Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Feel the deep peace with your soul, this place of love.
This garden universe shines with immense beauty, the colours, so vibrant in hue, rainbows of colour and sound, harmonising on the same frequency. Prisms of brilliant light connecting us. The morning dew sparkles & the greeting of sunshine and sea, The mountains who teach us their stillness, the rivers that flow, the morning birdsong, the gentle rain that falls, the fragrance of heaven. The tree people who share with us their knowledge of the ages, the stone people who are our allies, the elements that speak to us and guide the way., the light of the stars and the bright shining moon. Hearts that sparkle with radiant rose gold light. When we recognise our own divinity when our hearts are open to love, the whole universe unfolds before us.

This is our breath, this is our breath. We breathe the same air and speak the same language of love and in our joy we create this beautiful life.

As we open our hearts and shine, thankful for this blessing and miracle of life, we recognise in each other the same light, connected by love.

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