Friday, 4 February 2011

Card for today - The Maiden.- Brian froud and Jessica Macbeth

Blessings to the fairies for such a joyful and inspirational card for us today.

The maiden is pure joy. She is the face of the force that generates growth throughout all the worlds. When she smiles, troubles melt. Where she dances, flowers spring from the ground and burst into bloom. It is from the Maiden that the pixies learned the dance that keeps the otherworld turning and probably our world too for that matter. She is newly born every morn and she carols her plangent song of growth for all beings in the worlds. She sees the magic and light in everything nd takes endless delight in it.

Yet even though the maiden is wonderful and powerful she is a child and she needs to be cared for nurtured and cherished. When she takes the form of a flower, someone must see that she gets enough water and sun. Whenever we look after something new or young, we are caring for the maiden, whether in the form of a blossom, a sapling, a baby or a new idea. She, in turn is likely to switch between joyfully and gratefully receiving such nurturing and insisting on independence that she really isn't ready for yet. She knows deep within herself what she needs to do and become and she moves towards this with the directness of a child.

the maiden also has the simplicity and curiosity of a child seeing with unclouded eyes. She has an openness to life, love, new things and new experiences. Every moment with her is an adventure filled with playfulness and hope. innocent, she is awakening to and learning about the world. Much of her learning comes with laughter and silly jokes and she trusts what life gives her.

Every time we allow ourselves to be filled with joy, we become more like the maiden.


The maiden signifies new beginnings and growth. You couldn't ask for a more auspicious card than this if you are beginning something new. Spontaneity joy, growth, exhilaration and promise for the future are signified here. We must note also that, in the early stages of any process there is vulnerability and a need for protection, shelter and guidance, but also a magical impetus towards burgeoning growth. Trust the process but take care of the details as well.

The maiden is also the inner child who needs to be under the supervision of a competent inner adult in order for her to feel secure and loved. She is not happy when we spoil her.

Consider what is growing in your life. Make a list of your hopes, dreams and plans. look for the growth within you and think about how you can cherish and nurture that. Bless the growth you see around you.

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