Saturday, 12 February 2011

Rune of the Week - Wunjo - Joy


Names: wunjo / winja / wynn / vend
Phonetic Value = w
Represents: joy, pleasure, delight, pasture, hope

Magickal workings:

1. Strengthens links and bonds
2. Invocation of fellowship and harmony.
3. Banishes alienation.
4. Happiness and well-being.
5. Realization of the links and multiplicity of relationships of all things
6. Binding runes toward specific purposes

Reference: FUTHARK -

Another of the positive runes, WUNJO means joy and when upright will always represent joy and happiness coming into your life. It is an excellent omen in a runecast, especially in the result position where it indicates positive outcomes. You are about to "come into yourself" in some way. Be happy!!!

In combination with other runes, it indicates success in whatever areas they rule. For example, with travel runes
such as RAIDHO or EHWAZ, it can show a fortunate and pleasing journey.

It can also represent a joy in one's work, especially if that work is artistic or creative in nature. This rune often appears, like KENAZ in readings for people who are artists or craftsmen and shows that this creative element is very important to their personal happiness and well-being.

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