we access wisdom of the universe. The earth is the storehouse of all knowledge which we can channel when we attune ourselves to her vibration. The earth also magnetises our electro magnetic energy and her energy vitalizes us. We can harmonize with her by listening to the drum which represents her heart beat or through quieting ourselves through nature.

In the approaching new world, the fifth world in which universal peace and harmony is the hallmark, we can all have a part in its creation simply by transforming any conflict or negativity we hold within ourselves. When we are willing to do this and commit ourselves to this intent, unseen powers come to help and guide us.

With the emergence of the new world comes the opportunity to open our consciousness to other realities, paralell universes. Already the medicine people, seers and prophets have bridged these worlds. Now with the awakening of the new consciousness these other realms are open for each of us to reach and explore. The way each of us can develop our gifts and fulfill our potential is to walk the beauty path. The beauty path is also the path of the heart it is the path we walk when we remember and honour our place in the sacred hoop. It is the path we walk when we seek to express peace, harmony and unconditional love.

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