Thursday, 10 February 2011

Card for Today - White Eagle Medicine Wheel Cards


Whale is among the largest creatures on our planet. It communicates by song, a haunting beautiful sound which can be heard a thousand miles away.

Native people believe that the first beings on the planet an enlightened race which came from the Pleiades constellation, brought the whale to mother earth as a recorder of the whole of her history.

According to our tribal legends, whale once walked on the land then moved into the ocean when the earth shifted on its axis. We believe that the whale, being profoundly aware of earths resonances and movement will bring human kind warnings of the next earth change.

Whale is a peace loving creature and deliberately avoids conflict. It's gentle and intelligent allowing mankind to swim near without harm as if understanding that humankind is fragile compared to its great bulk. It is actively careful with humans. We say that whale is psychic and clairaudent and able to pick up vibrational signals from many planetary bodies. Like whale humans once communicated through vibrations, energy patterns and telepathy. The use of sound as language developed through these vibrational patterns.

Whale's message

As whale sails towards you ask it to connect you with your soul history, your own book of life. Ancient knowledge is held within your cellular memory. It is time to learn who you really are and what path of service you chose aeons ago. Allow whale's song to link you with all other life forms. Learn to listen with your heart and mind and inner ear to the subtle messages whale is sending you. Remember whale medicine can tap into the universal energy of the creator and teach us to use sound and vibration frequencies to balance our spirit, mind, body and emotions.

Listen to your own voice and how you use it. Singing and chanting can be powerful healers. Peace and emotional healing and also creativity but this needs to be expressed rather than kept inside just as an idea or a dream.

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